After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 493

Chapter 493: We will be responsible for making weapons

More than an hour later, they arrived at Westwind town.

After the excitement in the beginning was gone, the dwarf leader sat obediently in the chair opposite to Robb, watching the scenery outside the window and chatting with him embarrassedly.

The big train entered the town and drove all the way to the station opposite the chapel. Seeing that the townsmen was digging holes everywhere, the dwarf leader could not help but ask, “what are you doing? Are you digging houses for us?”

“No way! We are digging for the sewer,” said Robb happily


“Well, it’s hard to explain it clearly now. Anyway, you will know in the future.”

As soon as they got off the train, the tourists who came back with the car immediately dispersed, with satisfaction on their faces. As soon as they returned to the town, they immediately blew to the other townsmen, “let me tell you, Stone Canyon is so beautiful now. The whole town is full of flowers, special snacks, and ancient caves… Next time when I take a rest, I will take you to play.”


The news spread like wildfire among the townsmen.

The dwarves, after getting off the train, piled up on the long platform of the train station. Eight hundred dwarves, densely packed, each were half a person tall. If they didn’t look at their beards and faces, they would think that they were children from kindergarten.

The dwarf leader said, “is this town really being attacked by the monsters? But I it seems very peaceful when I look at this town. It doesn’t seem that it is in danger at all.”

“No, no, No. this town is very dangerous.” Robb said, “look at the mountain in the northeast.”

“Black Pine Mountain!”

“That’s right. Now more than fifty thousand monsters are gathering in this mountain, ready to kill us and the elves at any time,” Robb pretended to be very scared. “We are all very scared, so we had to send someone to invite you here.”

When he said this, the elder elf also came down from the hillside. There were many excellent tourists and hunters among the ellves, and many of them knew the detection technique. When they saw the dwarves coming, they certainly had to hurry down.

As soon as elder elf came, the formal three-party meeting was formed.

The three of them, Robb, the elder elf and the dwarf leader, sat around the stone table, as if they were going to talk about something serious.

Lilian went back to the kitchen and came out with a tray in her hand. On the tray, there were three glasses of liquid with bright colors and bubbles.

Robb and the elf elder each held a cup in their hands, but they didn’t say anything. The dwarf leader took the cup and saw that the liquid in the cup was purplish red. He couldn’t help but ask, “is this wine? Why are so many bubbles rising, and I can’t smell a trace of wine?”

“You will know after drinking a little. Is it necessary to ask so much?” the elf elder snorted and said, “the dwarf is just talking too much nonsense.”

The dwarf leader said angrily, “it proves that we are lively with more words. We are willing to communicate with others, unlike you elves who hide in the forest and don’t dare to come out to see people. Occasionally when you come out to see someone, you put on airs and a cold demeanor. Sometimes you dislike others for being dirty, and sometimes you dislike others for being dark.”

“All right, all right.” Robb acted as the peacemaker and said, “don’t quarrel. It’s not a big deal. You should learn to ask a little and also refrain at times. As long as other people’s life style don’t hinder you, you don’t have to blame them.”

“They are disturbing us,” the elf elder and the dwarf leader said almost at the same time, and their syllables were exactly the same.

Robb was speechless

The dwarf man glared at the elf elder as he poured the liquid in his hand into his mouth. The grape flavored Coca-Cola rushed into his limbs and bones, making him stunned for a moment. Then he was moved to a pulp. “This is the best thing I’ve ever tasted, even better than the taste of wine.”

Everyone who drank the Coca-Cola for the first time would be like this. Robb had already been used to it, and he didn’t even bother to answer him. “Let’s get down to business, elf elder. You’d better talk about the monster army.”

“Okay!” the elf elder began to explain seriously. This was a serious matter. It was not the time to quarrel with the dwarves. He explained in detail that the elf village had been burnt down by the monster army and driven out.

Hearing this, the dwarf leader frowned and said, “that is to say, the monster army has a total of fifty thousand. Moreover, they can fly in the sky, run on the ground, and swim in the water. There are also large monsters like behemoths.”

“Maybe it’s more than that. This is just what we have detected, and there may be a lot that we haven’t discovered,” the elf elder said. “That’s why I had to write to you, hoping that you can help Westwind town. Our three races once again will form the Silver Moon alliance to resist the army of the monsters. Or else, if these monsters disrupt the human’s formation after breaking through Westwind Town, and then spread the evil all over the world.”

The dwarf leader was lost in thought.

Although the three races, namely the dwarves, the human race and the elves, had a very small population. Since ancient times, the main force of the army against the monsters had always been the humans. Once the main force of the humans was defeated, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Okay!” the dwarf leader stopped talking nonsense. “I have come to help you in the first place, but now I just want to confirm it again. My eight hundred soldiers will first station in Westwind town to help you make weapons. Moreover, we can not only make weapons, but also our soldiers are first-rate in the battlefield.”

Even the elf elder couldn’t complain about this, so he could only nod in agreement.

Robb smiled and said, “thank you very much. Without your help, I really don’t have the confidence to defeat the monster army.”

Hearing what he said, Suofa next to him showed a disgusted face on the spot. This man was so bad. In order to deceive these dwarves to work for him, he actually said that he doesn’t have the confidence to defeat the army of monsters? Last night, when they were bathing in the swimming pool (it was summer now and the hot spring had become a swimming pool), Xuelu asked him what to do with the monster army. He said that he could beat all of them with one strike, yet he’s not pretending to be weak.

She had no choice but to despise this man!

The dwarf leader raised his head, He said to Robb “When the train entered the town just now, I saw a mine, a huge smelting furnace, and a towering chimney. No wonder you have so much iron to make a lot of iron for the long iron track. Since you have so much iron, we can show our skills. You should move all the iron here, and we will be responsible for making the best weapons for you. As long as we have enough iron, we can make the best weapons, swords and armors, which will be enough to respond to the army of monsters that is about to attack us. “


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