After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 494

Chapter 494: I want to learn this

The dwarf leader said that confidently with a proud expression on his face!

The eight hundred dwarf soldiers put down their weapons and picked up their tools. They were eight hundred first-class blacksmiths. If the level system that humans liked to play was for influence, most of the eight hundred blacksmiths were experts, and a small part of them were masters. The dwarf leader himself was a master.

As long as he spent a few months to carefully forge a weapon at the master level and sell it to a human merchant, he could earn over a hundred gold coins immediately.

When Robb came to this world, he made a master level ‘Flying Dragon Leather Armor’, which made him stunned. This dwarf leader had the same strength.

However, as soon as he finished these words, the elf elder beside him burst into laughter, with a hint of mockery in his laugh.

The dwarf leader was angry. “What’s wrong? You damn elf, what are you going to say to pretend to be great?”

The elf elder shook his head and said, “no, no, No. I don’t want to say anything to pretend to be great. I just want to remind you that you don’t need to be responsible for making swords and armors here. These little things have long been out of the eyes of the Great Druid.”

“What?” the dwarf leader turned his head and looked at Robb with confusion.

Robb had no choice but to say, “Mr. Elder, you are right. We don’t need swords or armors here. We need you to make some other things, or in other words, more interesting things than weapons.”

“You don’t need swords or armors? How can you resist the monster army?” the dwarf leader asked curiously.

At this moment, Elsie’s voice came from not far away, “Godfather, Are the dwarves coming? You asked me to prepare a temporary residence for them. Now it’s ready. I can take them to live there at any time.”

Hearing this, the dwarf leader naturally turned his head to see who had prepared a residence for his clansmen. He didn’t know who he was but was shocked to see that he was standing at the chapel’s courtyard, followed by a large group of professional soldiers from Westwind town.

These people were all wearing neat steel armors and helmets, and each of their clothes seemed to be drawn according to a pattern.

The dwarf leader could tell at a glance that this large group of people were wearing the best steel armors, not inferior to his workmanship at all. This kind of armors should be hard to get in the human world, and even in among the dwarves, not many people could wear such good armors. He didn’t expect that there would be a large group of people dressed exactly the same way!

The dwarf leader exclaimed, “what great armor! There are so many of them!”

Elder elf, “I knew it.”

Robb said, shrugging his shoulders.

The dwarf leader jumped to Elsie’s side and looked at him from left to right. He spun around and carefully studied the armor. “The workmanship, the details, the sculpture, the enchantment… It’s one hundred times more beautiful than the workmanship of the rough iron carriage. Oh, no! It’s one thousand times better. This is the work of a real artisan.”

Robb praised this man in his heart for his insight!

The train was developed by the experienced craftsman from Robb’s Westwind Technical school. It’s core was the engine of the mining robot. With some simple and rough drawings drawn by Robb, the old craftsman understood as he was ,of course an expert.

However, the armors that Elsie and the soldiers wore were made by Robb. They were the real deal. Not only did it have great workmanship, but also had the aesthetic taste of modern generations. In addition, they were given random enchantments.

If one didn’t look at the science attached to it and only looked at the workmanship, the workmanship of these armors was indeed much better.

The dwarf leader asked, “is there such a powerful master level craftsman in Westwind town? Which tribe is he from?”

Robb didn’t want to say anything, but the elf elder pointed at him and said, “it was done by the great Great Druid.”

“What?” the dwarf leader looked at Robb and was shocked. “Did you do it?”

“Yes!” Robb said, “I did it.”

“You are also a master level craftsman? You are as strong as me.”

“I’m flattered. I just know a little about it,” said Robb modestly.

The dwarf leader didn’t believe that he only knew a little about blacksmithing. The skill of a master level blacksmith couldn’t be fake. He thought about it carefully with his not very smart mind, and then raised his head and said, “well, I think you really don’t need us to make swords and armors, because you obviously have armed your soldiers like this. What else do you need us to make for you?”

“Please wait a moment. You’ll see it soon,” Robb turned his head and said. “Elsie, please go and bring the steam tank here.”

“Yes, sir!” said the Commander.

“A steam tank? What is it?”

“I can’t explain it clearly, but you will understand it as soon as you see it,” the elf elder explained, “don’t be scared. I was shocked when I saw it for the first time as well.”

One day ago, when the elf elder said these words to the dwarf leader, the latter absolutely jumped up and cursed the elf pretending to be powerful. However, after today’s news, the leader of the dwarves no longer dared to look down upon Westwind town. This town seemed to be different from all the human towns he had seen before. There were novel iron cars, and there were a lot of master level swords and armors. He wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another powerful weapon.

He thought, [as long as I am mentally prepared, I won’t be scared. No matter what novel things there are, I can remain calm.]

Ten minutes later, the steam tank came!

A steam tank came towards them while spraying white steam.

The dwarf leader only took a look at it and was completely speechless. “It turns out that there is a big iron carriage that can run without the iron track? This thing is too… Too powerful! This is a real weapon.”

He suddenly thought of something and turned to Robb. “You brought this thing here to ask me to copy it, right? Are you really going to teach me how to do this?”

He suddenly became excited. “This thing is amazing. Is it the same technology as the big train that can pull ten carriages? I want to learn it.”


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