After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 472

 Chapter 472: Eagle above Westwind Town

A beam of light as thick as an arm was shot out from Robb’s wings. A harpy in front of him was the first to be hit by the light was hit in the chest. Without making any sound, a big hole was shot out on its chest. The light went through its chest and continued to shoot out from its back. It hit a second harpy and pierced through it. Then it continued to move forward and pierced through the third one

When it passed through the group of harpies, there was a big hole in the middle of the chests of seven or eight harpies. They looked down at the big hole in their chests in disbelief and fell down with a shriek, leaving only birds’ feathers flying all over the sky.

Seeing this scene, the harpies nearby were also frightened and scattered to both sides.

The elves who were watching the battle on the ground, the queen and her ministers who were watching the battle on the other side of the TV were also frightened.

A minister asked curiously, “what kind of skill is that kame hame ha that he released? Why is it so powerful?”

“It’s not the kame hame ha,” one of the ministers said as he shrugged. “It’s light arcane magic. He deliberately used the shape of an owl, made a strange movement with his wings, and then shouted randomly, which gave you the illusion of it.”

Everyone was speechless

“What’s the meaning of the four words though?” (TL: Kame hame ha in chinese is 龟波气功 or 龟派气功)

“I don’t know. He always says something that we can’t understand.”

A minister caught the key point, “did you find that he didn’t use the wings of the owl to fly? He was only making some strange movements with the wings and even made a strange posture like a human’s hand, but his body was still floating in the air and did not fall down.”

This sentence awakened the people in the dream. The group of ministers were all shocked. “Then how did he fly in the air?”

The queen sighed, “it should be a flying skill! The highest grade magic of the wind system!”

“Ah? Flying?”

“Yes, there is no other explanation except for flying.”

“He turned into an owl on purpose so that the audience would think he was flying with wings. However, after flying to the sky, he used wings to make strange things. So in fact, he relied on his flying skill.”

“It’s difficult to fly.”

“I’m afraid there are few people on the whole continent who know flying.”

“It seems that John Roland Smith, the best wind magician in our kingdom also knew flying, didn’t he?”

“Yes, only he could. After his death, wind magic talents withered, and no one can do it again.”

“How could this guy know so many things?”

“This is too much! I can’t believe that he has reached the highest level of the wind system. What kind of monster is this guy?”

The ministers talked about it one after another, and everyone’s face was full of surprise.

While they were discussing, the elves watching the battle on the ground of Westwind town were also surprised.

The elf elder pointed at the sky and said, “oh my God! Oh my God! It’s a laser! I can’t believe that the great druid can do this!”

“No, no, No. I think you should be more shocked by the flying skill.” Nuolun stood beside the elder of the elf clan and said, “you don’t know how difficult it is to fly. Wind magicians know it clearly.”

In fact, harpies were not stupid. They at least knew magic such as wind blade skill and whirlwind. They were not stupid monsters without intelligence. When they felt that Robb was not easy to deal with, the harpies spread in all directions, and then tried to bypass Robb to attack the onlookers on the ground.

Nearly a hundred harpies scattered in all directions at the same time, forming a magnificent scenery in midair, as if a flower was blooming in the sky.

Then, these blooming petals circled around Robb and dived towards the ground. The spirit archers on the ground suddenly became nervous again. Someone shouted, “commoners, hide well!”

“The monsters dodged the great druid and rushed down,”

“It’s impossible for the great druid to kill hundreds of harpies at the same time. He has no time to care about you. Hurry up and hide. Don’t watch the battle foolishly on the roof and the top of the trees.”

Some people who didn’t know Robb were frightened by the cries of the elves. They jumped off the roof and hid themselves.

However, the local residents of Westwind town were still not under any pressure. They were still sitting on the roofs, talking and laughing. One of them even waved his hands at a harpy that was diving over and laughed. “Come on, kill me.”

Sensing that it had been underestimated, the harpy roared angrily and pounced fiercely at the townsman.

But why couldn’t it move? It flapped its wings hard, it they couldn’t move forward even a little.

It looked back immediately and found that the owl had changed into a human shape, floating in the air and grabbing one of its legs. Therefore, no matter how hard it flapped its wings, it couldn’t fly at all

Robb said, “Hey, don’t run! Continue to play the game.”

The harpy turned around and flapped its wings with great strength. Its wings were as sharp as the edge of a blade, but they couldn’t cause any harm to Robb. Robb gripped its eagle leg with one hand, and with a flash of his body, he came to the side of another harpy who was diving down. He stretched out his hand and buckled the other foot.

He tore a strip of cloth from his T-shirt and tied the legs of the two harpies. Because of his agility, he tied them up as fast as lightning. Everyone only felt a mess in front of them and saw that they were tied up.

The feet of the two harpies were tied together, but their bodies wanted to separate and fly to both sides. As a result, they were frozen in midair.

They wanted to untie it, but the harpies had no hands and only wings. The wings couldn’t be used to untie knots, so they had to struggle to maintain balance and flap their wings.

Then, Robb’s figure shook quickly in the air.

He caught up with another harpy and pulled it back to its two feet up. Then he caught up with another one and tied it up.

Hundreds of harpies which were supposed to be scattered in all directions were attacked by Robb. No matter which direction and how far the harpies ran, he could catch up in an instant, grab their feet, and drag them back.

The elf archers on the ground were still well prepared to fight with the harpies. However, none of them flew over because they saw that the harpies were all caught back by Robb and tied together.


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