After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 495

Chapter 495: Dwarves, let’s start working!

Robb smiled and said, “of course I will teach you! If I don’t teach you, how can you do it?”

“Really?” the dwarf leader jumped with joy.

Although he was the leader of the dwarves and a blacksmith at the master level, he was still a dwarf who was only as tall as the waist of an ordinary person. Even if he jumped up, he was still only as tall as the chest of an ordinary person.

Moreover, he was very round, short and round. He looked very funny, like a big doll dancing on the ground.

The doll ran out of the chapel and ran into the train station across the street. He laughed at the eight hundred dwarves who were still standing on the platform and said, “my brothers, the grandmaster blacksmith of Westwind town wanted to teach us to make such a big iron car. He just promised us in person.”

Robb protested from a distance, “Hey! When did I become a grandmaster blacksmith?”

His protest didn’t work. No one paid any attention to him, because the craftsmen who could make such a huge train was surely a grandmaster blacksmith?

The dwarf race was overjoyed at the same time. Countless dwarves on the platform jumped up and said, “Wow, we can learn to make this?”

“That’s great!”

“If I can learn to make such a big iron car, I will wake up with a smile in my dreams.”

The eight hundred dwarves jumped up and down like eight hundred paparazzi.

The onlookers from Westwind town were rendered speechless

The elf elder shrugged and said, “the dwarves are so stupid and like to look cute.”

After jumping up and down, the eight hundred paparazzi surrounded the steam tank, which was tall and strong, and a lot of dwarves surrounded it. The scene was extremely strange, like a big monster with a group of children.

The dwarves wanted to touch the big thing, but they didn’t dare. They only circled around and pointed at it. “Look at these tracks. It’s interesting.”

“With this, it can move forward on all kinds of complicated roads.”

“What a great design! Why didn’t we think of putting horse carriages and carts with such tracks?”

“Don’t be silly! The carriages and carts we used to use before were all light in weight, so we don’t need such a thing. But this big tank is too heavy. If we use this kind of track, it can’t climb up on complicated terrain.”

“I see!”

The large group of dwarves whispered, and the scene was very happy.

Elsie opened the top cover of the tank and climbed out. Standing on top of the tank, he looked down at the dwarves surrounding him and shrugged. “Godfather, do you want them to copy the steam tank?”

“That’s right!” Robb smiled and said, “next, the production of the steam tanks depends on them.”

Else said, “that’s great. I hope every subordinate of mine can have a steam tank. Then there will be no stronghold that we can’t defeat.”

Robb said, “if you want to give this to all your subordinates, you can get off the tank now and make room for us so that we can study this tank.”

“Right!” Elsie jumped off the tank and saw several dwarves trying to touch the tank. He turned around and scolded, “don’t touch it randomly. This is my ride.”

Hearing his shout, the dwarves tightened their hands and showed an embarrassed expression on their faces. “The master blacksmith just said that we could study it.”

“He asked you to study it, but he didn’t say you could touch it. You can just look at it with your eyes.”

“Oh!” the dwarves bowed their head pitifully.

Elsie laughed complacently.

At this moment, Robb said, “guys, please tear down that tank.”

Elsie, “!”

The dwarf man, “?”

The dwarf men now understood that Robb asked them to tear this thing down so that they could grasp every part and detail. They immediately cheered up, “Oh! We will study it carefully.”

Elsie, “Oh! No! My big tank. What if it is broken and can’t be rebuilt?”

Robb smiled and said, “then it’s gone.”

Elsie perspired heavily and said, “don’t… don’t…” he jumped onto his tank and hugged it tightly. “Don’t tear down my ride. This is my treasure… You can’t do this!”

The dwarves had already got Robb’s permission, so they didn’t care about Elsie at all. A group of dwarves came over and pulled him away.

Then, the leader of the dwarves led all the dwarves to start the activity. “Attention! Every time a part is slowly disassembled, every part must be drawn and recorded with a pattern. We are a clan of dwarves, and craftsmanship is our glory. If we can’t put it back after the teardown, we will have no face to see people again.”

“Got it!” the dwarves roared together.

The eight hundred dwarves began to do delicate hand-made work. They carefully removed every screw from the tank, measured the length, width and height with a small ruler, and drew a pattern. Then they handed it to the dwarves behind them to learn and observe it.

The steam tank was made by Robb’s hands. It was a product of engineering. Every part of the tank was of the master level, and every screw could be called a craft. These parts were spread in the hands of eight hundred dwarf men, which made them excited.

“This work!”

“This line!”

“Only the leader has such skills. I can’t do it.”

After sighing at the small parts, armor, screw and other messy things outside, the dwarves finally removed the most important part, its core, which is the most amazing thing in the middle of the steam tank.

A steam engine!

This kind of equipment was lower grade and more primitive than the oil engine, but that needed to use oil. And oil could only be rubbed out by Robb. Before it became famous in the chemical industry, the oil engine couldn’t be promoted. Only in Westwind Town where Robb was located could they use it, and other places couldn’t.

However, the steam engine could be used everywhere!

As long as it had water and coal, it could work normally. It was truly suitable as the core of the tank.

The dwarves studied the great machine for a while and seemed to understand something. “Great! A machine that can continuously make huge power is the heart and soul of the big iron car. As long as we learn to do this, we can do countless amazing things.”

“Dwarves, let’s start working!”


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