After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 476

Chapter 476: I didn’t hide a fish head

No one was born to be a hero!

All the heroes slowly grew into heroes through blood and fire.

Even Robb, a powerful man, stayed up late playing the game in his original world.

Nuolun wanted his eldest son, oh, right, his nephew to be a hero.

But now, Kante did a good job.

He kicked the dead body of the wolf knight off the back of the wolf and then kicked the wolf leg hard. The giant wolf felt pain and fled back to the forest awkwardly. Then he turned around and laughed at the other noble young masters and ladies behind him, “I am Kante. Aren’t I handsome?”

The young masters and the ladies clapped their hands. For flowers in a greenhouse, Kante was really handsome. Although this young man was not great at magic and clumsy, the girls found that he was really a good young man.

There were several girls from poor families who knew that they were not good-looking and could not marry into a rich and powerful family, so they secretly recruited Kante, who’s part of Nuolun’s family, who they could try to develop.

Although the Chengguang family didn’t have a high status, and the master of the family was just a small baron, he was very rich. Nuolun had already been in charge of the sales of white candy in Westwind town and Bright Road. He was a famous and wealthy businessman, and he also attached great importance to his nephew.

It was definitely a good choice to marry Kante!

Therefore, a group of ordinary looking girls ran towards Kante and said, “Kante, you are so handsome!”

He was a careless man. He waved to the girls and said, “thank you for your praise.”

George, who was standing next to him, saw that going out to fight bravely also had this advantage. As long as there were girls who liked it, he would also go out to fight bravely. He jumped out of the room and said, “my classmates, look at my performance now.”

He raised his right hand and muttered a chant.

A ferocious wolf knight heard George’s chanting. The knight was very afraid of magic. As soon as he heard a magician chanting, he immediately placed his attention on him. He turned around and saw a thin young man who looked very weak and was chanting.

George was really a loser. Being stared at by the wolf knight, he almost pissed. His legs kept shaking like sifting chaff. He started over awkwardly.

With a disdainful look on his face, the wolf knight threw a spear at George from afar.

When ordinary people saw the spear flying over, their first reaction would be to dodge, but George’s legs had already been scared soft, so he could not even dodge. He could only stand still and watch the spear flying towards him. He thought, [I’m done. I’m going to die.]

Before he would die, he screamed, “ah!”

The moment George opened his mouth and screamed, Robb pointed at George from the sky. George’s father didn’t want to train him as much as Nuolun did, so Robb wouldn’t stand by. A “stone skin” happened to catch up.

Bang! The spear was stuck into George’s mouth.

However, it couldn’t go through his throat, but was stopped by George’s tongue.

With a confused look on his face, George took out the spear from his mouth and asked, “eh?”

Robb pointed at him again, and a super BUFF was thrown to him. “Congratulations from the shining company!”

The effect of this BUFF was to make the target temporarily obtain level 100 archery and spear skills.

George suddenly felt a strange feeling rising from the bottom of his heart, as if the spear in his hand was a friend of his, a part of his body, his soul and pursuit, and the power of the God of War was guiding him.

He roared and waved his right hand forward, throwing out the spear.

The spear seemed to have turned into a streak of lightning and swept across the distant space. It hit the wolf knight’s throat just now. The wolf knight didn’t even scream and turned over and fell down from the back of the wolf.

George was overjoyed. He turned around and laughed at the girls. “Hahaha, aren’t I awesome?”

The girls didn’t even look at him. They all looked at Robb in the sky and said, “Godfather is so awesome.”

George, “why?”

He knelt down on the ground with a thud, and bent forward with disappointment.

At this time, the battle was in a one-sided state. Since there was only danger in Westwind Town, Robb threw more BUFFs down from the sky, which made more and more townsmen become supermen. It was not surprising that the strength in the battlefield was increasing.

Moreover, it was not a big deal for ordinary townsmen to become supermen. After all, they had not received any professional training, and their fighting ability was not strong. Even if they had a strong body, their consciousness could not keep up with them.

However, once the five hundred professional soldiers led by Elsie got Robb’s BUFF, it would be great.

They were wearing steel armors, which meant that they were invulnerable to swords and spears. If they were buffed, how could they not win?

The armored foot soldiers ran faster than the wolf knights. They chased after the wolf knights and chopped at them fiercely. The wolf knights couldn’t kill anyone, so they had to give up the battle and retreated out of the town.

On the other side of the river, the sensitive cat folk got powers and became a perfect combination of strength and speed. The murlocs didn’t even have the ability to touch a cat’s fur, so they could only be beaten one-sidedly. Every second, a murloc was knocked to the ground.

The murlocs soon found that they were no match for the cats. They had no choice but to give up the surprise attack. They jumped back to the river and ran away close to the bottom of the river, leaving only corpses lying on the ground by the river.

The victorious cats lifted the bodies, intending to take them back for a big meal. Robb was so anxious that he shouted in the sky, “stop! You shameless cats! Don’t eat such dirty things, or you will be driven out of Westwind town.”

The cats raised their heads in disappointment and said to the sky, “it’s a waste to throw it away.”

“It’s not a waste at all.” Robb said, “I’ll just buy you some sea fish later.”

“Oh, are there fish to eat?” the cats quickly threw the Murloc’s corpse away.

Robb had sharp eyes. He found that the Huahua was quietly carrying a large piece of fish, trying to hide it.

He said in a trembling voice, “Huahua, I saw itthat

“What?” Huahua quickly threw the fish into the river and said, “no, No. I didn’t hide anything.”

Robb squinted and said, “and I have seen the big fish head hidden behind you.”

Huahua was speechless

All of a sudden, she pointed at the back of Robb and said, “Godfather, the harpies are going to run away.”

When Robb turned around to look, she pushed the fish head into the river as well. Then she turned around and said innocently, “I didn’t hide a fish head nya.”


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