After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 481

Chapter 481: Slow down!

After saying goodbye to her classmates, Marian went back to her rental house to have a rest.

Robb slowly went back to his chapel, removed his makeup, returned as Godfather, and lazily sat on his stone stool.

Robb didn’t know why, but farewells always happened in the morning. So it was still early after the farewell. The sun in September was so hot that it was sprinkling great heat. However, he was not sure what kind of planet Fengmo Continent was on, maybe not earth, and he didn’t know if the outside system was still called the Solar System.

While he was thinking about something, he suddenly saw two young men running towards him. These two young men were only about thirteen years old and wore noble clothes. Obviously, they were the two nobles of the magic school.

Robb recognized them at first sight. These two were two young geniuses of the alchemy class. Not long ago, Robb specially gave them some advice and asked them to study something called “cement”. The two young men were very interested in it. As a result, their parents even went to the queen to complain about Robb.

“Eh? You didn’t go back with other young nobles?” Robb asked curiously.

The two young men ran to Robb and said at an extremely fast speed, “we slipped out of the convoy and didn’t want to go back.”

“Aren’t you afraid of being beaten by your parents?”

“We can’t go back at this time even if we have are beaten afterwards,” the two young men said. “We still need to finish our research on cement. Give us three more days, no, two more days. How can we waste all our previous efforts at this time? Godfather, can you hide us for a while? When the guards find out that we have escaped, they will certainly try to take us back immediately.”

Robb was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. Well, should he help or not? It was a taboo to interfere in the growth and education of other people’s children. But if he didn’t help, it seemed that he would see the two promising young men’s ruin.

After thinking about it for a while, Robb decided to help!

At this time, he didn’t need to reason with others and say that he couldn’t interfere with other people’s children’s education without authorization. He could deal with it with his own tyranny, willfulness and power. He waved and pointed at the chapel. “Hide in the hall of the chapel for a while.”

The two young men were overjoyed. “We’re not afraid if we are shielded by Godfather.”

Robb said crossly, “I’m not shielding you. I’m a bad person. Now I’m going to turn you on the path of bad children. Do you understand?”

The two young men smiled and said, “then we’ll become bad with Godfather. We also want to be a person like Godfather.” after saying that, the two quickly slipped into the chapel and hid under the window, only showing their eyes to see the situation in the yard outside.

Robb turned on his detection skill and looked into the distance. Sure enough, the two royal guards were together. A large group of guards were searching on the streets like looking for a needle in a haystack. They all went in and looked around.

However, they also knew that the people in Westwind town were all the treasures of Godfather, and they were not like the ordinary people in other towns who could be bullied casually. Therefore, they did not dare to break into the houses to look for people, but to look in public places.

Robb was not in a hurry. He waited with a smile. After a while, the group of people finally came to the front of the chapel.

The group of people looked at Robb with awe, but they still decided to go in and look for them. After all, the chapel was also a public place, and anyone could enter it. Ishir is very welcome to people from any race or belief, so they plucked up the courage to go inside.

After taking only two steps, Robb said, “wait!”

The guard seemed to have been made still by a spell. At the same time, they stiffened and dared not take another step forward. After all, Robb was too terrifying. He could defeat an army of monsters on his own. The guards had seen his power with their own eyes and were full of awe for him. It was already brave for them to go to his territory to find someone, and it would be strange if they weren’t frightened at this time.

Robb put on a mild expression and said, “well, don’t be nervous! Don’t be afraid. You’re just looking for someone in my house. I’m not so cruel as to beat people in such a place without a word.”

Hearing this, the guards felt much more relieved. They had to admit that Godfather was the most amiable big shot they had ever seen. He was not like other nobles who liked to put on airs and bully small characters.

Robb asked, “are you looking for the young masters of your two families?”

The guards nodded and said, “The young masters are naughty. They ran out of the carriages. I don’t know where they have gone.”

Robb said, “your young masters are in my chapel.”

The guards were rendered speechless

The two young men who were eavesdropping inside were shocked. [Oh, no! Is Godfather going to hand us over?]

However, Robb immediately said, “but I can’t let you take them back.”

All of a sudden, the guards’ faces turned into bitter looks, and their faces were almost wrinkled together. “Godfather, we have to get them back, or we will be severely punished.”

Robb shrugged and said, “well, I know it’s the most difficult thing for people like you in the middle. You can’t offend the elders, young masters or me. Don’t you want to quit?”

The guards were embarrassed. What a sweet word. They really wanted to quit.

Robb said, “I have a good plan. I can prevent you from being scolded by the elders, not offend me, and not be bullied by the young masters. Do you want to have a try?”

The guards, asked, “is there any other way to achieve both ends?”

Robb said, “Yes! I have! I will open the crystal ball and kill you in front of the queen. In this way, you will get the evaluation of ‘these people are really loyal to me’ from your elders. Then I will turn off the crystal ball and bring you back to life. I will let you stay in the town to play with the young masters. In this way, it will make the young masters more fond of you as well. After the matter is over, you can protect the young masters and return…”

Before he finished his words, the guards complained together, “Even if we can be resurrected, don’t kill us. It hurts! Just tell the elders that we are under your control, isn’t that fine?”

“Oh? Right!” Robb clapped his hands and said, “you are so smart.”

What a fool! The guards complained in their hearts, but after vomiting, they finally understood that Godfather had to leave the two young masters to research “cement”. Well, who dared to rob the person that Godfather wanted to keep? Even the queen dared not!

Just stay and play with the young masters for a while before going back. Anyway, it was better than being punished by the elders.


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