After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 471

Chapter 471: Kame hame ha

At this time, the two knights were about to be caught up by the harpies.

The two archers looked terrified. They knew very well that once they were caught up by the harpies, the two of them would be instantly torn into pieces by their sharp claws and eaten up. The ending would be too miserable, even worse than being killed by an orc.

But now, the dragonhawks’ speed had reached its limit and could not be higher.

There were still a few hundred yards before they reach Westwind Town, and the distance of several hundred yards became the life and death line of the two dragonhawk knights. Once they arrived above the town, as long as they quickly descended, they would be supported by the archers on the ground. But if they couldn’t pass the hundreds of yards, the two of them would be dead.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh

Another two wind blades caught up from behind, and the two dragonhawks dodged sideways at the same time. Their distance was closer. The two archers turned around and shot a series of arrows. The nearest harpies were hit by the arrows, but there was a large group of harpies behind them who rushed more aggressively.

“Wind blades are coming!”


“The dragonhawks are exhausted…”


Seeing that wind blades couldn’t be dodged, a bird that was several times smaller than a dragonhawk suddenly flew over. It was an owl. Although it was large in size among the owls, it was only small compared to a dragonhawk that could carry people.

The small owl flew over from the side and seemed to desperately block the wind blades.

“Ah!” the two archers screamed at the same time.

They had thought that the owl would be cut in half by the wind blade, but to their surprise, when the wind blades hit the owl, nothing happened. It was like a stone sank into the sea and disappeared without a trace.

He resisted them!

Then Robb said, “two smart girls, go back to the townsmen and find a roof to sit down. Watch the play and let the dragonhawks eat something good.”

“Ah, it’s the great druid,” the two archers recognized Robb’s voice and were overjoyed. “You’re here to help us?”

“It’s me!” Robb said, “so, you can have a good rest.”

“But you are alone.”

“It’s okay.” before Robb finished his words, another dozen wind blades came at him at the same time.

At this time, all the people on the Queen’s side were watching the livestream seriously.

Although they all knew that Robb was very powerful, they had never seen Robb fight with their own eyes. They could only get the results from the reports of the scouts and spies. Now that they had the chance to see how Robb fought with his own eyes, it was a very precious opportunity.

Seeing dozens of wind blades flying towards Robb at the same time, the queen couldn’t help but feel nervous. She thought to herself, [even a knight with the strongest magic defense can’t resist so many wind blades. He will be instantly sliced into pieces. I can’t let anything happen to him.]

The ministers under her leadership also thought the same, but they were not as worried about Robb as the queen. Many of them even thought that if Robb died like this, Westwind town could easily be taken back.

Of course, after Robb’s death, they had no idea whether Westwind town could block the army of monsters. Because people’s reaction speed was limited, very few people could calculate all the benefits in an instant.

However, they immediately found that there was no need for them to worry or take pleasure in the misfortune, because these dozens of wind blades didn’t seem to exist for Robb at all. They all disappeared the moment they hit Robb.

They were all resisted!

Their hit rate was only 1%. How could it be so easy for them to hit.

The harpies were a little confused

The two archers were also confused. Although they looked only twenty years old, in fact, they had lived for more than two hundred years and had seen many outstanding heroes. However, they had never seen anyone who withstood dozens of wind blades and didn’t even get a scratch. This was too outrageous.

“Go to rest now,” Robb reminded them. It was not until then that the two archers realized what had happened and rushed to the town.

Robb opened his wings and was about to make a big move to clear them all. Suddenly, he looked back at the live streaming on the ground and the townsmen who were scrambling for the seats, so he had to put away the big move. “No, I have to satisfy the audience’s watching needs. No one likes to watch a livestream that ends instantly.”

With a weird smile, he said, “now let’s begin to play the epic air battle movie, Eagle over Westwind.”

On the ground, the audience’s nobles could only see a small owl rushing towards a large group of harpies without magic or using any fighting skill.

The wind blades of the harpies were released at the same time, but they could not hurt the owl at all.

In a twinkling of an eye, the owl had already rushed in front of a harpy. It suddenly curled up its right wing and became a fist. It punched hard in the middle of a harpy’s face.


The harpy screamed and flew out with its bird feathers flying everywhere.

“What kind of battle is this?” the elf elder almost went crazy on the spot. “It’s the first time that I’ve seen someone beat someone with a fist in an aerial battle. Is this real? Don’t make an air battle into a land battle.”

As soon as Robb punched away a harpy, another four or five sharp wings came up behind him and swept fiercely at his face.

His body made whirlwind leg in the air. He spun and kicked in a circle in the air. The claws of the owl used to release the whirlwind leg looked smooth, and the scene was too beautiful to see.

The harpies around him were swept by the strange and powerful claws, collided and flew in all directions.

The ministers watching the livestream on Bright Road asked, “is this how owls usually fight?”

The Queen’s face darkened. “How could it be? This guy is intentionally flaunting his skills! Let’s see how powerful he is and how easy it is for him to defeat monsters. It’s as if he’s bullying a group of two or three year old children. He can handle them with a few random moves. This is a clear display of his strength to us.”

Robb rolled two circles in the air. But he didn’t flap his wings but actually stopped in midair. Then he waved his wings and made a very strange gesture of pushing his palm. He roared, “Kame hame ha!”

He pushed his wings forward, and a beam of light as thick as an arm spurted out from his hand.


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