After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 492

Chapter 492: Do you want to get on the train?

The dwarves were stunned by the scolding.

The dwarves was not a race with a good temper. They liked nagging, drinking beer, and arguing with others. Normally, if someone scolded them, they would fight back immediately.

However, this time, they didn’t have the mood to argue at all. Instead, they stood there in a daze, watching the huge train passing by from time to time. They were all obedient, like they were just scolded.

After the passengers on the train cursed the dwarves, the car began to speed up again. With a few moments, it sped up again and drove to Stone Canyon at the speed of 75 miles per hour.

It was not until the train’s butt disappeared that the dwarves came to their senses.

“What the hell is that?”

“If I’m not mistaken, it’s a big iron car made of steel.”

“It’s full of people. Look at the size of that car. Each carriage can accommodate hundreds of people, and ten carriages can accommodate thousands of people at a time.”

“What the hell is that car? How does it run? Is it magic?”

“No, no, No. I don’t think it’s magic! I smell burning. It’s the power of burning something, a kind of mechanical power.”

“The man called Godfather in Stone Canyon just now. Was he talking about this car?”

“It seems to be this car…”

The dwarves talked about it for a while, and there was a touch of surprise in each of their tone. The big iron car was so shocking, especially when it passed near them, making them clearly feel its pressure.

The whistling sound of the car and the rumbling sound of the car were enough to shake people’s hearts, let alone near collision.

After the discussion, the dwarves continued to walk on the road. They had to go to Westwind Town, but this time they learned to be smart and stopped walking in the middle of the railway. They all scattered on both sides of the railway.

They walked for more than an hour.

All of a sudden, the dwarves felt the train shaking the surroundings again!

“It’s shaking again.”

“Is the iron car coming again?”

“It must have gone to Stone Canyon and returned,”

“Oh, that’s great. I didn’t look at it carefully just now. This time when it passes by, I want to have a good look at it.”

The dwarves stopped and kept a distance from the iron tracks. Then they stood on tiptoes and looked back. They could only hear the roar of the whistle from afar. Soon, the train appeared in the distance and came over again. However, this time, the train did not pass through the dwarves’s “welcome sandwich”, but began to slow down far away.

When it arrived in front of the dwarves, the car stopped completely. Then, Robb’s head came out of the window of the first carriage and waved at the dwarves. “Hey! Friends, are you still walking?”

The dwarf was speechless

Robb said, “I didn’t expect the dwarves to be such a quiet race. Eight hundred people can keep silent. It’s really a well-trained army.”

The dwarf was speechless

When the other passengers in the car heard Robb’s words, they couldn’t help but think, [Godfather is so bad! He is bullying the dwarves.]

Robb patted the window frame with a smile and said, “Hey, guys, do you want to get in the car? I’ll give you a ride. The car is very empty now. If you squeeze a little, we can still take eight hundred of you.”

As soon as the dwarves heard this, their faces immediately showed an expression of “I really want to go up and have a seat.” however, the dwarves were also proud and wanted to save face. They had refused Robb once before, but now if they agreed, wouldn’t it be very shameful?

The dwarf leader had to pretend to be reserved and shook his head. “No, no, No. We’ll just walk there.”

After saying that, he thought to himself, [well, I only refused him once to save face. If he invites me again, I will take the slope and get on the car to play.]

As soon as he thought of this, he heard Robb say, “ah, you still don’t want to take it? Well, everyone has his own ambitions. I can’t force you. Then I’ll just ride there then. You guys can just slowly come over.”

The dwarf leader was speechless

Robb shouted at the train head in front of him, “let’s go.”

The train began to speed up again. The dwarves looked blankly at the big train moving forward slowly. They were so depressed that they wanted to scratch their hair, especially the dwarf leader. He could not help but curse secretly, “if I had known that this would happen, I would have agreed. Now it’s over. I really want to go up.”.

However, Robb was not really that bad. The train was about to start, but it stopped immediately. Robb poked his head out of the window again and said, “Hey, guys, I’ve thought about it carefully. I still think it’s too hard for you to walk. You’d better get on the train.”

“Well?” the dwarf leader didn’t dare to hesitate any more and quickly said, “then I’m sorry to bother you.”

The dwarves began to line up to get on the train. Only then did they find that the six or seven carriages behind the train were all empty. It seemed that Godfather had made up his mind to pick them up halfway, so he deliberately did not place anything in the carriages.

The eight hundred dwarf soldiers were stuffed in the carriages at the back, and the dwarf leader led two of his comrades into the first carriage. However, they did not immediately sit on the seats that Robb had already prepared for them, but reached out their hands to fumble in the carriage

The dwarf leader even took out a very small iron hammer from his pocket, just like the small hammer used to knock customers’ stomachs in bath shops in the future. He gently knocked on the car and the floor, and listened to the crisp sound. “Ah, it’s really made of iron. Such a big iron car.”

“Of course it’s made of iron,” Robb said with a smile. “Otherwise, it wouldn’t be strong enough. How can a carriage made of wood hold more than 100 people in it?”

“What a great project!” the dwarf leader praised, but after praising it, he added, “but the workmanship of this thing is too rough. Look at this place, and here, oh, the treatment here is too incomplete. If I personally hammered it, this place would definitely be higher, and here… Here…”

He ran around in the carriage and crazily suggested opinions to the corners of the carriage.

Robb smiled and said, “there are ten carriages for each car. How can it be polished very carefully everywhere? Don’t mention it. The really exquisite parts of this car are all on the train head.”

“Oh, really?” the dwarf leader turned around and asked, “can I go to the train station to have a look?”

“Not now. When the train is on the way, no one is allowed to enter the driver’s seat. Let’s talk about it after the train arrives at the station.”

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