After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 473

Chapter 473: The murlocs attacked

In the sky, hundreds of harpies were tied together, and Robb’s T-shirt was torn into strips. Now he was bare, wearing only a pair of sand shorts and wooden slippers, looking at his masterpiece with a smile.

Some of the harpies’ legs were tied together, and some were tied with a long rope. Some simply had their necks tied together, forming a large mass of over a hundred harpies.

All kinds of knots were carried out!

If it were an ordinary eagle, it would have fallen from the sky since such a large group of eagles were tied together. However, the harpies were magical creatures after all. They could fly much more than ordinary birds, and could even use many kinds of wind magic. They could actually keep in the sky by flapping their wings desperately and never fall.

However, it was really tiring for them to keep flapping their wings to resist gravity. The group of harpies screamed desperately.

Robb didn’t understand what these fellows were calling for, but the elf elder frowned and shouted, “Great druid, be careful. They are calling for help.”

“Oh, right. They’re just scouts. There are still some main forces that haven’t come yet,” Robb said with a smile. “I want to see where the main forces are.”

He used his detection skill to scan the Black Pine Mountain with his range of 5000 yards.

However, he couldn’t see the corners no matter how far he could see. Monsters were good at hiding themselves in the forest. Robb didn’t see anything but a dark forest

At this time, on the other side of the ground.

Although the wonderful football match had just been held and there was still a wonderful air battle in the sky, most of the members of the cat clan were still sleeping.

The football match started at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. The first and second half of the match, the half-time interval and the air battle were all over. Now it was only four o’clock in the afternoon. The cats were about to get up, but they were not completely awake.

Huahua was sleeping on a piece of grass by the river. The way catfolk took a nap was similar to that of a cat, coiled into a kitten cake, very cute.

It was so noisy in the sky but Huahua didn’t wake up. She just flicked her ear gently.

At this time, a small ripple suddenly appeared on the surface of the river beside her, and then a huge fish head slowly floated out from the middle of the ripple.

This fish’s head was as big as a human head, followed by a neck that looked like a human, and then shoulders, arms, bodies, hands… With rusty swords in their hands!

It was a murloc!

It looked out of the river and found that everyone in the town was watching the battle in the sky. No one noticed the movement in the river, so it could not help but feel a little proud. It dived into the water again and waved at the bottom of the river.

At the bottom of the riverbed, a large group of murlocs lurked quietly. When he saw the gesture of the scouting murloc, their lips revealed a cruel and evil smile, and they floated up to the surface of the water together.

As a result, ripples appeared one after another on the river

Fish heads popped out one after another.

The murloc general with its hard fin pointed to the shore. It turned out that on a big stone on the shore stood a townsman, whose back was to the side of the river. He looked up at Robb in the sky and was clapping his hands. He didn’t notice that a group of murlocs appeared on the water behind him.

The gesture of the murloc general was very clear. “Kill him!”

Several murlocs nodded and slowly approached the back of the townsman.

The other murlocs had all prepared weapons. Some drew their bows, and some prepared arrows. They were going to rush ashore from both sides of the river and kill the others. Anyway, there were no vigilant townsmen everywhere on both sides of the river. They could kill them ruthlessly to create chaos, and then jump back into the river to escape.

At this moment…

The kitten Huahua, who was sleeping by the river, suddenly moved her nose

The kitty turned its ears two times and then jumped up with a meow. “I smell fish.”

She pounced on a murloc and bit one on the head.

Murlocs, “…”

Two murlocs waved their swords and blades at the same time and chopped at Huahua.

Seeing that the half asleep Huahua was about to be hit by the knife, a vigorous figure jumped out beside her, and two incomparably sharp claw shadows flashed in the air. The two murlocs waved the knife at the same time, roared and fell to both sides.

The vigorous figure turned a circle in midair, grabbed the back of the Huahua’s neck and threw Huahua far away. Normally, if a person was suddenly thrown out like this, she would most likely fall to the ground, but cats wouldn’t. Huahua turned over beautifully in midair and landed steadily.

At this time, she was wide awake. She took a closer look and found that what she had just bitten was not a fish, but a murloc. And the one who saved her was the leader of the cat folk.

He roared, “Enemy attack nya!”

“Hey, can you stop meowing when you shout for the police?” Nuolun protested in the distance.

Seeing that the matter was exposed, the murlocs didn’t dare to delay any longer. They screamed and jumped out of the river, waving their weapons to kill the townsmen on both sides of the river.

However, as soon as they came ashore, a large group of cats jumped up from the grass by the river.

It turned out that while the cat folk were taking a nap in the grass by the river, everyone smelled the smell of fish.

The murlocs looked to both sides of the river and saw a large group of cats looking at them with green eyes. They immediately felt that they were like fish on the chopping board, and sweat dripped down from their smooth heads

“Catch fish!” someone shouted and pounced on a murloc who had just climbed ashore.

“Oh, yeah. Let’s catch the big fish.” the cats were overjoyed and pounced forward together.

“We are murlocs, not fish.” the murloc general was furious. “Charge!”

“Nya!” the cats charged back.

The sound below immediately attracted Robb’s attention. He looked down from the sky and saw a large group of cats attacking the murlocs. When he was about to rush over to help, he suddenly saw the vigorous movements of the cats, which seemed to be valiant and battlewise.

Right, the cat humans were warriors. They were all good at fighting. It seemed that he didn’t have to worry about them as much as humans. There was no need to worry about them.


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