After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 496

Chapter 496: Run a lap if you lose

A large group of dwarves were added to the town, and it became lively all of a sudden.

In Westwind Town, which had a population of more than ten thousand people, eight hundred more people should not have felt more lively in theory. However, the eight hundred dwarves really made the whole town livelier.

Because the dwarves were a very noisy creature. They liked to talk loudly, laugh loudly, drink large glasses of beer in taverns, and then burp loudly. They also liked to be drunk crazily, and put their chairs above others’ heads

Every time these short but strong guys got drunk, they would go back to their temporary residence from the tavern with their hands on their shoulders. It was a row of houses built near the mountain. Although the houses were small and exquisite, it also provided water like other buildings in Westwind Town, so the dwarves could once again feel the beauty of Westwind town.

Of course, they were not only very noisy at ordinary times, but also very noisy at work. They would beat iron while humming songs. For the production method of a small part, they would quarrel loudly and even punch each other in the face.

Soon they would make themselves dirty.

This kind of habit was not pleasing to the elves, because elves liked to be quiet, clean and elegant, and did not like to fight. Therefore, in the town, they could always see the elves and dwarves meet and then snort at each other. Then the elf would leave with disdain, and the dwarf would go far with curses.

When they watched the football match, the elves and the dwarves would deliberately separate and buy tickets in separate grandstands. The grandstand over of the elves was quiet, and no one could hear anyone talking or shouting. However, the spectators on the side of the dwarves were even more noisy than humans. The cheers of eight hundred dwarf men could exceed the entire stadium!

Robb soon found that the elves and the dwarves were as incompatible as fire and water. Even though they were both members of the Silver Moon alliance and belonged to the kind group, they could never be integrated together. The only opportunity for them to work together was war! They couldn’t treat each other well unless there’s a war.

At noon…

A carpenter came to the chapel and handed a mysterious wooden box to Robb. Robb opened the box and took a look at it. He was immediately overjoyed. After handing the five silver coins to the carpenter, Robb shouted to the chapel, “girls, come out quickly. I have something good to show you.”

The girls didn’t specially refer to anyone, but all the girls in the chapel ran out with the shout. Lilian, Xuelu, Suofa, Little Yi, the big loli, the two light nuns, Huahua, and even the two dark nuns from the chapel came over to watch the fun.

“Godfather, what good thing do you have? Is it a fish nya?” Huahua was the most agile and jumped in front of Robb in an instant.

“It’s not a fish,” said Robb happily, opening the wooden box he had just taken from the carpenter and placing it in front of the girls.

Everyone looked carefully and found that there were some small bamboo pieces in the box, and each of them was engraved with some strange patterns and numbers.

“Oh? What the hell is this?” Xuelu had seen many things in the world, but she had never seen such a strange thing. “Is it the symbol used by a shaman of a certain race to worship?”

“No, it’s not!” Robb laughed and said, “this thing is called a mahjong card. It’s a kind of card.”

“What? Mahjong?”

“Well, don’t worry. I’ll teach you first. Then we’ll have fun together.”

Robb picked up the bamboo tokens and taught them to identify them one by one, “this is ten thousand, this is one, and this is five…”

After teaching the cards roughly, he began to teach the rules. Well, it took a long time to finish.

When Robb finished his words, he found that Huahua had already fallen asleep on the ground. It was too difficult for Huahua to listen to such a complicated thing as mahjong.

Fortunately, other girls understood and felt that the game seemed to be interesting.

Robb smiled and said, “Okay, four of you come out from the middle. I’ll circle around to see what’s going on. If I teach you a little more, you’ll be able to do it.”

Xuelu was the first one to sit at the table. Magicians were very interested in all kinds of new things, and they also liked this kind of game that needed to be calculated. Suofa also sat down. Assassin were not afraid of playing such things. As for the big loli, who was she afraid of? At this time, it was natural for her to sit down. The few nuns refused to take the last seat. It turned out that Little Yi and the four nuns could see that mahjong seemed to have something to do with gambling, so the five of them were not willing to play, so they had to push Lilian to the table.

The four girls sat around the table. Robb, who was usually lazy, stood up unexpectedly. He began to shuffle, build cards, throw dices, touch cards, play cards, and tirelessly introduced the rules, and then taught them to play one by one.

After Robb circled around the table for at least a hundred times, the four girls finally started to fight.

As long as they could gather the most basic set of cards, they could win. It was very suitable for the new comers to play it.

“Well, we’ve learned it. You don’t have to play around us anymore,” Xuelu cheered up and smiled at the other three girls. “Let me tell you, everyone can play this game, right?”

“Yes!” the other three answered.

“That’s easy. Now that we have learned it, we can bet something,” Xuelu snickered.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to gamble.”

“Yes, the nuns are still watching. Godfather doesn’t like gambling, either,” Lilian said weakly.

“Of course it’s not good to gamble, but you can play some other games,” Robb said with a smile. “When it’s dark, the person with the least remaining chips in his hand will be punished to run a lap. How about running from here to the prison gate at the back of the mountain and then run back?”

“Good! You can exercise yourself in this way.” the girls became more energetic at once.

The mahjong cards were shuffled

Xuelu had a sly smile on her face, ‘Let’s go’ was already in her expression. She was a magician with high intelligence. She was the first to understand the rules of mahjong, and she had memorized the key points of this game in a few rounds. In her opinion, the other three corners of the table were dull and stupid, and they were not her opponents at all. Especially the big loli. Lilian was also limited in educated from an early age, so her IQ was not very high.

Perhaps the only way to fight with her was to use Suofa. But she still felt that she was sure to win. How could an assassin be smarter than a magician?


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