After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 477

Chapter 477: How much should I charge?

Robb had no way to deal with the sneaky kitty. He had to shrug and say, “well, it doesn’t matter whether the fish head is hidden or not. In a word, you are not allowed to eat such a dirty corpse. You can grab five fish in my fish pond to eat by yourself.”

Overjoyed, Huahua turned over and said, “happy nya!”

She ran to Robb’s fish pond in a flash. As for the fighting, she didn’t care.

Robb turned his head and looked at the group of harpies twisting in the sky and flapping their wings continuously. This kind of evil and filthy creature gave off a strong, disgusting and cold breath in the sky, which made people feel sick.

Robb didn’t intend to show mercy to this kind of monster. He said to the townsmen below, “I just watched a football match. When I saw the excellent kicking posture of the players, I couldn’t help but want to kick something too. There just happened to be a harpy ball here, so I to play myself.”

The townsmen applauded, “Godfather! Godfather!”

Robb bowed to the ground, turned around and lifted his right leg backwards

He was floating in the air, so when he lifted his feet, he didn’t need to support his feet to step on the ground or anything else. This lift made him float horizontally, and then he suddenly swung his legs forward. Then, he kicked the ball.

At this time, of course, it was accompanied by the exaggerated killing skill, “Fierce Shot!”

With a loud bang, Robb kicked the harpy ball with his foot, and a terrible force hit the ball. All the harpies felt an irresistible and horrible force

The huge ball was kicked away in a flash, flew across the sky and several miles away, falling far to the other side of the mountain.

Robb knew that none of the harpies could survive this kick, because he had used the fatal skill, “Meteor Kick”. Not to mention the low-level trash like the harpies, even elite BOSSES of about level 90 in the game would be killed in a second by this kick.

They had to kill the monsters that ate people, which was a principle and could not be compromised. Otherwise, they would take away countless innocent human lives in the blink of an eye.

The townsmen clapped their hands and exclaimed, “Godfather is so powerful!”

“I can’t believe that he kicked the harpies several miles away.”

“If Godfather comes to a football match…”

Hearing this, the members of the private football team of the nobles all changed their faces. If Godfather became an enemy, could they even hit the football?

The local team members of Westwind Town, who had just lost the game, were overjoyed. “If Godfather joins the football team, he will undoubtedly join the local team of Westwind Town. He can be our front. No, no, no, no, Godfather can play anywhere. He can beat eleven people on his own.”


Robb said, “don’t worry about it. It’s so tiring to play football. I only like to watch the competition on my stone stool at home. I won’t take the initiative to participate in it.”

After saying that, he looked around and found that the remaining murlocs had escaped through the river, and the remaining wolf knights had also hidden back in the mountain forest. There was no other enemy within the range of his naked eyes, so he didn’t want to float in the sky any more. Although he could fly around the mountain forest to find if there were any monsters lurking, it was troublesome to do such a thing and he didn’t want to do it.

He flew back to the chapel and stood by the stone table.

At this time, Xuelu sat on his beloved stone stool, snatched his seat, and explained the situation to the crystal ball word by word, but the queen on the other side all pretended not to hear it and ignored Xuelu.

Xuelu didn’t care about it at all. She just wanted to explain it to the ministers.

Robb landed on the table and said, “Xuelu, it’s time for me to take the seat.”

Xuelu said to the crystal ball, “well, now that Robb is back. I have to leave for the time being.”

She moved away from the crystal ball and returned it to Robb.

The Queen’s stinky expression immediately changed back to her usual dignified and ordinary expression, but the officials were different. Just now, the anchorwoman was so beautiful, but now she was replaced by Robb. Although he was handsome, men did not like handsome men.

The ministers, “humph!”

Robb also said to them, “humph!”

The queen looked at the crystal ball for a few seconds before she sighed, “was there anyone injured in the battle just now? I can only see the battle through the livestream, and can’t see the overall situation.”

Robb said, “so you are still worried about the townsmen of Westwind town.”

The queen said, “nonsense! Westwind town is also the territory of our kingdom. The people in it are all my people.”

Robb shrugged and said, “don’t worry. No one is injured. Don’t look at me frivolously. In fact, I grew up reading martial arts novels and have a very good spirit of swordsmanship. As long as I’m not too tired, I’m a hero for the kingdom and the people. Of course, don’t ask me for help if I’m too tired. Ahem! Anyway, I have a good view of life. I can’t bear to see a vicious monster hurt a kind human.”

The queen said crossly, “even if you have to suffer, you have to work for the kingdom and the people. That’s a real hero. You are so crooked that you can’t even do that.”

Robb shrugged and said, “Well!”

Robb didn’t know what to say. He looked around and said, “my queen, I’ve previously charged you a gold coin for a football match, but I haven’t charged you for the following battles. Shouldn’t you give me some money?”

The queen snorted and said, “you have to make a deal with this kind of business before you do it. You can’t force others to pay for it again. Do you think I will pay for it now?”

“All right, all right. That’s what you said.” Robb changed his serious face and said, “let’s talk about business now. The battle just happened was obviously the start. It was just a few leading forces sent out by the monsters to test the strength of Westwind town. The show has not come yet.”

Speaking of this, Robb stopped talking and smirked, “excuse me, how much do you want to pay for the livestream of the main play? Let’s make a deal first. If you pay less, I won’t livestream. Look at the beautiful anchorwoman with red hair. She is so beautiful that she will charge at least 80 gold coins for a single shooting.”

The Queen, “who cares…”

Before she could finish her sentence, the ministers behind her said together, “please continue. We’ll pay the bill.”

The queen was rendered speechless.


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