After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 490

Chapter 490: Nothing is more reliable than tools and machines

Robb understood at once. This was the dwarves the elder of the elf clan had written to last time. They were from the dwarves living in the mountain west of Fengjing cave.

Strangely, when Robb sent the elf archer to send the message, he gave him a scroll for the strategic transmission portal, asking him to open the portal and take the dwarves over. But for some reason, these dwarves were actually looking for a way to cross the mountains.

The dwarf continued, “I heard that the monster army is going to attack Westwind town. Your place is very close to Westwind Town, so it should be very dangerous. Why do you still look so leisurely? Is that damn letter fake?”

Robb shrugged and said, “no! That letter is true. Westwind town did encounter an attack from the monsters. I am the Godfather of Westwind town mentioned in the letter. The humans and elves have been waiting for you for a long time.”

“Eh? You are the human leader of Westwind town?” the dwarf asked, “then why are you in Stone Canyon?”

“It’s complicated, so I’d better not talk about it now,” Robb said with a smile. “I also want to ask you something. Didn’t the elf who sent the letter bring a transmission scroll? You should’ve opened the portal and went straight to Westwind town. Why are you going to climb mountains yourself?”

The dwarf burst into laughter and said, “use a magic scroll? Stop kidding! The magic played by those arrogant elves is so funny. We disdain the use of magic transmission portals. God knows where they will put us. We can walk on our own legs. Why do we have to enter the transmission portal? We are not lame people.”

Robb was speechless

Well, it seemed that these dwarves and elves were really difficult to deal with. Even the transmission scroll brought by the elves couldn’t be used, but they still came here to help the humans and elves! This meant that they would not give up their allies and would still do the right thing.

Robb smiled and stretched out a hand to the dwarf. “Anyway, welcome to our town.”

“You don’t look bad.” the dwarf reached out his hand and shook it with Robb’s. He was only half of Robb’s height, which made Robb feel like he was holding a child’s hand and shaking it two times. It was very strange.

The dwarf turned around and waved his hand at the cliff. Soon, a large group of heads popped out from the cliff. These people put down many ropes and then slid down the ropes one by one. What was interesting was that almost all of them would fall when they jumped down at the end, making themselves dirty and embarrassed.

Not long after, nearly eight hundred people came down from the cliff. They were all soldiers in iron armor, carrying iron hammers and axes. Although they were short and looked fat, they were all vigorous and powerful.

“If we go south along this road, we’ll get to Westwind Town, right?” the dwarf pointed to the long railway that extended to the south of the town. Just now, when they looked down at the town in the valley on the cliff, they saw this strange road at a glance. Now of course he couldn’t help but ask, “this road is so strange. Why did you add strange wood and two pieces of iron on the road? Aren’t you afraid of being tripped? The carriage can’t move on such a road, can it?”

The onlookers immediately laughed again, “there is no carriage on it.”

The dwarf found that he had been laughed at. These humans obviously looked at him as if they were looking at a bumpkin, which made him very unhappy. That road was made of iron, and the dwarves were the most proficient race in playing with iron in the world. How dare these humans laugh at him in this tone? Was there something wrong?

“I hate humans, right! I also hate elves.” the dwarf began to nag, “twelve years ago, I came to Stone Canyon once, and the people here are so stupid that should’ve just died. It is a mining town, but there is not even one excellent miner. Humph!”

“Old man, let bygones be bygones. You seem to have traveled a long way. You climbed over mountains and fell down from a rope from such a high cliff. Aren’t you tired. Why don’t you have a rest in our town for a while before you set out to Westwind town?”

“How can we do that?” the dwarf said, “We are reinforcements. We can’t rest.”

“Then why don’t you use the transmission portal?”

“How can we accept the tricky magic of the elves?”

“What about being reinforcements?”

“Well… Well… These are two different things!”

“No, the thing is. You are too late.”

The dwarf was speechless. Well, the simple and honest dwarf was not a master of quarreling. After a few words, he was speechless and dull by Robb’s words. When he returned to the group of dwarves, a large group of dwarves gathered together and discussed. After a long time, a dwarf in steel armor with a steel helmet on his head walked out of the group.

There was a bright silver light shining on the hammer on his back. Robb could tell at a glance that it was not an ordinary silver plated equipment. Ordinary silver was not so bright, so there was only one possibility – Mithril!

It was an extremely rare metal, and its hardness was far beyond steel. The weapons made from it were very precious, and ordinary people were not qualified to get them.

Seeing his equipment, Robb knew that this was the leader. The dwarf earlier was just a scout.

The dwarf leader walked up to Robb. Although he was the leader, he was only half as tall as Robb. With the sharp horn on his helmet, he had just reached the height of Robb’s belly, Looking up at Robb, he said, “we are going to help Westwind Town, but we unexpectedly saw the human leader of Westwind town here. It’s really surprising. What’s more surprising is that although you asked us to have a rest before going to Westwind Town, are you not nervous about your own town? What if the monsters are attacking the town at this time?”

Robb smiled and said, “if the monsters are attacking the town at this time, a portal will open in the chapel over there and a person will come to inform me. I can go back immediately.”

“Oh, I see.” the dwarf leader finally understood why Robb was not in a hurry, but he still insisted, “but we don’t want to use this strange magic. We believe in our legs more than something that might put us in somewhere strange.”

“Not only your legs, you also believe in machine and tools, right?”

“That’s true!” the dwarf leader said. “Nothing is more reliable than tools and machines.”

Robb smiled and said, “that’s good. You can have a rest here for a while. A big car will come over and take you to Westwind town soon.”


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