After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 470

Chapter 470: Godfather transformed into a handsome owl

Robb said, “I have sealed a detection technique in this magic tool, with a range of 5000 yards.”

In fact, Robb could also make a long lens with glass, but he didn’t know anything about light and electronics, so he used the detection technique. He had to admit that sometimes magic was very useful, especially when scientific research couldn’t keep up with it.

He stuffed the crystal ball into the pipe and handed it to Suofa. “Go to the roof and continue streaming!”

Suofa nodded. With a flash, she easily climbed to the roof of the chapel and raised the pipe in her hand. The crystal ball was in the pipe, and once it was activated, the detection technique in the pipe was also activated. With a swish, the range of vision of 5000 yards was displayed. The three small black dots in the sky far away, which were still chasing and fighting, became incomparably clear, as if they were close to them.

The queen and the ministers looked at each other. After a few seconds, the queen said in a low voice, “it’s not bad to use this to scout the enemy’s situation.”

The ministers around nodded, and the secretary also secretly recorded it.

They had already flown out of Westwind town to the sky above the forest, which was quite far away from the town.

A Dragonhawk knights finally caught up and shot at the harpy. The arrow hit the vital part of the harpy with a buzz. Afterward, the female demon screamed and fell down.

“Oh, they didn’t let it run away. That’s great!” the ministers applauded together. “So that’s the power of the Dragonhawk knights. It’s not bad.”

The two knights were also satisfied with their battle. They turned around and planned to go home.

At this moment, a shrill scream suddenly came from a valley in the northeast. Then, several black shadows roared out of the valley.

A large number of harpies! There were probably more than a hundred of them.

The two knights were shocked. Now it was not four to five, but four to hundreds. They couldn’t fight anymore, so they could only escape. The two knights flew back crazily, and hundreds of harpies screamed and chased after them.

The sky was densely packed with black wings.

The harpies in the front kept using wind blades to attack the two knights in front. The two dragonhawks had no choice but to constantly roll and avoid the wind blades that were chasing them. However, every time they turned and moved, their speed would be affected, so the harpy army behind them could catch up more closely.

The ministers on the Queen’s side couldn’t help but exclaim, “bad news!”

“There are so many harpies? Oh my God! How many are there?”

“How can I count them clearly? I can only estimate the general number, not less than one hundred.”

“No matter how excellent you are, you can’t defeat them.”

“Are there more dragonhawk knights in the elf village?”

“It doesn’t seem to be.”

While the ministers were discussing, the elves in Westwind town also became nervous.

The elf elder ordered, “Ask the two dragonhawk knights to fly back to the town at a low altitude. Archers and magicians should get ready to support. Ask human archers and magicians to help us. Hurry up…”

At this time, the hundreds of harpies had already attracted the attention of ordinary townsmen. They just came out of the stadium and were talking about the competition just now. Then they suddenly looked up and saw a dark mass of harpies flying over in the northeast sky.

The elves thought that these townsmen were going to panic, or they could quickly ask their children to hide in the building. However, they didn’t expect that these people would be excited instead of being afraid at all.

Someone shouted, “there’s going to be a good show again.”

“Hurry up! Take the highest point in the town!”

“Where is the best spot to watch the battle?”

“The sentry tower! Ah, the sentry tower was taken away by the elves. They took the position so quickly.”

“The roof was also robbed by the elves.”

Hearing these discussions, the elf elder could not help but burst into laughter. “Who are these people in this town?”

Just as he didn’t know what to do, he suddenly felt a figure flash by his side. Robb flashed to him and put his hand on his shoulder. He smiled and said, “old man, don’t be so excited. Sit down and have a rest. Be careful so you don’t have a cerebral hemorrhage…”

Elder elf, “!”

“It’s just some harpies. I’m going to play with them,” Robb said. “Let your archers have a rest. I don’t want them to get hurt and cause trouble for me. I want peace again.”

Elder elf, “?”

“Don’t forget that I can fly as well.” after saying that, Robb suddenly turned into a cute owl.

The elf elder said, “although you are very powerful, there are over a hundred harpies that can’t be underestimated. Even if you are very strong, you have to be careful since one palm can’t resist four palms. Not to mention, they are not ordinary monsters. They’re harpies. They all know how to use wind blades, whirlwind, and sharpwing…”

Before he could finish his words, Robb had already spread his wings and flew into the sky. He didn’t want to listen to an old man’s nagging.

The elf elder stretched out a hand and shouted, “be careful, great druid!”

At this time, Robb flew to the sky, so no one could talk to the queen. When she was about to turn off the crystal ball, a red shadow flashed by. Unexpectedly, Xuelu sat on the stone stool where Robb sat every day. She smiled at the crystal ball and said, “your Majesty, next, Xuelu will guide you.”

The queen snorted.

She didn’t want to talk to such a shameless woman who wore a swimsuit and bathed in hot spring with a man.

Xuelu didn’t care whether she would talk to her or not. She explained to herself, “now that Godfather has turned into a strange looking owl and flew into the sky. Please pay attention to the one on the left side of the screen, It’s Godfather, isn’t he handsome?”

“What handsome!” the queen couldn’t help but grumble, “an owl is the shame of an eagle. It’s so ugly! Look at it carefully. Except for its head, what’s the difference between it and a harpy?”

“There is still a big difference,” Xuelu said. “If you use your imagination to replace the head of this owl with the head of Godfather, you will feel that it’s handsome.”

The queen closed her eyes and imagined the scene carefully. Then she burst into laughter. “No, it’s even uglier, hahaha.”


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