After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 491

Chapter 491: I advise you not to walk on the railway tracks

“A big car?” the dwarf leader was a little confused. “Do you mean a big carriage?”

“It’s a big car, not a carriage. It’s a machine car,” Robb said. “It’s useless to say anything for now. You will see it after resting here for a few hours. And if you take that car to Westwind Town, it will only take two hours. Even if you wait for the car, it will be faster than you walking to Westwind town with your legs.”

Hearing this, the dwarf leader didn’t believe it at all. How could a car send a person to a town 150 miles away in two hours? That’s nonsense. Moreover, they had sent eight hundred dwarf soldiers this time. Eight hundred in total. What kind of car could transport eight hundred people at a time?

“Human! We won’t believe such stupid words,” the dwarf leader said “However, no matter you are smart or stupid, we are both members of the Silver Moon alliance. Hundreds of years ago, our king had made a vow that when monsters attacked, humans, elves and dwarves must be united, which has nothing to do with intelligence. Therefore, even if you talk nonsense, I will still help you. We are going to set out first to your town. You can follow us slowly.”

After saying that, the leader waved his hand and said, “my friends, let’s go! We can go one hundred and fifty miles southeast along this strange road. With our feet and endurance, we will arrive in two days at most.”

The dwarves was a race with good endurance. They would suffer and endure and were not afraid of hardships. If the human army were to march in armor, fifty miles a day would be the most for them. However, the dwarves were planning to move seventy-five miles a day, which could be said to be quite confident of them.

Seeing that they insisted on leaving, Robb stopped persuading them and laughed loudly, “take care. I won’t see you off. By the way, I have to remind you not to walk on the iron track and be careful of dealing with accidents. If you are hit by the big car, you will die even if you wear steel armor.”

The dwarf leader laughed and said, “even if the running car hit me, I would only be injured. What kind of car could hurt me? Haha! Let’s go.”

They really didn’t have a rest in Stone Canyon. After the army of the dwarves set out, they pulled up their teams and walked to the side of the train station first. After looking at this strange building, eight hundred dwarves set off along the railway. Although Robb warned them, they still didn’t avoid the iron track and deliberately walked on it.

This habit was human nature. Not to mention these igNuolunnt dwarves, even in the future, there would be people who would commit suicide. For example, every year, more than ten thousand people would be crushed to death by train in a country. As a modern person, it was really hard to understand.

The dwarves were walking on the railway in a mess. They were not the kind of race that had a very beautiful organization. They would not walk out in a beautiful formation like the human army, but let the soldiers walk randomly. Eight hundred people walking like this took a long area on the railway track.

They kept walking.

The temperature in September was really hot, and they were wearing armor, which made them feel hotter. Therefore, some of the dwarves chattered as they walked, “Damn it! Stupid humans! You can’t even deal with mere monsters, so we have to travel through mountains and rivers like this.”

“By the way, have you found that the iron track under your feet is very beautiful?” a dwarf suddenly said. “Look carefully, every part of it is exactly the same size and width.”

“This is cast first, and then poured with molten iron,” another dwarf man said. “It’s not a big deal.”

“Of course, it’s not a big deal for us, but when did human blacksmiths understand this?”

“Oh, you are right.”

The dwarf bent down and carefully studied the iron track. If he didn’t study it, he would be shocked. Although the iron track was supported on the ground, its workmanship was very exquisite. Although it was not as good as the handmade tools of the dwarves, it was already very extraordinary considering the human’s blacksmithing technology.

“Look, there is a crack deliberately left in the place where the two iron railings are connected.” a dwarf man said, “this should be to prevent them from growing hot and shrinking cold.”

“Sure enough! Human craftsmen actually know this?”

“Hey, when did humans have such a powerful craftsman?”

“Well, don’t be surprised. It’s still not as good as ours.”

“That’s right. Hahaha!” the dwarves laughed together. “If we are responsible for the train, we will do a better job.”

After walking forward for a while, a dwarf who was studying carefully on the iron track suddenly frowned and said, “Hey, the iron track is shaking.”


“I also felt it!”

“Me too.”

A dwarf put his ear on the iron track and raised his head. “Something is coming. It’s stepping on the iron track. It’s very fast, huge and heavy. So as it goes forward, the iron track vibrates.”

“It’s getting closer and closer!”

“Woo, woo, woo!” a car whistle suddenly sounded in the distance. The dwarves turned their heads in astonishment and saw a huge iron car rushing over along the iron track in the distance. It was as fast as a galloping horse, roaring from afar with the sound of rumbling. The experienced dwarves only needed to take a look at it, and they knew that it had an incomparably huge kinetic energy, as if it was going to topple mountains and overturn seas, If they were hit by this thing, it would be even heavier than being hit by a mammoth. No matter how strong their endurance was, they would be smashed into meat paste in an instant.

“Everyone, get out of the track!” the dwarf leader roared, “hurry up! Hurry up!”

The dwarves jumped desperately to both sides of the iron track. In an instant, there were dwarves everywhere jumping to both sides of the iron track, looking like a group of frogs jumping into the water by the pond.

At this time, the big train began to slow down, because there was a driver on the train. According to the train operation manual given by Robb, if the driver found that there was something wrong on the train ahead, he had to slow down. For now, the train was not running so fast, so it was possible to slow down, not like the trains in the future.

The train slowed down, only then could the dwarves safely jump off the track and escape.

The train with reduced speed passed through the spot surrounded on both sides by dwarves. Heads of hundreds of passengers poked out of the windows and shouted at the dwarves on both sides of the railway, “Are you courting death by standing on the railway tracks? Why do you want to jump into the river by yourself? Why did you block the rails?”


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