After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 469

Chapter 469: Long lens

“What’s so good about this trash time?”

“That’s right! The local team of Westwind Town has lost their will to fight,”

“How could they bring 4 balls in in 2 minutes?”

“It’s none of our business. Look at the sky!”

The two knights flew towards the five harpies at a fast speed.

There was a word “Eagle” that they both had. Dragonhawks and harpies. Both looked like eagles. Who was afraid of whom?

The five harpies roared and rushed towards the dragonhawks aggressively.

Far away, an arrow was shot towards the leading harpy.

Seeing that her opponent was a dragonhawk knight, the harpy had already been on guard. Before the arrow flew halfway, the harpy had already turned sideways. The arrow grazed its belly, but not even a single feather was stripped off.

The harpy let out a laugh of complacency. However, as soon as the laughter rang out, it found that a second arrow had reached its face. At this time, it had no time to react. The arrow was shot into the middle of its face and into its bones.

The harpy fell down before she could even scream.

“It’s a beautiful series of arrows. The key point is that the second arrow was too fast to see clearly.” the ministers exclaimed, “it’s worthy of being done by an elf. The best archers in the world are all from the elf clan.”

Another dead body of a dead harpy fell from the sky, just below the stadium. If this thing fell on the grandstand, it might smash several townsmen to death. The queen was a little worried about her own people, so she had the camera run with the corpses.

When the harpies fell to a height of about dozens of meters above the stadium, Nuolun, who was sitting in the grandstand, suddenly raised his head and waved his hand. A cyclone technique that had already been prepared after the chant was released. He carried the corpses out and threw it outside the stadium.

Several nobles next to him said to Nuolun, “the cyclone skill is so beautiful!”

“I’m flattered! Magic power is secondary. The key is to act elegantly and gentlemanly. As nobles, we have the obligation to take care of incompetent commoners. This is the consciousness of us nobles.”

People around clapped their hands.

“You’re dumb,” the queen said. “What kind of men are in Westwind town?”

The ministers, “cough!”

The camera was turned back to the sky again. Everyone looked carefully and found that there were only three harpies left in the sky.

The remaining three harpies were furious, and their sharp roars made people’s ears numb. They flapped their wings at the same time, and six wind blades flew fiercely towards the knights.

The two female archers on the back of the dragonhawks didn’t even bother to pay attention to it. They let the dragonhawk under their feet to dodge by themselves. The two dragonhawks flapped their wings, and fell sharply. All the six wind blades missed.

However, the sudden fall of the other dragonhawk was too big. All the ministers were wondering if the knight on the back of the dragonhawk could sit steadily? If it were a human knight, he would have been shaken off.

However, there was no problem with the elves. The light elves could sway on the branches with the wind, and they could walk on the snow without leaving footprints. The two female archers actually bent their bow and shot their arrows from below. The two arrows hit the abdomen of two harpies.

The two female harpies fell down at the same time, leaving only the last one. How dare she keep fighting? She turned around and ran away.

The two dragonhawks quickly chased after them.

The three eagles were flying crazily in midair. The bows and arrows collided with the whirlwind and flew away from the sky above the stadium at once. The crystal ball could only capture three small black dots in the sky in the distance. Robb hadn’t increased the ability of zooming, so it was difficult to see them clearly for now.

Suofa had no choice but to turn the camera back to the football field. At this time, the competition had just ended, and the local team of Westwind town fell on the court, with dust all over their faces. The team of the lord chamberlain was in high spirits, waving their hands to the audience. The emcee came out, He said loudly, “the lord chamberlain’s team won the competition. Now, please welcome Nuolun, the special guest, to award the prize to the lord chamberlain’s team… Bring the prize…”

Before he finished his words, a corpse of a harpy fell on the ground near him. The corpse came at the right time, as if it was the prize.

The emcee was speechless

The audience were rendered speechless

The players were rendered speechless

The leader of the lord chamberlain’s team was stunned for a moment, and then said awkwardly, “although it’s good to give a girl as a reward. Even if she is dead, we can still take advantage of her heat. But a harpy’s body is not easy to operate. Do you use your mouth?”

Everyone was speechless

The queen said, “lord chamberlain, isn’t your guard too rude? Where is your dignity? When you recruit your subordinates, you should not only pay attention to their strength, but also their character. Don’t you dare to use such rubbish? His job is to protect your daughter. Don’t you think it’s terrible?”

The lord chamberlain was sweating profusely. “Well, well, I’ll transfer him to protect my son.”

“No, we should focus on the key point now,” the queen turned to Robb in the crystal ball and said, “ask your maid to find a way to broadcast the battle in the sky. Now the two dragonhawks and the harpy have become small black dots, which can’t be seen clearly.”

Robb, “I’ve come up with an idea. Please wait a few minutes.”

He quickly ordered Suofa man, “come back home and bring the small crystal ball back. I have to add a long-distance lens to it so that the battle in the sky can be broadcasted.”

Then she ran towards the chapel as fast as she could.

The effect of swift wind was astonishing. In addition, Suofa was an agile assassin, so her speed was also very fast. In less than a minute, she ran back to the chapel from the stadium and handed the crystal ball to Robb.

Robb said to the livestream, “please wait a moment. I have to turn off the live streaming for the time being and add a long lens to it. You can watch the situation here through the crystal ball for the time being.”

“What the hell are lens?” the queen couldn’t help but grumble, “hurry up or the battle will end in a twinkling of an eye.”

“Don’t worry. It won’t take long.” Robb waved his hand in the air and took something from the distance. A prepared magic item flew out of the warehouse. It was a cylindrical magic item, which looked like a pipe. No one could understand what it was.


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