After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 467

Chapter 467: It was a harpy

“It’s in! The lord chamberlain’s team scored another ball!”

The emcee roared. His voice was so loud that the whole stadium was buzzing.

In the royal palace of the Bright Road, the ministers also cheered, “It’s in! It’s in! We can win this round and defeat the local team of Westwind town.”

There were only 15 minutes left before the end of the competition, but the local team had fallen behind four balls. Most of the audience in the stands could not help but give a miserable snort. “Oh, damn it! Another ball was shot. There is no hope of winning this time.”

Some desperate spectators couldn’t help but raise their heads to the sky, raising their hands and praying, “God of light, please help the local team of Westwind Town make a comeback.”

However, the moment these people raised their heads, they found that there were five big birds circling in the sky above the stadium.

Due to the strong sunlight in summer, even dog’s eyes would be blinded by the sunlight, so the five big birds were black and no one could see clearly what they were.

“What’s that?”

“It’s dark. I can’t see clearly what kind of bird it is.”

“Judging from the flying posture, it looks like an eagle.”

“How could an eagle be so big?”

“I’ve never seen five Eagles taking off at the same time. Eagles are very proud and work alone.”

When the townsmen were talking about it, an elf archer suddenly jumped up from the stand and shouted, “everyone, be careful. It’s not an eagle. It’s a harpy.”

“Monster!” the audience beside the elf archer all jumped up, but only this group of people jumped up. After all, no matter how loud the elf archer’s voice was, it could not be heard far in the noisy stadium, only dozens of people around him could hear it.

These dozens of people jumped up at the same time, leading the audience beside them. The audience on both sides laughed and said, “are you going to do human waves?”

“Crowd! Get up!”


The crowd surged, from one side of the grandstand to the other, and then came back. The atmosphere of the competition reached the most intense state for a moment.

The elf archer was almost infuriated to death by the humans. He quickly shouted to the dozens of people around him who heard him roar just now, “call the police. The harpy is coming. Spread the words out.”

Unexpectedly, the audience who jumped up just now sat down at the same time. “What’s so good about the harpy? Let’s watch the competition first. What’s wrong with you? We were almost led by you. We missed the good competition just because of a harpy.”

The elf archer was speechless

He cursed in his heart, [these humans are really not nervous at all. How did they survive in this dangerous world? Well, forget it. These guys are unreliable. Fighting against monsters is the most professional skill of our elf race.]

The archer left his seat and moved a few steps on the grandstand. He found another elf in the audience, pulled him up and whispered something in his ear. The elf’s face became serious. He then jumped up and left the grandstand with the former.

After a while, hundreds of smart archers who were scattered in the audience of eight thousand gathered outside the gym.

At this time, the elf elder was at the VIP table put a crystal clear ice candy into his mouth and watched the football match happily. An elf came up from behind the backstage and whispered in his ear, “elder, the monsters are coming. There are harpies spying on us in the sky.”

“Oh?” the elder raised his head and glanced at the sky. Although he was very old, he had good eyesight. He saw the spinning black shadows in the sky at a glance. They were five harpies. They were hovering in the sky and looking down at the stadium below. It was obvious that they were spying on the situation of Westwind town.

For the harpies, this stadium, which gathered almost all the people in the town, was also a very strange thing. They had never seen it before, so they were probably dumbfounded in the sky.

The elder turned around and whispered to the elf, “get ready to fight at any time. Release detection skills and closely monitor the Black Pine Mountain in the northeast.”

“Yes, sir!”

“What’s more, we need to go through the battle plan with the great druid and commander Elsie. The great druid, the big iron carriage of Elsie and the five hundred soldiers are very strong. They are our greatest reliance.”

“Yes, sir!”

The elves moved silently and occupied many high places in the town. The longbows, hillside, trees, walls, towers, etc. were in their hands, and the quivers were hung in the most convenient place to take arrows at any time. The tense atmosphere filled them.

Many senior elf archers turned on their detecting skills at the same time and stared at the mountain forest with a range of thousands of yards. The elf elder turned around and said to Nuolun, “Sir, the monster army is coming.”

“Oh, I see. Counterattack! Local team, what are you doing?”

“Hey, I’m telling you that the monster army is coming. Why are you still focusing on football?”

“The football will end in ten minutes. At the most nervous time, who has the time to care about the monster army? Let the monster army see hell.”

The elf elder, “Hey! We will die!”

“It doesn’t matter if we die or not.” Nuolun continued to watch the game intently. He clenched his fists and said, “kick! Kick! Even if you can’t kick the ball, kick!”

Elder elf was speechless

Never mind. There was no reliable person in this town, except for Elsie. The elf elder quickly left the VIP seats and came to the outside of the stadium. He turned on his detection skill with a range of three thousand yards. He swept around the town and found that hundreds of elven archers were ready. He was a little comforted.

He turned around and said to one of his men “Mr. Elsie is very powerful, but this town is too big. With his five hundred people and hundreds of archers, it’s difficult to guard such a big town well. There are always some places that are not guarded. Fortunately, almost all the townsmen are gathered in the stadium now. We only need to guard the stadium to protect everyone. You go and ask the townsmen who haven’t come to watch the competition to come here and gather in the stadium … “

The elves nodded and left quickly.

The elf elder raised his head and looked at the dancing harpies in the sky. He asked loudly, “can anyone shoot those harpies down?”

The elf archers nearby shook their heads at the same time. “They are flying too high. Our elven longbows can’t go so far.”

The elf elder said, “where are the dragonhawks raised in the village? Send two dragonhawk knights to fly up!”


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