After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 478

Chapter 478: That’s hiding, isn’t it?

After extorting a large amount of money from the queen, the livestream was finally over. Robb turned off the crystal ball.

The townsmen of Westwind town also cooled down from the temporary excitement.

For these townsmen, they had watched a good show. First, they watched a wonderful football match, and then watched a wonderful battle of monsters. The three armies of the sea, the land, the air all came out. It was exciting. There would be no lack of talking nonsense in the tavern tonight.

At this time, Robb suddenly shouted with a spell, “Number 32, don’t hide. Come out and work.”

A skinny guy emerged from a small room. He was the new governor of Westwind Town, Number 32. He came out of a small room with a group of administrative personnel and walked to Robb. “We weren’t hiding just now. We just hid ourselves in order to reduce the trouble of the soldiers at the front line, in case they would be distracted to protect us. We did it consciously.”

“Isn’t that hiding?”

Robb sighed, “weren’t you very strong in the past? You had an army and fought against the white lion knights and even shouted at me arrogantly. Now why are you hiding in a small hole as soon as you saw the monsters?”

Number 32 answered confidently, “back then, I came back to the kingdom for the queen. I didn’t have enough people. Even though I’m a civil official, I have to bravely go to the battlefield. But now the situation is different. As a civil official, I have to do my job well.”

“Humph!” Robb didn’t even bother to vomit. After number 32 died once, he was afraid of death. Forget it. I’ll save your face. He ordered, “the tax you collected a few days ago should be transferred out. Ask craftsmen to repair the broken walls. Right, you need to hire a group of temporary staff to clean the corpses of the wolf knights.”

“Ah? Shouldn’t these things be organized by the townsmen themselves? Or the affairs of the nobility and gentry.” Number 32 said, “it has been the same since ancient times.”

“I don’t think so.” Robb said, “it’s our kingdom’s obligation to do this in Westwind Town, and we should be financially allocated. Otherwise, why do you collect taxes? Just to take a piece of meat from the common people?”

With an aggrieved look on his face, number 32 said, “we have done enough recently. It’s not easy to collect the tax. Here is the auxiliary road, there is a bridge. There are two bridges on the canal, and there is a third one being made. All the roads in the town need us to flatten them, and the tax collected disappears instantly.”

Robb said, “this is just the beginning. There are still a lot of things to spend later.”

Number 32: “…”

He wanted to protest, but he thought that the queen didn’t send him to fight against Robb, but to learn the advanced concepts of Westwind Town. He didn’t expect to return the tax to the national treasury, so he had to listen to the Queen’s order and sent his administrative personnel to arrange personnel. The people Westwind Town were very expensive. It took him a lot of money to hire a group of craftsmen to repair the wall.

Then he hired a lot of cleaning workers to clean up the corpses left after the battle. Of course, they were all corpses of some monsters. None of the local residents of Westwind town was dead or even injured. No, it couldn’t be said that no one was hurt. George’s heart was hurt. He summoned up the courage to jump out of the battle, but it turned out that he was not praised by the girls.

In the past, after the urban warfare, the townsmen had to spontaneously organize to clean the battlefield, but now they had no such trouble. They could happily sit in the tavern, drink fruit wine and coca-cola. The cleaning of the battlefield was handed over to a group of people hired by number 32.

The hooligans were treated as cheap labor, but they were very happy. If they had a job, they would earn money. To them, the world was very beautiful. They didn’t think about cheap labor, because they were even cheaper in their hometown. They felt that they were worth it when they came to Westwind town.

Robb sat lazily on his stone stool and couldn’t help laughing. “Sure enough, only if I have an executive team can I be more lazy. I’ll leave all the messy chores to the serious ministers, so that I won’t be bothered by these trifles.”

Commander Elsie leaned over and said with a smile, “that’s because you are Godfather. If it were someone else, he would have wanted to take control of the military and political power. Only you dare to delegate power like this.”

Robb said, “don’t flatter me here. You will immediately come over as soon as the battle is over. You must have something to say and what benefits do you want to get?”

Elsie didn’t even blush after being exposed. He knew very well that when talking to Godfather, one should pay attention to efficiency. If there was something to say, he should say it. So he cleared his throat and said, “here is the thing. You saw it from the sky today. Although my big tank is very useful, the wolf knights of the enemy bypassed me directly. I ran not as fast as them, and I couldn’t shoot in the town. What should I do? Godfather, do you have any more powerful weapons that can be used on the steam tank?”

“How about bows and arrows? You climb out of the top cover of the tank, open the bow and shoot. You will be very handsome as a child.”

Elsie was speechless

What a handsome guy!

Elsie hurriedly said, “bows and arrows are ugly. It doesn’t seem appropriate to install them on my first steam tank. The style is not suitable.”

“Hey, who is saying that bows and arrows are ugly? I don’t like it.” a voice protested.

Elsie turned around and found it was the elder elf. The more than 900 year old man, accompanied by two elf archers, came to the chapel with a stick and sat opposite Robb. They rolled their eyes at Elsie.

However, the elf tribe was not the kind of people who would fight with others at first sight. They just complained about Elsie and glared at him.

It was late at night. Number 32 was still busy cleaning up the mess with a group of people.

Robb said to the old man in front of him, “Sir, why aren’t you taking care of your elves? Why did you come here?”

The elder said, “our elf race are not injured at all, and the administrative personnel are dealing with the aftermath. Why should I take care of them? Of course, I don’t have to go.”

Speaking of this, he paused and sighed, “after watching this battle, I know why the people of Westwind town trust you so much that you can protect them. In the face of the powerful monster group, their confidence did not waver at all, because you are really too powerful.”


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