After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 484

Chapter 484: Sewer system

When the first beam of sunshine in the morning shone into the room, Number 32 was still sleeping on his stomach on the desk of the governor’s house. His skinny face was pressed against the desk, and his saliva was flowing all over the table.

He worked overtime until midnight yesterday and then fell asleep on his desk.

All of a sudden, a hasty knock on the door awakened Number 32 from his dream. He jumped up from his desk and asked, “who? Who is it?” when he found that it was a knock on the door, he went over and opened the door.

The person standing at the door was the mayor of White Birch Town, who specialized in helping Robb with real estate. At the sight of him, Number 32 knew that something bad was going to happen.

The mayor of White Birch town said, “governor, Godfather asked me to call you over.”

Number 32 was immediately enraged. “I’m the governor, but he’s a civilian (who claims to be). Why doesn’t he come to see me if he has something to do? Why does he want me to see him?”

After saying that, Number 32 quickly tidied up his clothes and left the governor’s house.

Soon, he arrived at Robb’s chapel yard and stood by the stone table.

Robb was sitting, but Number 32 was standing, which made him feel very angry. He thought, [I’m a governor, why do I have to stand and speak to a sitting civilian? This was too unreasonable! I should have swung my bone spear at his front face and taught him what etiquette was.]

At this time, Robb coughed.

Number 32 hurriedly asked, “Godfather, what can I do for you?”

Robb smiled and said, “I called you here to build a large sewer system for the town.”

“What?” Number 32 was a little confused. “Sewer? Isn’t it just some ditches dug on the streets? Does it need to be large? And it needs to be made into a system?”

Robb said crossly, “what do you know? Don’t talk nonsense. Come and see my drawing.”

He took out a drawing and threw it in front of Number 32

In fact, Robb didn’t know much about the sewer system, but with his memory, he could draw the general appearance of the sewers he saw in movies. Then he handed this drawing to a professional craftsman, and they improved it naturally, so he drew it very casually.

Number 32 picked up the picture, looked left and right, but couldn’t understand it.

On the other hand, the mayor of White Birch Town, who had been engaged in real estate for a long time, knew what the painting was at a glance. He gave guidance to Number 32 for a few times before Number 32 finally understood. “Godfather, you mean that we should dig out all the underground, dig out this kind of underground tunnel, and then let dirty water and stinky water flow in this ditch…”

“That’s right,” Robb said with a smile. “There is water and mud on every street on rainy days. I have long wanted to complain. When the sewer is ready, water will enter the sewer, and the streets above won’t have water anymore. Moreover, in the future, we can set up pipes, wires and networks through the sewer. It’s no exaggeration to say that if we want to build a city, we should first build a sewer, which is a century old plan.”

“It sounds great, but…” Number 32 said awkwardly, “can our civil engineering technology support such a huge underground tunnel?”

“Why can’t it?” Robb turned around and took out a bag from behind, which was full of gray powder. He grabbed a large handful of gray powder and let them slide back to the bag through his fingers. “This is cement. With this thing, the problem of the construction is not a problem.”

He threw the bag to the head of White Birch Town and said, “take it. Follow the instructions and learn the use of cement. Try to make some cement. After you get familiar with the use of this thing, you can start to build a sewer. Number 32, the planning, and distribution of labor for the sewer, I’ll leave these things to you.”

Number 32 was furious. He thought to himself, [you are just a civilian. Why do you look so arrogant and give orders? Why do you treat me like a servant? Do you believe that I won’t shoot a bone spear at your face?]

At the thought of this, Robb raised his voice and asked, “what’s your answer?”

Number 32 immediately replied respectfully, “I see. I’ll do it well.”

He walked out of the chapel with the mayor of White Birch town. When he couldn’t see the chapel, he turned to the mayor of White Birhc town and said, “now I know why Godfather asked you to call me. It turns out that it’s for construction. Alas, I should have thought of it the moment I saw you, the chief of the construction.”

The mayor of White Birch Town chuckled and said, “my senior craftsmen have a high salary. Hand over the tax you collected from us.”

Number 32 looked up at the sky and sighed, “the tax will be paid in the left hand and out the right hand. Why did I come to Westwind town?”

“I know that,” the mayor of White Birch town said with a smile, “Godfather said that you came to Westwind town to serve the people.”

“Hmm? I’m a noble!” Number 32 roared, “I’m a noble! Only the stupid people serve me. How can I serve them? Believe it or not, I’ll kill all of them and refine them all into skeleton soldiers…”

Before he finished his words, a townsman passed by. Number 32 quickly put on a serious face and whistled as if he had nothing to say.

The mayor of White Birch Town couldn’t help laughing. [this guy has the guts to speak loudly. If Godfather hears him, we will see how you die.]

After the two separated, Number 32 returned to the governor’s house. He took out the special crystal ball the queen had given him, put it in front of him, and quickly dialed it.

“What’s the matter?” the Queen appeared at the crystal ball with an impatient face. She only had a good attitude towards Robb, and had no good attitude towards others.

Number 32 hurriedly said, “Your Majesty, didn’t you ask me to pay attention to how Godfather uses cement? Now he has finally made some noise. The first batch of cement he just made is going to be used on the sewer system.”

“The sewer system? What the hell?”

Number 32 quickly told him all the benefits of the sewer that Robb had mentioned.

The queen could understand part of the story, such as making the ground not wet, but she couldn’t understand what the network and wires were. She could only guess that it was what Robb wanted to do in the future. The sewer system he is planning now is a preparation for setting up more novel things in the town for the future.

The queen said seriously, “sure enough, he made cement and used it for people’s livelihood and construction at the first time. Many of his practices are worth learning and imitating. You should work hard to make this sewer, and then sum up the experience of building a sewer. We can rebuild it on a larger scale on Bright Road.”

Number 32 replied immediately, “yes, your highness!”


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