After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 466

Chapter 466: Your highness, come with me

The second half of the football match was still going on.

The two teams on the field had already fought for a score of 8:11, and the local team of Westwind Town was temporarily behind. After all, the team was made up of local volunteers, so it was still lacking some strength compared to the guard team of the lord chamberlain. Whether it was physical strength, skill and tactics, or cooperation, they were behind, and had completely become suppressed.

All the girls of Robb’s family were now standing in front of the big screen and watching the livestream with Robb happily.

“When I go out for adventures in the future, I’ll take a crystal ball with me, and then I’ll take the risk to travel through the whole process of visiting the devil king city. I can stream it on your side. Can I also charge a livestreaming fee?”

“Of course, there should be a lot of people watching you take adventures. After all, ordinary people don’t have the ability to take adventures, and it’s also interesting to see how others do it,” Robb said with a smile. “And, in this way, I can watch you from afar if you are in danger.”

“If I am in danger, will you immediately appear beside me to save me?”

“Of course not. I will only take pleasure in your misfortune,” Robb said. “After you die, I will move your corpse back and bring it back to life.”

Xuelu was speechless

She should be pissed off, but she knew that he was just saying it. If there was really a danger, he would definitely interfere. He was a very gentle man.

After thinking for a while, Little Yi leaned over and said, “I’m wondering if I can spread the teachings of the God of light to everyone through this crystal ball if this kind of crystal plate is produced in a large quantity and enters the house of ordinary people.”

“Of course you can,” Robb said, but then shrugged. “But to be honest, that thing is too boring, too boring, and not in line with the spirit of entertainment. No one is willing to listen to a nun’s preaching on a crystal board. Only a small group of the most loyal disciples will be willing to listen to you if you play like this…”

As soon as he finished speaking, the big loli jumped out and raised her holy sword. “If anyone dares not to watch the livestream, I’ll kill him… Ouch… don’t hit me on the head.”

“You haven’t grown at all. Go to the chapel and read the new Bible of Light.”

“Fine, I’ll just go.” the big girl pouted and went into the chapel.

As soon as she sat down in the hall and picked up the new Bible of Light, she saw the window open. A silver giant wolf quietly climbed over the window and came in, turning into a human. It was the werewolf general, White Moon.

The little girl frowned and asked, “Why are you here again? Did Godfather allow you to enter the town?”

“Godfather allows the people of West Gran to come in and out freely, so of course, the people of East Gran are also allowed to come in and out freely. As long as they don’t come with hostility, Westwind Town is very accepting. I have shown my identity to the guard of the city and came in normally.”

“Then why did you roll through the window? Isn’t it fine to come in through the chapel gate?”

“Ahem… I’m used to it…” he said in a low voice, “Your Highness, come with me. Westwind Town is about to be destroyed. It’ll too late if we don’t leave now.”

“What?” the little girl asked, “what will happen?”

“This is top secret information. You are the princess, so I dare to tell you. I really dare not tell anyone else…”

After a pause, he said in a low voice, “the monsters in the Black Pine Mountain are about to attack Westwind Town.”

“What?” the little girl tilted her head and asked, “why do you know this?”

With a finger in front of his lips, he said, “Shh! Don’t spread it out. The king and the devil king have been in touch and formed an alliance. The king will lead the army to attack Bright Road again, while the devil king will go out in full force to attack Westwind Town. With both of them, we can easily get rid of West Gran. If you stay here any longer, it will be very dangerous. Don’t you know that you are the daughter of Mondra? They might hurt you accidentally.”

“What?” the big loli jumped up and asked, “how could it be like this?”

“This time, we can completely destroy those dark believers,” he said proudly. “For the God of light.”

“Nonsense!” the little girl said angrily, “is this the perfect plan that my father came up with to fight against the Church of Darkness? With the monsters? How ridiculous it is! Isn’t the Church of Light against my father’s stupid decision?”

“Stupid? It’s not stupid at all!” said White Moon. “It’s a brilliant idea. The head of the Church of Light is also on the side of the king. He also agrees to unite with the monsters first to destroy the Church of Darkness.”

The little girl trembled with anger. “When did the God of light give such a crazy and unreasonable prophecy? Sure enough, the old Church of Light is broken into pieces. Only my new Church of Light is true, kind-hearted, and truly gets the spirit of the God of light.”

She pointed at White Moon angrily and said, “I know, I know that my father has never believed in the God of light. He might have said so, but in fact he has no respect for the God of light. No, he has no respect for any God. The God is just his political tool. He will only collude with the old Church of Light in the name of the God of light and use some dirty means to cut off the abnormal things.”


The little girl raised her holy sword and said, “for bad guys and evils, use your own hands to kill them with the holy sword! Announce loudly what the other party has done and then knock him down. Why do you have to play so many tricks? You actually joined hands with the monsters. It’s not the justice I acknowledge. No, it’s not justice at all. It’s evil.”

“Your Highness, you are too young… There are some things you don’t understand.”

“Cut the crap and get out!” the little girl almost jumped up.

With a long sigh, he said, “Your Highness, I have done what I should do and said what I should say. If you insist on staying, I have no choice but to… See you later. Please forgive me.”

After that, he turned into a huge silver wolf again and climbed out of the window.

“I’ve told you to go through the front door!” the little girl leaned over the window and scolded, “you big bad gray wolf, you always go astray.”

“I’m a silver wolf, not a gray wolf.” he protested in a low voice in the distance. Then a silver light flashed and disappeared on the hillside.

The expression on the girl’s face turned ugly. She leaned against the window and froze for a while. When she suddenly turned around, she found that Little Yi had already stood behind her.

The big girl grabbed her hand and said seriously, “Sister Ishir, don’t worry. No matter how many monsters will come, I, Russ Belmonde Dracula, will perform my duty as the guardian of light and fight against them to the end. I will guard our chapel to the death.”


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