After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 475

Chapter 475: He looks a little superior

The ferocious wolf knight chopped down the white haired old man with his axe.

The Queen’s heart could not help but tighten. This was someone from the kingdom of Gran. She loved every one of her people and did not want to see anyone die under the slaughtering of the wolf knights.

She couldn’t help cursing in her heart, [what the hell are you doing? Won’t he come to save him? Why was he still in a daze in the sky?

At this moment, Robb in the sky suddenly pointed at the white haired old man.

A brown light enveloped the old man, making his skin look healthy black.

It was obviously earth magic, and there were countless magicians who were good at earth magic in the Black Earth Knights, and there were several in the ministers of the royal palace. They recognized it at a glance, “it’s stone skin!”

“This man gave him stone skin to protect his body, but what’s the use of it? How can stone skin resist an iron axe?”

At this moment, the axe had already landed on the old man’s forehead.

The old man was obviously frightened, with a terrified expression on his face. Then the axe hit the old man’s forehead, making a sound of “bang”. A hard sound, as if the axe had cut very hard granite. Oh, no, it was made of fine steel stone.

Because he used too much strength to chop, the wolf knight’s wrist was bounced back by a great force, and he felt that his whole wrist seemed not to belong to him.

Then, the axe bounced back from the old man’s head and cut into the wolf knight’s head with a thud. The wolf knight’s head was obviously not as hard as the old man’s, and instantly became half.

The old man was stunned for a moment. “Wow! My head is made of iron. Hahaha! My head is made of iron!”

He suddenly took out a big crutch and rushed to the confused wolf knights behind him. He roared, “You want to kill me? Did you know that when I was young, I was number one of the army of Westwind town. I didn’t have any other unique skills in my life. Just one move, iron head! Fight me if you don’t believe me.”

Although the old man was a little old and his hair was a little grey, he was still in good spirit. He ran quickly with his crutch and rushed to the wolf knights. Before he could make another move, a giant wolf opened its mouth and bit the old man on the shoulder.


Instead of biting into it, two of its teeth were broken. It screamed and lowered its head, sobbing.

However, a wolf knight’s knife hit the old man’s head again.

And the knife flew away again. Fortunately, it didn’t hit the wolf knight, but flew out horizontally. However, the numb wolf knight was in a daze.

While he was in a daze, the old man hit the wolf knight on the head with his walking stick.

The wolf knight snorted and fell off the back of the wolf. Then he jumped up, twisted his waist and ran away. He didn’t even have the courage to fight with the old man.

The old man turned around and chased after the wolf knights, who were running around with wolves.

The ministers in front of the TV looked at each other and said, “how could it be possible that the axe didn’t cut through him? It’s just stone skin!”

“What kind of stone skin is this?”

“It’s too strong.”

“Is this steel? It’s not stone skin at all!”

Of course, this happened in a small corner of the battlefield, but it was captured by Suofa. She was extremely busy now. The camera kept turning around, looking for points on the battlefield.

The wolf knights scattered into the town and attacked people as soon as they saw them.

One of the wolf knights waved his knife and chopped down at a townsman. Robb pointed from the sky, and the townsman immediately became the second old man. “Haha, my head is made of iron.”

Another wolf knight also waved his knife and chopped at a child. Robb pointed at the sky again, and the child jumped up and kicked the wolf knight up to the sky.

Now the queen was relieved.

She finally understood why Robb didn’t come down from the sky. He had a wide view and could see the whole town clearly. Whoever the wolf knights wanted to kill, he would give them magic to gain benefits. In this way, he could protect all the townsmen.

The ministers also understood. They shook their heads and exclaimed, “Oh, I see!”

“He doesn’t even need to bother to make a move himself. He can control the battle just by giving the townsmen benefits.”

“This… This is too powerful.”

“It feels like he is superior…” the minister stopped immediately. He didn’t dare to say anything more, but everyone present had already guessed what he wanted to say.

It was obvious that the last word was that word!

The queen thumped the table and said, “don’t talk nonsense and maliciously create unrealistic rumors.”

Since the queen made such a statement, no one dared to say anything more. If they continued to say it, it would be “nonsense”, “malicious and unrealistic”. They would definitely be taught a lesson by the queen.

However, although she didn’t say anything, this idea crazily took root in her heart!

On the TV screen, it was clearly seen that Godfather floated in the air, as if he was standing in the sky… with a wave of his hand, a citizen suddenly would gain a great power and kick a wolf knight away.

With a wave of his hand, a cat man suddenly became powerful. The cat man was nimble, but he suddenly had the strength. It was so terrible that a murloc was torn into pieces after just being hit a few times.

The townsmen of Westwind town cheered loudly, as if they were celebrating a festival. Originally, they were afraid of the wolf knights, but after seeing the current situation, no one was afraid of the wolf knights. Instead, they were worried that the wolf knights could not find them, because only those who were targeted by the monsters could get the power given by the Godfather.

The group of noble young masters also made a fuss.

Holding a sword and shield with each hand, Mr. Kante ran along the road of the town. When a wolf knight rushed over, he was overjoyed. “Come on, come on! Godfather, give me your strength!”

“Godfather, let my nephew handle it by himself. He needs to be trained.”

Kante was speechless

The scene suddenly became very embarrassing. Robb shrugged in the sky and threw a BUFF to another citizen.

Kante was speechless

The wolf knights came in front of them in a twinkling of an eye. At the back, Nuolun shouted, “Kante, fight! You have to rely on yourself.”

Now there was no way back. He roared, “valiant jump!” he jumped high, and the shield on his left hand hit the ground to block the long sword of the wolf knight. With a sudden wave of his right hand, he stabbed his sword into the wolf knight’s chest.


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