After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 480

Chapter 480: The rich second-generation nobles are coming back

Several days passed in a twinkling of an eye.

The big hole on the wall of the town, which was smashed by the huge stone, had been repaired. The corpses of the orcs, murlocs, giant wolves, and harpies were all burned to ashes and buried. Westwind town returned to its usual calm appearance.

However, the noble young masters and ladies in the town could no longer stay in Westwind town.

The war on Bright Road had temporarily ended, and the Queen’s army had begun to counterattack against East Gran, so Bright Road had now become a safer city. On the contrary, Westwind town had become a little “unsafe” in the face of the attack of monsters that can come at any time.

The noble young masters and the ladies soon received the notice from their elders. They immediately returned to Bright Road and began to go to school again.

As soon as the news came, the young masters and ladies immediately complained, but these young masters and ladies were just flowers in a greenhouse, how could they bear the orders of their elders? Although they wanted to stay in the interesting place, they had no choice but to roll up their quilts and go home.

At the entrance of the town, a large group of people left in a crowd, and the carriages of the young nobles were in a heavy traffic jam.

Robb didn’t go to see them off, but he had to turn into Robb Smith to say goodbye to these second-generation nobles. After all, they were classmates.

Standing at the entrance of the town in the southeast, Robb’s arm was hung by a group of “classmates”. “Robb, aren’t you going back with us?”

Robb said, “I won’t go to the magic school anymore. After all, Number 32 has come to Westwind town to be the governor, so I’d better learn how to make magic tools here. At the same time, I can learn wind magic from Godfather, so there’s no need to run on both sides. Moreover, I have to often manage Stone Canyon. Here, I can take the big train straight to Stone Canyon, which is more convenient for management.”

Speaking of this, he pretended to be very nervous. “To tell you the truth, every time I pass through the transmission portal and enter the palace, I feel very nervous. After all, it is the Queen’s territory.”

The noble young masters had no choice but to wave goodbye to Robb. “In that case, Robb, we will see each after a long time. Maybe when you become a big shot and come to Bright Road again… Or we can go to Westwind town or Stone Canyon to travel before we can see you again.”

Speaking of this, the young men sighed. They really liked Robb very much.

The girls sighed even more. They hadn’t had a chance to develop a relationship with Robb and hadn’t been able to marry into the Smith family yet. Now they were going to separate. Once they separated, they didn’t know if they had a chance to see each other again. Alas, youth, why was it so hurtful.

Sitting in the carriage, the daughter of the lord chamberlain looked at Robb with a tearful look, as pathetic it was. Unfortunately, Robb did not comfort her, so she had to continue to look at Robb from afar, which made his hair rise.

Robb was about to avoid her gaze, but the daughter of the lord chamberlain suddenly jumped up and pointed at Robb, “you… Why are you standing at the place where you send people away?”

Robb turned around and found that Marian had come to him and stood side by his side. She waved at her classmates who were about to leave, as if she was saying goodbye to them.

The daughter of the lord chamberlain shouted, “Marian, why aren’t you coming back with us?”

With a smile on her face, Marian said, “my father said that it’s useless to learn magic tools when we go back, so I’d rather stay in Westwind town and learn math from Godfather. Recently, I’ve learned how to use the abacus, recite the multiplication table and other formulas from him. My father is very satisfied. I won’t go back here.”

Everyone was speechless

The daughter of the lord chamberlain asked in surprise, “isn’t your father worried that the army of the monsters will attack Westwind town? How dare he keep you here?”

Marian smiled and said, “my father said that wealth comes with danger, and dangerous places are also full of opportunities.”

The daughter of the lord chamberlain had nothing to say. She sighed, “it’s so good to have a wise father.”

Listening to their conversation, Robb couldn’t help but think, [in this group of young nobles, only two people, Marian and Kante, are able to become talented. Their two fathers are willing to give up training their children, instead of spoiling them. Spoiled children can’t produce outstanding talents, and only losers will be born.]

He waved his hand to send away the noble young masters and ladies, only to find that their football teams remained.

It turned out that Bright Road hadn’t even built a stadium, nor had it trained the audience for a football match. Without the atmosphere of the competition, these football teams might as well stay in Westwind town and play competitions every week, which could improve their family’s reputation.

Robb turned to Marian and asked, “did you persuade them to stay?”

Marian smiled and said, “of course, now that the main team of the competition is the private teams of the nobles. If they all leave, the competition in Westwind town will not be able to continue. I have persuaded all the young masters and young ladies to keep their teams and continue to competing. Anyway, after they return to Bright Road, they can still watch the competition through the crystal panels sold to them by Godfather.”

Robb gave her a thumbs up and said, “you’re awesome!”

Marian said, “Godfather taught me a lot. He taught me a lot of good things. He is really a powerful man. I admire him very much.”

Robb was speechless

Marian suddenly thought of something and whispered, “Robb, are you angry and jealous?”

“Jealous?” Robb said and then asked, “why?”

Marian said, “I just said what if, what if you actually like me secretly?”

Women from West Gran were straightforward. If it were someone from East Gran, she wouldn’t be able to speak it out. But Marian had no pressure at all.

Robb said, “I don’t like you.”

“So, do you like Madeleine or the daughter of the lord chamberlain?”

Robb thought about it carefully and said with a smile, “I think Madeleine is quite cute.”

Marian laughed. “You shouldn’t have said that in front of me. You should have told her directly so that she would faint with joy.”

“Spare me. How can I say something so shameful?”



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