After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Whoever wants, just get it

“Father, do you really want to remove all these pepper trees after harvesting them?” A townsman nearby who came to help clear the fields said sadly, “Pepper trees are perennial plants. They can only be harvested once. Pepper can be picked every year. These pepper trees have finally grown to such an extent that it’s a pity to remove them so early.”

“Yes.” Another townsman said, “As long as it’s kept alive, it will bear a lot of pepper the following year, which can sell for a lot of money.”

“A year is too long. Pepper trees that don’t grow pepper in a day are not good trees,” Robb said, “Take them out.”

Townspeople, “…”

There is no reason to talk to such an insane priest. A townsman bravely requested, “Father, can I make a request? Since you’re going to pull them out and throw them away anyways, you might as well give me some. I’ll move them back to my own field. Even if the temperature and humidity aren’t suitable, I should be able to get a harvest next year with pSuofar care.”

Another townsman also shouted, “I want some, too! I want some, too!”

Allt he townspeople who came to help also simultaneously shouted, “I want some pepper, too!”

Robb said with a smile, “Okay, whoever wants, just get it! But do it quickly, don’t stop me from sowing another batch of seeds.”

As soon as he said this, the entire field of pepper trees was dug up by the townspeople in the twinkling of an eye. They picked up the pepper from the tree, put it in a bag, and gave it to Lillian. Then they picked up the pepper tree and left fast. Instantly, they ran home and planted the pepper tree in the best place at home, ready to take good care of it and wait for tomorrow’s harvest.

Pepper is more precious than gold. As long as you have a tree that can produce pepper, it can easily make a town rich.

If it was the usual Lillian, she’d certainly be distressed that her grown crops are being taken by others, but now, she’s holding several large bags of freshly picked pepper. Her face is just so confused that she doesn’t even know what’s going on.

After the field was cleared out, the townspeople levelled it again, and then, as Robb looked at the time, he grabbed a handful of freshly picked peppers and sowed them into the field. He picked up a small kettle and watered each pepper. Then, he lazily sat on his favorite stone stool.

Lillian said in a trembling voice, “Master, you didn’t ask me to help you sow and water the pepper. Does this mean that this batch will be harvested in a day?”

“Wow, my Lillian is so smart. She already understands.” Robb clapped and said, “From now on, all crops I plant will only take a day to harvest.”

“Wow, master’s amazing. If you plant a batch every day, our family will make a fortune.”

“No way! I only move when the four basic needs: food, water, clothing, and shelter can’t be met. Usually, I’m too lazy to do it. Meeting my need for laziness with minimal action is my way of life.”

“Master, the nun said that what you’re doing is wrong. Sloth is one of the seven deadly sins. It’s not good for you to do so.”

“Don’t listen to that nun’s nonsense. I’ll tell you. She has already fallen 10% into laziness after staying in our house for a day. When she comes back from finding the necromancer and stays with us for a few more days, she will become even lazier than I am. You’ll see.”

In a blink of an eye, five days passed.

It’s the traveling merchant’s last day in Westwind Town. He has made a lot of money in Westwind Town over the past five days. This batch of cloth, salt, spices, peppers and other things have already been sold. Almost all of the savings that the residents of Westwind Town painstakingly saved have fallen into the pockets of the traveling merchant.

Having made his harvest, the dwarf couldn’t help but smile.

An armed servant leaned over from behind and whispered, “Master, we have an appointment to buy pepper from the priest today.”

“Oh, right!” The dwarf merchant laughed and said, “This is the last thing we’ll do in Westwind Town today. Let’s go and visit the priest. Although we don’t know what he’s planning, we shouldn’t offend a priest of the Church of Light; otherwise, he’ll move the entire world for us. Even if he can only cough up ten pitiful peppers, we must hold back and not laugh. We must maintain reverence, pretend to admire, and praise him with strength to save him face.”

The servant shrugged, smiling.

The dwarf merchant walked in front, armed servants walking behind to protect him through the town.

A servant suddenly pointed at a garden of a random town house and shouted, “Master, look… isn’t that a pepper tree? And it’s a mature one at that, taller than some people.”

“Huh?” The dwarf merchant rubbed his eyes and said, “It’s really a pepper tree. Hell, doesn’t this only grow healthily in the far east? Since when can you find such a good pepper tree in Westwind Town?”

“This is strange, master. You see… there are also some in other houses.” Cried the armed servant.

The dwarf looked at where the servant was pointing and sure enough, several pepper trees were planted in front of him, all of which were taller than a person. It was the kind of tree that can be harvested for a lot of pepper when it comes the time to harvest.

“Master, this house has one, too!”

“Oh, my God, here too!”

“This is impossible. There’s one in this family’s, too!”

“What the heck?” The dwarf almost jumped and said, “I came to this stupid Westwind Town every two months and I’ve never seen such pepper trees here before. But all of a sudden, there are pepper trees everywhere. What on earth happened?”

He knocked on the door of a townsman. As soon as the townsman came out, the dwarf impatiently asked, “Why are there so many pepper trees in your town all of a sudden?”

The townsman smiled and said, “The priest gave it to us. The God of Light gave us a miracle that the pepper planted in the chapel could be harvested in a day. After he harvested the pepper, he gave us the tree. Many farmers have moved a few of them home to plant them. Next year, Westwind Town will be full of pepper, and everyone will be rich.”

Dwarf Merchant, “…”

He began to feel something wrong. He hurriedly took his men and rushed to the chapel as soon as he could. There, he could see Robb sitting in a stone stool watching a group of townspeople help him harvest peppers. Every time they harvested the peppers from each tree, the townspeople would dig up the entire tree together with the soil. Then, they picked it up and ran back home.


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