After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 487

Chapter 487: The specialty of Stone Canyon

When they walked to the center of the town and turned a corner, Lilian suddenly found that the whole street in front of her was full of snack stands, bars, restaurants… And almost all the people who ran these things were old people and women.

Most of the men in Stone Canyon had gone to the crystal mine to work. The old and women were weak in physical strength, so they couldn’t do the strength work in the mine. With the support and help of Robb, they could build a lot of small shops on the street. Normally, they didn’t have much business, but today, the arrival of the train tourists instantly brightened the streets.

The old people and women changed from a leisurely rest state to a “Work mode”. They stood at the door of their stands and shouted, “come and have a try. The specialty of Stone Canyon — fried crispy meat!”

Hearing this, the tourists who came by train were immediately interested. “What is that fried crispy meat?”

The group of people rushed over and realized that the meat was wrapped in flour and fried into a golden color in the pot, with a few peppers on it.

As soon as they saw pepper, they were sure that it was of high quality!

The nobles quickly paid.

The crispy and delicious meat entered their mouths. The nobles enjoyed it very much. “Buy again. Buy a large bag. I’ll take some home to let my daughter taste it.”

“Distinguished guest, this food can only be eaten when it is just fried. It won’t taste good if it gets cold.” the old man selling the meat laughed and said, “if your daughter wants to eat, come to me again. Anyway, it will only take two hours by train from Westwind town.”

The noble said, “okay. I’ll take my whole family to travel next week. Don’t close the stand before it happens.”

The old man who sold the meat smiled and said, “my ancestors have been in Stone Canyon for generations, so I can’t run around. This meat is also a traditional dish of our Stone Canyon. Is it delicious?”

The noble nodded with satisfaction, “Delicious .”

Hearing the conversation between these two people, Lilian’s expression became very strange. She secretly pulled Robb’s sleeve, He said in a low voice, “master, this old man is lying. He is not a resident of Stone Canyon at all. There are only a few hundred people in the village. We all know each other’s face, but we don’t have this person at all. Moreover, this fried meat or something like that is not a specialty of our Stone Canyon. I have never heard of it.”

Robb quickly made a “hush” gesture to her and whispered, “I know he is lying!”

“Ah? You know?” Lilian was stunned for a moment.

Robb said in a low voice, “because I taught him the fried crispy meat, so of course I know it. Think about it. This is fried food.”

Lilian was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. “Why?”

“Of course it’s for the development of this town,” Robb said with a smile. “I’ve decided to build this town as a tourist town for the time being. As a tourist town, of course it needs its own special food. Otherwise, what should I do? But there’s no special food here, so I have to create one for you.”

Lilian was speechless

Robb said, “just wait and see. There is something more interesting.”

As the nobles chewed the crispy meat and walked forward, a small stall suddenly appeared in front of them. The owner of the stall actually held a magic tool box and shouted, “special cool snacks in Stone Canyon, shaved ice cubes! They are from the big shaved ice blocks on the nearby mountains. I promise you will have a good rest in this hot summer.”

Lilian knew that the shaved ice was taught by her master, not the specialty of Stone Canyon. She had never heard of it.

But the nobles didn’t know!

A noble came over foolishly and asked, “what is shaved ice? Get me one.”

The boss took out a big shaved ice cube from the box and took out a strange plane. He scraped the shaved ice and soon a bowl of shaved ice dregs was cut off. He poured sweet water into the shaved ice dregs, put a few pieces of cut fruit and added some grapes

Looking at these materials, the nobility knew it was amazing. It was sweet water! Anything that has sugar was high quality food.

The owner even bragged, “I have a secret to tell you. The sugar in Westwind town is from our Stone Canyon. Back then, when Godfather wanted to make sugar, he asked in Westwind town ‘Where is the sugar? Then Lord Lilian said that our Stone Canyon is rich in sugar’ Godfather likes Lord Lilian most, so he sent someone to take some beetroot seeds to Westwind town. Only in this way did you get the sugar you have now.

Hearing this, the nobles were stunned. “Oh, I see. Stone Canyon is so great.”

The owner said, “it’s not me exaggerating. The shaved ice in our Stone Canyon is a special snack that has been found before the popsicle sticks in Westwind town were born. Godfather has eaten them all. Look, there is a signature board in my shop. It was signed by Godfather last time he came here.”

The noble raised his head and saw a signature board hanging on the wall, which read, “the first shaved ice house in Stone Canyon.”.

He doubted, “is your signature plate true or not?”

“How can it be fake? How would I dare to fake something about Godfather? Do you want to die?” the owner suddenly saw Robb and Lilian watching them from behind. He was overjoyed and quickly waved at Robb. “Godfather, can you prove it?”

Robb walked over with a smile, patted the shoulders of the noble, and then patted the shoulder of the owner. “Oh, boss, you are still selling the shaved ice. I thought it was delicious last time, so I came again. Come on, get me a bowl of shaved ice, too.”

Hearing what Godfather said, the nobles knew that it couldn’t be false.

The owner had prepared the first bowl of shaved ice and put it in the hand of the nobles. “Come and have a taste. Godfather has said that the shaved ice is not bad.”

Everyone believed that Godfather was a famous brand. The noble immediately picked up the shaved ice cubes, gently scooped up a small spoon and put it into his mouth… That feeling! Even modern people who had eaten shaved ice cream could understand!

In the heart of the nobility, there was only one word: surrender!

“The specialty snacks of Stone Canyon are really amazing.”

Not only the nobles exclaimed, but also the other nobles and ordinary tourists who came out to relax praised sincerely.

“If you are tired from work in the future, come and have walk around. Anyway, there is a big train, which is convenient.”

“Yes, it’s cheap.”

“Come and eat the specialty food here. Look at the flowers. It’s very comfortable here.”


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