After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 482

Chapter 482: What’s so special about this stone?

A few days later, in the evening, after the sun set.

Forget it! Let’s get down to business.

Robb was talking to the queen on the phone. The queen took the initiative to call him, with only one purpose, “today, the carriages of the nobles have arrived at Bright Road.”

Robb said, “Oh, are they safe? That’s good. Don’t let anything happen to the future flowers of the motherland.”

The queen snorted and said, “but two of these flowers haven’t come back, and only two guards have come back. The parents of these two flowers are now behind me. Do you want to talk to them?”

Robb said, “of course I want to talk.”

Thus, the queen gave up the crystal ball. The screen flashed quickly, and then two middle-aged couples appeared in the crystal ball. Judging from their dressing, they were the kind of nobles with high status and played an important role in the kingdom of Gran.

The two men looked steady and calm, but their wives were different. As soon as the two women appeared in front of the crystal ball, they showed a pitiful face.

“Hey, calm down. Don’t cry,” said Robb

“Waah… Waah…” the two middle-aged women burst into tears. At the same time, they rushed to the front of the crystal ball and cried, “please let go of our child. Just tell us how much money you want. We will give you all our money. Don’t kill the hostages.”

Robb was speechless

The Queen’s voice echoed, “is it fun?”

Robb, “that’s a little unreasonable, isn’t it?”

The queen said, “you are the one who is unreasonable.”

The two women burst into tears in front of the crystal ball. “Let our child go. We will do anything you want.”

The scene was awkard

Robb had no choice but to say, “two aunts, you have misunderstood. I’m not a kidnapper. It’s your child who asked to stay and do research.”

The two women cried, “our children are so obedient. They have been obedient since childhood. How can they take the initiative to ask to stay in Westwind town?”

Robb was speechless

There was no place to reason!

Just as they were extremely embarrassed, a voice suddenly sounded in the distance, “Godfather, we made it. We made it. Look at what we have done.”

Two thirteen year old youths ran over quickly, followed by two guards, carrying a big stone with difficulty. Oh, no, it can’t be called a stone, it should be called “cement”. This cement was made into a square. The two guards carried it, one from the left, and the other on the right.

The two young men ran to Robb and said with a smile, “is Godfather on the phone?”

Robb was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. “Yes, I’m on the call with your mothers.”

“What?” the two young men were shocked. “Oh, no! Run!”

“It’s too late,” Robb said. “The crystal ball is a fish eye camera with a very wide angle of view. The moment you appeared, you had already been seen. Now you still want to run? Stand up and talk to your mothers.”

The two young men had no choice but to stand pitifully in front of the crystal ball.

The two middle-aged women stopped crying immediately and changed their faces in an instant. With a dignified look, they shouted at the two young men, “you two, how dare you not go home with the guards and play outside? Do you know how worried your parents are?”

The two boys were rendered speechless

The two women pounded the table and said, “Come back right now, or we’ll beat you to death.”

The two young men quickly hid behind Robb and became cowards.

So it turned out that Robb was facing two women.

The two women were stunned for a while, and their expressions changed from dignified to crying. “Godfather, please give our sons back to us. We can do anything you want.”

Robb was speechless

The Queen’s voice echoed, “is it fun?”

Robb, “what the hell are they? Why are all women so good at changing faces?”

The queen didn’t want to answer.

Robb had no choice but to ignore the queen and the two middle-aged women. He didn’t even look at the crystal ball. He turned to the two young men and said, “you just came here to say that you’ve finished researching cement?”

“Yes!” the two young men cheered up and said, “Godfather, please give us some advice about our cement. We have thoroughly studied it. We have used the limestone and volcanic ash and repeatedly mixed them. After testing, we finally made the cement. You see, this cement is the product of our experiments.”

The two women in the crystal ball cried, “are you really playing with mud? When the guards came back to report, we still didn’t believe that our lovely son played with mud in Westwind town. But now it’s true.”

Robb continued to ignore the crystal ball and took the cement from the hands of two guards.

The square cement was probably a few hundred pounds heavy. Just now, two guards moved here together and it was very difficult, but Robb gently lifted it up with one hand without any difficulty.

He picked up the cement in front of him, looked left and right, and gently knocked with his hand. There were two corners of his mouth slowly rippling. Happy, he was really happy! Another thing from his previous life is here. Every thing that only existed in this world could remind Robb of his own home, especially this cement, which reminded him of places made of reinforced concrete immediately

He squatted down in front of the crystal ball and said with a smile, “two aunts, congratulations. Your sons are promising now. They have done something extraordinary.”

The two women were stunned at the same time. “What’s the use of making a stone?”

Robb smiled and said, “I can’t explain it clearly to you two. Miss queen, it’s time for you to show up. Don’t always hide outside the camera and eat cakes.”

“Ah?” the Queen’s voice sounded with a hint of panic. “How do you know that I’m eating cake? Ahem… I didn’t eat anything.”

In a flash, the two women were driven away. The queen returned to the camera, with a little cream on the corner of her mouth. She quickly stretched out her tongue and swept around her lips. After the cream was gone, she put on a dignified look. “What’s special about this stone?”


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