After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 479

Chapter 479: Dwarves

Robb smiled and said, “I’m flattered!”

After saying that, he suddenly changed the topic, “so, can you really rest assured to stay in Westwind Town now?”

This question made the elder elf’s face a little red. It turned out that after their tribe came to Westwind Town, they had been thinking that if the army of the monsters came, they couldn’t resist and would run away. They didn’t feel like taking Westwind town as their new home.

Because they really couldn’t believe that they could resist fifty thousand monsters here. Until they saw today’s battle wherein they saw Robb floating in the sky like a God. With a casual flick, he could lend his strength to a citizen and putting monsters into a ball.

This kind of power shocked the elder elf deeply, and made him completely dispel his misgivings.

The elder elf said seriously “Mr. Great Druid, our elf clan really wants to live a good life here now. After I go back, I will ask everyone to dig more moon wells and deeply root our power here. If you need anything, please let us know. Although we are not very outstanding in other abilities, we are very confident in the literary industry. We will be very willing to help you write poems and other things.”

Robb, “Hey, I don’t want any literary talent. What I need most now is craftsmen. Do you know what I urgently need is the best craftsmen?”

The elder elf said, “I see. The great Druid wants the best craftsmen to make a lot of precise machines, right? A few days ago, I heard from the commander, Elsie, that you wanted to make a batch of steam tanks and send it to his subordinates, but there was not enough craftsmen, so you couldn’t start the mass production. Only the commander, Elsie, obtained a steam tank. You felt very regretful. He said that if there were hundreds of steam tanks, there would be nothing in the world that he’d be afraid of. “

Robb said, “well, judging from your tone, do you have any idea?”

The elf elder nodded and said, “yes, I’m more than 900 years old. I know everything about Fengmo Continent. I can find the best craftsmen for you! The best craftsmen are not just one or two, but a large group.”

Robb was overjoyed. He liked to hear that. “Oh, the best craftsmen? There are a large group of them?”

The elf elder took out an ancient map and pointed at it. “Here… In the mountains west of the Fengjing cave. There is a famous tribe of dwarves living in this mountain. There are nearly two thousand people. Both men and women, old and young, and are all craftsmen, and each of them is more outstanding than the other. It is said that there is even at the master level.”

Robb rubbed his hands and said, “then how to deceive them… Ahem… How to invite them here?”

The elf elder said, “it’s not difficult to invite them here.”

Robb asked said, “it’s not difficult? As far as I know, the elves and the dwarves are not easy to deal with. You hate that the dwarves are not fond of clean living habits, and they think elves are too arrogant and don’t like to be with them.”

The elf elder nodded and said, “yes, the relationship between the elves and the dwarves race has always been bad, so we quarrel with each other whenever we meet. However, this does not hinder us from being a member of the kind and righteous camp. We go our separate ways most of the time, but when the monsters ravage the ground and destroy the peace of the world, we are allies.”

Speaking of this, he pointed to Elsie beside him and said, “and humans will also join the alliance.”

Elsie’s eyes lit up. “Haha, I understand now how we can trick the dwarves into coming – the Silver Moon alliance.”

“What the hell is the Silver Moon alliance?” Robb asked

Elsie, “the Silver Moon alliance is an ancient oath. Hundreds of years ago, it was made by the three kings of the humans, dwarves, and the elves. They swore that when monsters rampaged the ground and threatened the safety of the world, the three races should let go of the past and work together to fight against the monsters. These are the duties and responsibilities that the kings of the three races must abide by.”

He grinned mischievously and said, “all we need to do now is to write a letter to the dwarves, saying that the monster army is coming to kill us. It’s time to let the kind and honest people stand under the radiance again, raise the banner of the Silver Moon alliance and wipe out all the evil. In this way, we can deceive the army of the dwarves.”

Hearing that, Robb couldn’t help laughing. “Haha, I see.” he pointed at the elf elder and said, “but you still feel that it’s not safe to live in Westwind Town, but you also think that we can fight here, so you want to find some allies to help me, not to help me get craftsmen.”

The elf elder’s face turned a little red, but this time he said confidently, “in the face of a powerful enemy, what’s wrong with getting more people? Although our starting point is different, the result is the same, that’s enough.”

Robb laughed and said, “that’s right. Although the starting point is different, we still have to deceive the dwarves. Then let’s join hands to deceive them. You just said that the Silver Moon alliance is going to start!”

The elf elder chuckled and said, “please let me write for you. Haha, my literary cultivation can finally come into play.”

Robb, “you are right. I am speechless. Well, I admit that your literature is very useful. Is that all right?”

The elf elder was overjoyed. “Mr. Robb, I knew you would admit it sooner or later! Hahaha! I don’t have any other ability. I’m really confident in literature. No one else can compare with me! Hahaha!”

Robb was speechless.

Elsie was speechless.

The old man was so old, and the complacent smile on his face really made Robb feel worried. What if he laughed too loud

Although Robb knew how to cure and remove diseases, the old man would really die in an instant if he got ill at his age.

Fortunately, Robb’s worries were unnecessary. Although the old man was more than 900 years old, he was still very strong and could use magic. He could write poems, write letters, and boast about his literary cultivation. A letter was written in a voice mixed with emotions. After writing it, he covered it with a unique fire seal of the elf clan, and then handed it to an elf archer beside him. “Take this letter and go to the mountain west of Fengjing cave to give it to the head of the dwarves.”

The elf archer nodded, bowed, and turned to leave.

Robb smiled and said, “slow down. It’s dangerous to just walk like this. Come on, let me rub out better leather armor for you in case of any emergency on the road. In addition, there is a strategic transmission scroll here. You can take it to look for the dwarves. When you find them, you can open the portal and let them come over.”


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