After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 489

Chapter 489: The dwarves have arrived

After walking around, Lilian finally understood that there were not only delicious food and flowers, but also limestone caves in Stone Canyon to remind tourists of the vicissitudes of history.

The two of them came out of the cave. Robb pointed at the cliff in the west and said with a smile, “next, I’m going to send someone to climb up the cliff and build a dangerous road. There will be a small pavilion on the top of the mountain. Then we’ll let the tourists climb up through the road and play in the pavilion. There will always be some naughty people who like to climb. I’ll arrange a gate at the entrance of the road and collect the maintenance fee from the tourists.”

Lilian said in a low voice, “it’s… it’s all about swindling money!”

“How can this be called swindling? It’s to let everyone spend money to buy a happy life.”

As soon as Robb finished his words, a head suddenly popped out from the cliff in the west. This head came out from the top of the cliff, which was far away and almost no one could see it. But Robb was just making his great plan of swindling money, so he used the detection skill.

As soon as the head on the cliff popped out, he saw it clearly. It was a very funny face. There was a huge red nose in the middle of its face, and the face was very round. It had a beard. The most strange thing was that the beard had many braids, which looked very funny.

He looked down on the cliff and saw the human village below. He turned around and seemed to be saying something to the people behind him. Then, a lot of heads appeared on the cliff.

These heads looked different, but they all had one thing in common, that was, they all had a dirty beard. The beards were all made up into braids, and each of them had a different look. Some had a big ponytail, some had many braids, and a lot of others.

Robb almost jumped up on the spot and complained why they played so many tricks on their beards.

These heads were observing the flower crystal town on the cliff. A few minutes later, they figured out where the town was at the foot of the mountain. One of them finally began to move. He threw a long rope from the cliff, jumped out, grabbed the rope with both hands and slid down the cliff.

It was not until this moment that Robb finally saw his whole face. It was a dwarf!

He was at most as tall as his waist. He was short, strong and round, as if he was growing horizontally. His short hands and feet were short, and he was wearing shiny iron armor with a large hammer on his back. He hung on the rope and slid down the high cliff with a whoosh. Although he was short and round, his movements were quite agile, and he easily slid down the cliff of dozens of meters high.

However, something embarrassing happened. The rope didn’t reach the ground. It was about three or four meters away from the ground. It was not long enough

The dwarf hung at the end of the rope and looked down. There was still such a high distance. It was embarrassing! But now that he had slid dozens of meters, he couldn’t climb up again, could he? He had to loosen his hands and dump down directly.

He couldn’t stand firm on the ground, and with a plop, his face fell to the ground, but his buttocks were high up to the sky.

As he did this, all the tourists in the town saw him and couldn’t help laughing. “What is that dwarf doing? He’s so stupid!”

“Haha, the Dwarves race are all like this. They seem to be reckless and rash in doing things.”

Although the cliff was still a little far away from the town, a large group of people laughed at him together, and their voices were still heard. The dwarf got up angrily from the ground and roared at them, “what are you laughing at?”

He spread his two short legs and ran quickly towards the village.

Everyone knew at a glance that the group of dwarves wouldn’t come down the cliff, but one of them, of course, was sent to talk. They just waited quietly. Hundreds of miles away, the dwarf kept running, and his two short legs had run for half a day, but he hadn’t run to everyone yet.

This time, even the kind-hearted Lilian couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “Why is the dwarf running so slowly?”

The crowd shrugged and said, “no, they are usually slow, but they can run very fast when there is a battle.”

Lilian was speechless

After a long while, the dwarf finally ran to the front of the crowd, gasping for breath. It seemed that he had become tired from the running. The nobles and tourists all moved aside in tacit understanding, letting the dwarf face Robb.

The dwarf was not a fool. He could tell from everyone’s movements who was the boss here. He stared at Robb for a while and then said, “you are the leader of this place? You are so young!”

Robb smiled and said, “the leader here is Robb Smith. I’m his magic teacher.”

“Oh, really?” the dwarf gasped, “that’s good. I want to ask you, is this Stone Canyon? Oh, damn it! I’m rushing forward with many companions. I told them that this is Stone Canyon, a human village, but they don’t believe me, so they called me here to ask.”

Robb smiled and said, “you are right. This is indeed Stone Canyon.”

“Aha! Did I really find the right place?” the dwarf laughed complacently. “Those idiots just mocked me that I didn’t even know how to find the way. They said that I was directionally challenged, and that I was only fit to drill holes on the ground, and that I could only find East, South, northwest with the ground. Haha, but now I proved that they were all wrong. I am right.”

Robb threw up his hands!

The dwarf looked around and said, “but why do I feel that this place is different from the Stone Canyon in my memory? I think… I have been here 10 years, no, 12 years ago… At that time, I was still a very young man, and my beard could not be made into such a long braid yet.”

He shook his mustache braid!

This time, before Robb could answer, the person next to him laughed and said, “what the hell? Did you say more than ten years ago? The current Stone Canyon is no longer the previous one. This is called ‘Flower Crystal Town’. It’s a new town now.”

“Oh!” the dwarf put on an indifferent face and said, “ghosts don’t care about the big change here. I just want to be sure that I have found the right place.”

He asked innocently, “I want to ask you whether you can get to Westwind town by walking 150 miles from here if you go southeast.”

Robb asked, “yes. What are you going to do in Westwind town?”

“To go and support our allies,” the dwarf snorted and said. “Those arrogant elves were beaten to death by the army of monsters, so they sent people to ask for help. Hahaha, it’s useless to be so arrogant. Once they were defeated, they had to call us dwarves! Hahaha!”


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