After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 488

Chapter 488: Scenic spots

Lilian was amused by their conversation. If they knew that all the specialty food here were taught to them by Godfather, would they be furious? However, she soon heard a smart noble in the crowd whispering to her son, “did you notice that? The crispy meat is fried! But the soybean oil was brought to Westwind town by Godfather, so it can’t be the specialty of Stone Canyon at all.”

The youngest son asked curiously, “eh? Then… Why?”

The noble whispered, “it’s obvious that Godfather asked them to do this, in order to add a reason to ‘attract everyone to have fun’ here. And Godfather deliberately used fried food, so that smart people can see that it’s man-made characteristics. A fool could be coaxed around.”

The youngest son was suddenly enlightened. “I see.”

“Yes! Godfather doesn’t like to lie, but in order to make this place live without enough people, he has to lie, so he deliberately left a flaw for others to discover…”


“Actually, it doesn’t matter. As long as this town is really a good place for relaxation and rest and as long as the specialty food is delicious, it doesn’t matter how they do it.” the noble whispered, “even if it was not a specialty here before, it will definitely be in the future.”

“Got it!”

The two pretended to know nothing and continued shopping.

Hearing this, Lilian was suddenly enlightened. She turned around and looked at Robb with admiration. “Master, you are so awesome.”

“What’s so awesome? Keep going. There’s still something interesting.” Robb continued to walk forward with Lilian. After they passed through the block, they saw a chapel in front of them. Lilian’s parents’ bones were still buried in the cemetery.

When the two of them walked to the chapel, Lilian found that it had completely changed from its dilapidated appearance. It was built in a magnificent way. The most interesting thing was that its courtyard was not a statue of the God of light, nor a statue of the God of darkness, but a “statue of true gods”.

The twins, the God of light and the God of darkness, were carved in the same shape. One was carved with black stone, and the other was carved with white stone. The two brothers were talking and laughing happily. Next to them sat the God of the desert, and on the tree sat the God of the forest. Half of her face was exposed behind the stone. There were also the God of fire, the God of thunder with a hammer, and the God of abundance.

Their statues were carved vividly! To everyone’s surprise, many people ran into the yard and silently bowed to the gods they believed in. Some tourists didn’t say anything. After living in Westwind town for a long time, they seemed not to be so respectful to the gods. They didn’t even have any reaction when they saw the statues of true gods.

“Look, this is also a view,” Robb said with a smile “I have a general understanding of it. There is only one church on the Fengmo Continese that doesn’t accept other gods, that is, the Church of Light. In addition, the other churches are more or less able to accept other gods. Even the Church of Darkness can live in peace with other churches, but it is just against the Church of Light. In our Westwind Town, there are no pure believers of the Church of Light. They are followers of the new Church of Light. “

“That’s why I built this chapel of true gods and put all the gods together. You can sit in rows and eat fruits together. It’s very beautiful. All the tourists here can find their faith here. It’s good for us to have fun together.”

Lilian giggled and said, “only my master could do this. If someone else did this, I’m afraid that the army from the Church of Light would come over.”

Robb smiled but didn’t say anything. He continued to play with Lilian. The two of them walked through the chapel area, and there was a big sign next to them, which said, “To the limestone cave.” there was an arrow at the back, pointing in the direction.

“A limestone cave?” Lilian couldn’t read, but the noble tourists knew it. They pointed at the sign and read, “Oh, there is a limestone cave here. Go and have a look.”

Lilian was surprised. She turned to Robb and asked, “what the hell? Is there a limestone cave in our Stone Canyon?”

“Of course there is, just recently.” Robb said seriously, “it took me a whole day. I took a long spear and stabbed several times on the cliff before I could poke out a large limestone cave. I used magic to heal it. It’s so beautiful now. Now it’s a famous scenic spot in Stone Canyon.”

Lilian was speechless

Fortunately, Lilian was here. If Xuelu, Suofa, or Little Yi and the others were here, they would have complained. But Lilian was gentle and didn’t like to complain about her master, so she had to keep silent.

The two of them followed the sign to the front of the cave. Lilian saw a huge cave entrance on the mountain wall in front of her at a glance. It looked very natural. The entrance was covered with moss, branches and vines, ancient and desolate.

“Wasn’t it dug just recently? Why is it like this?” Lilian asked.

Robb laughed in a low voice. “After I made the cave, I used a magic spell called ‘Crazy Grow’ to the plants at the entrance of the cave, and then they became like this.”

Lilian was speechless

There was a big stone tablet at the entrance of the cave. A noble man stood in front of the stone tablet and read it. “539 years ago, a group of humans moved to Stone Canyon and lived here. They were the initial residents of Stone Canyon. At that time, their ancestors didn’t have any houses, so they temporarily lived in this huge cave. Now, there are still many traces of their living in the cave…”

“Wow, interesting!” one of the tourists shouted, “let’s go inside and have a look.”

They rushed into the cave. Not far from the cave, they saw an open stone chamber. There were old stone tables, stone chairs, and a sign beside it, “the hall of our ancestors.”.

The nobles sighed, “it seems that their ancestors have lived a hard life. They were so poor.”

They continued to walk inside. There were many stone rooms, including stone beds, stone cabinets, and several ancient bottles and jars occasionally thrown on the ground. Beside them, there was a sign, “please don’t touch.”.

The tourists sighed and felt that they had seen something good.

Lilian didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh. “Master, these are…”

“Yes,” Robb said, “I asked the craftsmen to do it casually. They deliberately made them look very old. Then they put a sign on the table and told everyone not to get close. If they don’t touch, they can’t tell whether it’s true or not.”

Lilian was speechless

What a crazy man!


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