After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 474

Chapter 474: Wolf knights, attack!

“Nya!” the little cat girl jumped up more than one meter high with a light jump, avoiding the horizontal chop of a murloc. Then she turned a somersault in midair, and her paw swept across the murloc’s face, and instantly three deep claw marks were swept on its cheeks. The fish’s eyes were also clawed out. It screamed and fell to the ground, covering its eyes and rolling on the ground.

Huahua bit the murloc’s head again.

The two cats beside her shouted, “Huahua, loosen your grip! It’s not yummy.”

The murloc was also shocked. He immediately shouted, “yes, yes, let me go. I’m a murloc, not a fish. I’m not delicious.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard the two say, “They’re not delicious to eat raw. You can eat them when they’re cooked. Get some sauce.”

The murlocs were scared out of their wits. They roared in a hurry, and more murlocs crawled out of the river. They waved their swords and blades and charged at the cats aggressively.

Seeing more murlocs rushing over, Huahua had to reluctantly let go of the murloc in her mouth. There were two huge holes in the head of the fish, which were still bleeding. A murloc jumped up from behind and stabbed at Huahua. Huahua turned back and dodged it easily. Then she kicked the face of the Murloc behind her. She turned around lightly and returned to the murloc earlier, biting its head again.

The murloc said weakly, “can you stop biting my head?”

“That’s right. The fish head is not delicious. The fish belly is the tender part.”

“Please don’t…”

The river was in chaos. Murlocs and cats were fighting everywhere.

Robb could easily see through the whole situation in the sky. In terms of individual combat, the murlocs were not a match for the cats at all. However, there were a lot of murlocs, but the number of cats was very small. There were murlocs climbing up from the river. The current advantage of the cats was only for a while, and if they continued to fight, they would soon fall into a disadvantage. However, in Westwind Town, there were not only the cats who had fighting power.

“Let’s go and help them,” the archers of the elf race turned their attention and said, “don’t worry about the harpies. The great druid is dealing with them. Let’s deal with the murlocs.”

The elves, who had occupied all the highest spots, immediately bowed and shot arrows at the murlocs on both sides of the river. Their arrows were extremely accurate. When they first met the team led by the team leader, they had used arrows to accurately shoot the torches that the soldiers were about to throw out. Now it was not difficult to shoot several murlocs.

Arrows passed through the chaotic battlefield and accurately shot at the murlocs. None of the cats who were fighting with the murlocs were accidentally injured by the arrows. This excellent archery technique won Robb’s applause.

The townsmen and ministers in front of the TV couldn’t help clapping their hands and praising, “the cat folks are strong, and the elf archers are shooting remotely. These murlocs can’t get away.”

“There won’t be only such a small number of soldiers,” the queen said with a straight face. “Since the army of the monster has sent the murlocs in, they must have planned to use them to mess up the defense forces in the town. Then, the army is coming…”

As if to cooperate with the Queen’s words, there was a deafening strange roar in the Black Pine Mountain. Countless monsters roared together, forming a strange rhythm and melody. Then, a huge stone flew out of the pine forest on the hillside and hit the wall of Westwind town with a loud bang.

This kind of wall was not very strong. When it was smashed by the huge stone, the wall immediately collapsed. Fortunately, Westwind town had always lacked guards, so the wall was empty. There were no soldiers, or they would be smashed to death by the huge stone.

A big hole of six or seven yards wide appeared on the top wall!

Then, a large group of fierce looking orcs rushed out of the forest. They rode huge wolves and rushed towards the gap on the wall. The leader shouted, “wolf knights, charge! Kill anyone you see and burn their houses. Let these elves and humans pay the price.”

However, as soon as they rushed into the town, they saw an army charging back at them, led by a huge iron carriage, which was the big tank of Elsie.

Just now, when Robb was cleaning up the harpies in the sky, Xuelu couldn’t help him. As for the battle in the grass by the river, the big tank could not help, but now the wolf knights rushed into the town, so it was time for Elsie to perform. He roared, “soldiers, kill the intruders.”

As soon as he finished his words, he wanted to shoot, but a thought flashed through his mind. No, it was in the town. If I shoot down a building here, Godfather would hang me up and beat me.

[I don’t think it’s a good idea to do that. Anyway, katyusha don’t work either. It’s better to bump into them and crush them.]

Elsie drove the steam tank and crashed into the wolf knights.

However, his big tank had already shown its face in front of the monsters once. After the orcs suffered a great loss last time, they went back to report. The monster army had already known that there was a big iron car in Westwind town. How could they let him bump into them like a fool?

The wolf knights, relying on their flexible agility, dodged the tank from both sides, and even from the side of the footmen.

They scattered around and immediately threatened many of the town’s citizens, who scattered in all places to watch the fun. When they saw a group of fierce wolf knights scattered in all directions and headed for various roads in the town, they were shocked.

When the queen saw this scene on the other side of the crystal ball, she couldn’t help but feel anxious. “Damn it! These people are all the citizens of our kingdom! Including those who moved to Westwind Town. Although they work in Westwind Town, they are still in West Gran. They are our people. Can we protect them well in Westwind town?”

The ministers were also anxious. “Our children are still in Westwind town for refuge. It’s not good.”

A minister jumped up and said, “Your Majesty, send out your troops. Go through the transmission portal to save Westwind town.”

The queen hesitated for a moment. She wanted to send people to save her, but it was not convenient for her to send people through the transmission portal without permission. She had to negotiate with Robb before she could send people through the transmission portal. This was a rule set by both sides. If she did not abide by it, she would have a headache when Robb goes to Bright Road through the transmission portal.

At this time, a wolf knight had rushed to the side of a white haired old town man. It turned out that the old town man did not go to watch the football match. During the match, he was collecting firewood on the hillside. When he saw a battle in the sky, he returned to the town, but it was not far from the East and north side of the town wall.

As soon as the wolf knights entered the town, they came to the old man’s side.

A ferocious wolf rider waved his axe and chopped down at the old man’s skull.


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