After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Happy Farm

On the way home, Lillian frowned. Although as a servant, she shouldn’t be upset with her master, her situation as a servant with master was different from ordinary master-servant relationships. Robb was very kind to Lillian. After being together for more than a month, Lillian gradually became different from that of a normal servant.

She and Robb became closer, smiling, with occasional coquettish emotions, showing Robb expressions that ordinarily aren’t seen on the faces of ordinary servants. Sometimes she’s clingy, sometimes shy. In dwarf, she’s completely different from when she only said “Yes, master” when Robb just bought her.

Such is the case now. She’s frowned to show her master her dissatisfaction.

If she had a different master, she’d have broken her leg now, but instead of being angry, Robb thought it was cute and said, “Lillian, are you mad at master?”

“No!” Lillian said no, but her mouth was still frowning. After a few seconds, she added, “our family doesn’t have much money. Yet you still buy so much pepper, and we have to sell it to the merchant at a low price five days later. Lillian doesn’t understand what master is planning.”

Robb smiled and said, “I’m going to take these peppers back and plant them! Haven’t you already converted the field? I’m going to use it to grow pepper, so I bought some pepper from the merchant first. It’s the seed itself. If it’s planed and you pour water on it, a new pepper will grow. Then, we’ll have a large amount of pepper. If we sell it to the merchant, we’d make a fortune.”

Lillian said with tears and laughter, “Master, that is obviously what someone who has never planted would say. How can you reap a harvest in a mere five days? Not to mention, pepper isn’t suitable to grow in our place, especially in regards to temperature, humidity, climate, and season.”

Robb said, “When did Happy Farm ever say anything about climate, season, temperature, and humidity? All you have to do is water it. Besides, five days is too long. If you want players to have a great experience, then it’s common sense to plant and harvest in a day.

Lillian was bewildered, “What the heck?”

“Well in dwarf, just follow.”

The master and servant pair returned to the yard. Robb went to the field in the yard. It wasn’t that large, just the typical private farm field. When the mayor handed over the chapel to Robb, the land was dry and deserted. But since Lillian came, the land’s been turning well, saving it for growing some sweet potatoes, so it’s now flat, and soil soft with the weeds pulled out. It’s beautiful now.

Robb took out a handful of peppers he had just bought, picked one out of the many and planted it.

Lillian felt distressed seeing her master’s “wasteful” action. But she held back because she didn’t dare doubt her master. Oh, but she also stood up and said, “Master, let me sow the seeds. I’m good at growing crops.”

“No!” Robb shook his head solemnly, “I have to do it myself.”

“Huh? Why? How can a noble like you do this?”
Robb said, “because I can distort the laws of the world, only the seeds I plant sprout quickly. You can’t plant them”

Lillian didn’t understand the part “Distort the laws of the world” at all. But she knew her master’s a great person, and she was right to listen.”

She saw that her master sowed the pepper seeds in intervals, and in a blink of an eye, the handful of pepper he bought were all planted.

Then Robb looked back and smiled at Lillian and said, “go and get me a little kettle.”

Lillian wanted to say, “I’ll water it,” but when she saw that her usually lazy master decided to do it himself, she knew there was no room for negotiation. She drew a pot of water obediently, and Robb watered every pepper seed. Then he went back to his stone stool and sat down: “Oh, I’m so tired of growing crops.”

Lillian couldn’t help complaining, “Master, how are you already tired? You didn’t even fertilize it, so it’s strange that you think it’ll grow. Please don’t shout that you’re tired of farming after omitting such a vital step.”

“The steps I took were absolutely perfect. I didn’t omit anything at all. Anyway, we’ll see tomorrow.”

How could Lillian sleep that night? Thinking that her master had wasted the price of gold pepper, she couldn’t sleep. As soon as it was dawn, she jumped out of bed and ran into the yard.

There was a faint golden light in the morning light. Lillian stood at the door of the chapel and looked at the pepper field in the yard. She was startled. She asaw a large patch of pepper trees growing in the field, obviously close to maturity and taller than Lillian, with a lot of green peppers on it.

“Huh, huh, huh?” Lillian was surprised, “Master, get up, pepper, pepper, they grow overnight!”

Robb came out of his room in his pajamas, yawning, and said vaguely, “Shouldn’t this be taken advantage of?” Happy Farm to grow vegetables, 24 hours a harvest, why make such a fuss! There are still a few hours to go. These peppers are not yet ripe. You can keep an eye on the time. As soon as I planted them yesterday, I hastened to cut them all so that no one else would steal them.”

Lillian said, “Who dares steal from the church? Aren’t they afraid of getting damned? Oh no, I almost missed the point! The point is, why does the pepper grow this much after only a day?”

“I told you I can distort the laws of the world, “Robb smiled and continued, “Don’t worry about it, just get the bottles and cans ready. It’s almost time to collect the pepper. It may be a little difficult for you to harvest it by yourself. Take some money to hire a few townspeople to help with the harvest, cut it all, pull out the roots and throw them away, and relevel the field as quickly as possible. I have to plant a second round. In five days, we can plant five rounds of action quickly. Hey! “

Lillian was only stupefied for a moment, “Yes, master!”

After a while, the townspeople who Lillian paid to help with the harvest arrived, and when they saw such a beautiful patch of pepper growing on the chapel yard, their mouths widened agape and couldn’t close for a while. Afterward, the miracle of the church in Westwind town spread so quickly that everyone said that the God of Light threw miracles in the world and made the plants planted in the chapel blossom and bear fruit overnight. This is the love of God and the commendation Father Robb deserves for his pious sermons…

The townspeople then knelt outside the chapel and worshipped the private land.


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