After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 485

Chapter 485: Elizabeth’s Cinema City

The construction team of Number 32 and the mayor of White Birch town began to move soon.

First of all, it was very difficult to make a plan. It was even more difficult for an inexperienced old man. Fortunately, the mayor of White Birch town had already built several residential areas. According to the construction plan of the residential area, he had generally known which places needed a sewer and which places were not needed.

However, the problem was that the sewer system had to be planned through some houses. If the houses had a cellar, it would be very troublesome.

Fortunately, Godfather had a divine position in Westwind town. No matter how Godfather wanted to do it, he would cooperate with the Godfather’s work.

With the support of the townsmen, it saved a lot of trouble for the planning work and could boldly design the position of the sewer.

Therefore, the first real “construction project” in Westwind town was started in this way. Big pits were dug everywhere in the town. Then the workers reinforced the pit while digging holes in the ground, making them look like a group of rats.

On the other side, the construction of the first cement factory, which was invested by a businessman, began. A group of alchemists held the formula sheet every day, mixing limestone and volcanic ash to make cement.

Seeing that these human beings were so unreliable and that the monsters are coming, yet they were still digging holes and mud everywhere in the town, the elder elf couldn’t help but laugh. Fortunately, he knew that the Great Druid was extremely powerful, and the dwarven reinforcements should be on the way now, so he wasn’t in a panic.

In Westwind Town, there was not only digging, but also a football match as usual. The crystal panel was made by Robb one by one and sold to the nobility at a high price on Bright Road.

The big crystal in the beginning had been used up after being cut into fifteen crystal panels. Fortunately, the big mining cave in Stone Canyon had been dug to a deeper place of the mineral vein. With the help of advanced mining and transportation tools, the mining efficiency of the crystal mine was countless times higher than before.

A few days later, another beautiful big crystal was found. Just as Robb said, this time the crystal was much smaller than last time. As a result, Robb could only use it to make a 55 inch crystal panel. These crystal panel were robbed by the nobility instantly, because they were worried that they would lose the 55 inch ones next time.

Whether or not they could dig out big crystals and cut out big panels depended on luck, so they had to grab them. If they couldn’t grab it, they would raise money. If they couldn’t even raise money, they would fight.

Some even used some connections to get it. An old expert of the wind knights, who was the former boss of Nuolun, came to visit him in person and asked him to speak for him and sell a crystal panel to him.

However, Nuolun had no choice but to ask Robb for help. He had thought that Robb would scold him severely and wouldn’t give him the back door. But he didn’t expect that Godfather was gave Nuolun a panel without saying anything, so that he would have more face in front of his old boss.

It was not until then that he realized that Godfather was very human.

Soon, there were crystal panels in nearly a hundred noble houses on Bright Road. The sizes ranged from 75 inches to 29 inches.

These people enjoyed watching football matches at home, together with their wives, children, relatives and friends. Before the beginning of each football match, the hall of these dozens of noble families would be full. They would drink tea, eat snacks, comment on the “Westwind Super Bowl”, and open a small gambling stand.

“Watching football” quickly became a fashion operation in the noble circle. If any noble said that he hadn’t watched the livestream of a football match, he would be ridiculed.

In such a big environment, the Royal Cinema came on stage!

Under the order of the Queen’s name, Elizabeth’s Cinema City started a ribbon cutting ceremony in the most prosperous section of Bright Road. No wonder she was the queen. She had more resources than other people. Other nobles couldn’t grab a big panel, but the Queen’s Cinema City had eight 120 inch screens. Robb specially found a big crystal for her to customize.

There were eight projection halls in the cinema city, each of which could accommodate 150 audience. Each of them would be charged 5 silver coins for a football match, which was so expensive that it could fly up to bite people. But even so, many nobles who didn’t get crystal panels and rich families would rush to the cinema to watch the livestream of the football match.

Only by watching this competition can they find something to talk about in the noble circle. Otherwise, how can they still socialize in the future?

To be honest, they were a little aggrieved to see a 120 inch screen in a hall of 150 people. It was not easy for the people sitting in the back row to see the screen clearly.

However, smart as they were, it wouldn’t be difficult to deal with this problem. At the worst, the person sitting in the back row could use detection. It was completely normal for them to watch the football livestream from a very long distance!

The queen had also used the function of her pendant, which was used to store the last words and pictures left by her parents, to make eight “image memory items” for the cinema. After the livestream was over, she would show the competition video that had been saved.

Of course, the rebroadcast tickets were not as expensive as the live ones. Each movie ticket was only 2 silver coins. People with poor family conditions would choose to see the rebroadcast tickets. Anyway, as long as they saw it, everything is be fine.

The queen relied on these eight projection halls to earn a lot of gold coins every day, which made her a little suspicious of her own life. In the past, she couldn’t figure out how to increase the income of the royal family, but she didn’t expect this strange thing to make so much money.

Of course, she didn’t know that some smart nobles had already started to move.

They found that crystal panels were a huge business opportunity. As long as they could dig out a large piece of crystal and send it to Godfather, they could spend a lot of money to ask Godfather to make the crystal boards. Then they could take these crystal boards back and sell them to other nobles, making a lot of money.

The nobles immediately sent their own slaves to the places where the crystal mines were abundant. They paid people to dig holes and swore to dig out large pieces of crystal.

As for the technique of mining big crystals, was it not easy? Doesn’t it just need the iron track of the mine? We can also improve efficiency!

What they did made people rush to the iron mines again.

All the related industries were revived in an instant.


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