After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 468

Chapter 468: The dragonhawks knights are launching an attack

On the competition field, not only the elves noticed the monsters in the sky, but also some human hunters. However, they knew that Godfather was in Westwind Town, so they didn’t care at all and continued to watch football carefully.

Another person also keenly noticed the monster in the sky, which was Suofa.

After all, she was an excellent assassin sent by the desert kingdom. Her sense of danger was far beyond ordinary people. When the harpy appeared above her head, she had already noticed it. However, she was holding the crystal ball and was responsible for the livestream of the football match. This was very important work. How could she care about the monsters in the sky?

She held the crystal ball in her left hand and pointed it at the football field. She secretly took out a dagger from her right hand, but after glancing at the height of the harpies, she gave up the idea of hitting them with her daggers. She could only hold the dagger in her palm and thought, [if they come down and hurt people, I will hit them away.]

Coincidentally, the local team of Westwind town kicked the ball out of the boundary by accident. A team member ran to pick up the ball. After a short time, Suofa quickly turned the crystal ball to the sky and whispered, “Godfather, there are five harpies above the stadium. They should be a reconnaissance team.”

The crystal ball captured the five harpies and projected them on the two big screens, Robb and the queen.

Before Robb could say anything, the ministers on the Queen’s side shouted, “A harpy scout? Are the monsters coming?”

“Harpies usually don’t appear above human towns. Since they appeared, it means that the monster army is coming.”

“Yes, it seems that the competition may be suspended urgently.”

“No!” the minister snorted and rushed up to hold the crystal ball. “Don’t stop the competition because of this. My daughter’s football team will win in 9 minutes, and there are only 9 minutes left. We are 4 balls ahead of them, and the victory is almost ours. We can’t stop at this time.”

The queen slapped the table and said, “be quiet, all of you.”

After stopping the ministers, the queen turned to the crystal ball and asked Robb, “what are you going to do with it?”

Robb smiled and said, “you like to be nervous too much. Just let those broken birds circle in the sky. If they don’t come down, let’s talk about it later.”

“A few birds is nothing,” the queen said. “But these harpies usually only move in deep mountains. It’s very abnormal for them to hover above human towns, which indicates that the monster army is coming…”

Before she could finish her words, Robb picked up another small crystal ball and complained, “Hey, why do you always look at the sky? Watch the football match. Ignore those broken birds. The football is about to end in 8 minutes. It’s the most important time.”

Hearing his order, Suofa quickly turned the camera and aimed it at the court again.

At this time, the ball returned to the feet of the lord chamberlain’s team which was launching a fierce attack

The queen protested, “Why are you watching the football game? Turn the camera to the sky!”

At the same time, the minister said, “Wow, that’s great. The camera has been turned back to see my daughter’s team.”

As soon as he finished his words, he found that the queen said the opposite words at the same time. He was so embarrassed that he immediately shut up and retreated.

Robb sighed, “Oh, I forgot to add the split screen function or the floating window function when I developed this crystal panel. It seems that I need to improve it.”

The queen squinted, “what are you talking about?”

Robb said, “I’m talking about the need to produce better technology.”

The queen said, “I don’t care about your split screens and floating windows. I just want to say that since this is a paid service, you should try your best to satisfy the audience’s needs. We just paid you a gold coin, and you have to let us see what we want to see. I want to see the harpies in the sky. My ministers want to watch a football match, so you have to try your best to satisfy them. Otherwise, you have to refund the money.”

“Yes, yes, you are right and convincing.” Robb picked up the little crystal ball and said, “let’s play a competition. We need to cut the camera to scan the harpies in the sky, and we have to satisfy the audience with football.”

Suofa was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. The camera had to follow the football for two minutes. Seeing that the football had left the boundary, she quickly looked up at the sky. However, the five harpies were only circling in the sky, so there was nothing else to see. She quickly turned the camera down.

Robb said, “look, they are harmless harpies. What are you afraid of?”

“How can it be possible that harpies are harmless? You will know how evil they are later,” the queen complained.

The camera chased the football for another two minutes. There were only 4 minutes left before the end of the competition. The players were tired, and they couldn’t turn 4 balls, which made the local team of Westwind town have no chance to turn the tables. Many people began to give up and stop shouting.

The lord chamberlain was flaunting proudly in front of other ministers, “My daughter’s football team is so good! Haha! My daughter’s…”

At this time, when the camera was raised into the sky again. The audience in front of the panel suddenly found that something had changed

In the elf village in the distance, two dragonhawks suddenly soared into the sky, with two female archers on their backs.

The dragonhawk was a large eagle with bright feathers. It was unruly and disobedient by nature. Only the elves who were good at communicating with nature and animals could control it. However, the carrying capacity of the dragonhawk was very limited, so the dragonhawk knights would usually only use delicate female elves.

The knights on it were beautiful. As soon as they flew into the sky, they attracted people’s attention.

“Wow!” Robb shouted, “what the hell? There is such a dragonhawk in the elf village? I didn’t see it it when I received the group of refugees.”

The queen snorted and said, “it’s normal for dragonhawks to find their masters tens of thousands of miles away. It should be after the elves settled down in Westwind town that the dragonhawks they raised before came to visit. There are only two of them. It can be seen that the fighting capacity of the elves has recovered a little.”

“Two versus 51?” the ministers discussed, “can they win?”

“I don’t think it’s a big deal.”

“The fighting ability of the elves is superior to that of humans,”

“They can’t be counted as a single soldier. The dragonhawk also has a strong fighting capacity. It should be four to five.”

“Oh, I see. Lock the camera here. Don’t go back to the football match.”

As soon as the ministers finished speaking, they heard lord chamberlain screaming, “no, there are only two minutes left before the football match ends. Let me watch it.”


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