After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 486

Chapter 486: Flower Crystal Town

In the morning, Robb got up and listened to the report of Commander Elsie.

According to the report, today’s Black Pine Mountain was also quiet and harmonious. The elf scouts had already monitored the forest that was dozens of miles away, but the monster army did not come. Perhaps it was because Robb’s last battle was too crazy that the monster had to seriously consider their tactics.

Since Westwind Town was safe for the time being, Robb decided to go out to have fun. “Lilian, are you ready?”

“I’m coming!” Lilian replied and ran out of the kitchen quickly with a small basket in her hand. There were several cakes, two bottles of drinks and some snacks in the basket.

She ran to Robb and smiled, “master, are you really going to Stone Canyon with me?”

“Of course!” said Robb.

“But… But don’t you just like to be lazy on your stone stool?”

“I won’t be lazy if I go out with you.”

Robb’s words made Xuelu jealous. “What? Why will you accompany Lilian when she goes out? I asked you to go out with me to visit the Devil King City, but you refused.”

Robb smiled without saying anything! No explanation!

At this time, at the train station near the chapel, the big train was already whistling. Many townsmen had lined up to buy the tickets and got on the train. They were all travelling to Stone Canyon, and there were several noble children in it.

Before leaving, Robb told Elsie to be on his guard when he was away. Once he found the sign of a monster, he would immediately open the transmission portal to Stone Canyon to look for him.

After everything was arranged, he took Lilian to the train to Stone Canyon.

After recent days’ improvement, the efficiency of the train’s engine was greatly increased. After the smart craftsmen joined, the precision of the transmission shaft was also improved, so that the power produced by the engine could be better transmitted to the wheels and be more efficient. Therefore, the speed of the train was slightly increased, from 50 miles per hour to 75 miles per hour. Now it only took two hours to go to Stone Canyon.

Robb and Lilian were chatting. Two hours passed quickly. Soon, the train stopped at the train station of Stone Canyon.

The people in the train got off one after another, and Robb and Lilian also got off with the crowd.

The train was not idle. As soon as they got off, the truck workers began to load goods. A large number of crystal ores were moved to the train, and the oil barrels stored in the train station by the desert kingdom merchants were also moved onto the train. Then the train moved back to Westwind town.

It had been a few days since Robb came to Stone Canyon since last time. This dilapidated town had become completely different from before.

Almost all the houses in Stone Canyon had been renovated, and they were neat and beautiful. Flowers were planted everywhere in the town. It was still summer, so the town was full of flowers, which were very beautiful.

Seeing the beautiful scenery of Stone Canyon, Lilian was surprised with her mouth wide open. “Ah! Why did the village become like this? There are so many flowers. It’s so beautiful.”

“Do you like it? I asked the people to do that.” Robb said with a smile. “Although I’m lazy on the stone stool in the yard every day, I’m still the leader of Stone Canyon. This is the territory assigned to me by Miss queen. How can I not make it beautiful? Of course, this is not the key point. The key point is that you said last time when you came back that you wanted to rebuild your hometown and make it a beautiful place. So of course I have to find a way.”

Tears welled up in Lilian ‘s eyes. Although she had settled down in Westwind town with Robb, she was deeply touched to see her hometown change into a new and beautiful one.

After a few seconds, she calmed down and whispered, “master, you are so kind to me.”

“It’s my pleasure to do so!”

Lilian asked curiously, “master, you have planted so many flowers in the town and built all the houses so beautifully. How much did it cost? Isn’t it better if you use this money to build a factory? Westwind town can get rich by building more factories.”

“Haha, Lilian, you don’t know, do you?” Robb explained with a smile, “building a factory in Westwind town can make the people of Westwind Town rich, but not here.”

“Why?” Lilian asked.

“Because of the population!” Robb said, “when I first arrived at Westwind Town, there were already two thousand people there. Later, after several wars, the population gradually reached ten thousand. Later, after the arrival of the nobility, the population had even reached ten thousand, and it’s still rising rapidly. In such a place, it may be useful to build a factory, but… In Stone Canyon…”

Lilian immediately understood. The aboriginals of Stone Canyon had already moved to Westwind town. Now the people living in Stone Canyon all emigrated from Crystal Canyon. In addition, uncle Johnny and the other workers also came back to their hometown to dig in the crystal mine. Now the total population of Stone Canyon was no more than four hundred.

Most of the people in this small town with only four hundred people were working around the crystal mine. Only a small number of old and weak women were idle. It was useless to build a factory in such a place. Where could they find enough workers?

Robb said, “that’s why I want to build a beautiful village. I want to build beautiful houses and flowers all over the village, with the fragrance of birds and flowers everywhere. I should also give it a good name, called ‘Flower Crystal town’, and make it a tourist attraction.”

“A tourist attraction?” Lilian asked, “what’s that?”

“In a word, it’s a place to spend money on weekends. People with some extra money in their pockets will come here to spend money,” Robb said with a smile. “This town doesn’t have many people. Factories can’t be made, but making it a tourist attraction is feasible. I’ve already sent someone to train them. Go around with me, and you’ll understand soon.”

He took Lilian’s hand, but Lilian didn’t shrink away. She just let him hold her hand obediently. The two of them passed through the street covered with flowers, and on the way, they saw beautiful scenery at every glance, and there was no place that was not beautiful. The nobles who came along with them by train were already blinded. “Oh, this town is more beautiful than the Queen’s palace.”

Robb turned around and scolded with a smile, “Nonsense! The queen is already pitiful. Why are you comparing the palace?”

The nobles said awkwardly, “Godfather, we don’t dare to make trouble for the queen with you.”



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