After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 497

Chapter 497: Girls! Quick, jump away

Xuelu was not afraid of running laps. She added, “it’s boring if only one person loses. It’s not exciting to fight like that. I suggest that only the person with the most chips shouldn’t run, while the other three should run, so it will be interesting.”

Robb said, “Hey, Xuelu, you are stirring chaos. Aren’t you afraid of losing?”

“How can I lose?” Xuelu laughed, her red hair shaking up and down. She was extremely hot. “I’m a magician.”

Suofa snorted and didn’t say anything. But obviously, what she wanted to say was that she was not afraid of Xuelu at all.

The little girl didn’t want to admit defeat either. She pounded the table and said, “what do you mean by that? What’s the great deal of being a magician? The light sword sage also needs to learn magic. I, the Guardian of Light, will protect my own chips even if I have to die.”

Only Lilian rubbed her skirt awkwardly and said, “well… I’m sure I can’t beat you. If there will be someone who loses the most, it will be me. But if there are three people running the circle, it’s not bad to have two people running along with me.”

“Well, since you all agree, then I have no objection.” Robb shrugged and said, “I just want to say that playing mahjong is not really a decision made by intelligence. Xuelu, I think you have to lift a stone to hit your own feet.”

Xuelu said, “any game is just calculation and counter calculation….”

After saying this, the bloody battle began.

It was getting dark! Xuelu lost all her chips first.

Suofa lost the second most chips, and the little girl also lost miserably. Most of the chips were piled up in front of Lilian, a large pile.

The three looked at each other in dismay.

Robb burst into laughter and said, “let me tell you the truth. Playing mahjong is not the result of wisdom. My lovely Lilian is really good at it.”

Xuelu stood up angrily and asked, “what the hell? How did you win the game three times?”

Suofa said awkwardly, “Lilian, are you a ghost?”

The little girl said with a dark face, “my holy light can’t protect anymore…”

Lilian lowered her head shyly and said, “I don’t know why it’s so easy to get a black card.”

Xuelu said, “Forget it. Since I lost, I have to admit it obediently. I’ll run a circle, okay? I’ll lap to the prison.”

Suofa had to follow, and the big loli pouted and followed. The three women didn’t use magic or skills, but ran with their legs, along a broken stone road behind the chapel, to the prison at the back of the mountain.

At this time, the sun had set and it was dark.

However, despite it getting dark, the lights were still on everywhere in the town, and the laughter of the dwarves came out from the taverns. The lights on both sides of the streets were green, and the wine was green. The three girls ran up the road, but it was not dark all the way.

On their way, they actually ran into more than ten dwarves who were drunk. After making tank parts for a whole day, they drank some fruit wine in the tavern and planned to go back to their temporary dormitory on the edge of the cliff behind the town.

Seeing the three girls running past him, the dwarves waved their bottles with one hand and waved their other hand. “Oh, beautiful girls, what are you running for in the middle of the night?”

“Exercise? Do you want to run together?”

The dwarves liked lively races. When someone invited them, how could they not follow? They smiled and said, “Okay, run! Who are we afraid of in a race?”

The more than ten dwarves also began to run. They all had dwarf legs, but they didn’t run slowly. Unexpectedly, Xuelu couldn’t run faster with her two long legs. She was instantly thrown far away by these dwarves.

Xuelu was about to give herself “Swift Wind” but Suofa refuted, “Hey, don’t do that. We are doing exercise. If you throw out magic, it will become something else.”

“Well, what you said makes sense. I can’t refute you.”

Fortunately, there was no need to determine the winner of the race, so Xuelu didn’t argue. The group of people ran to the back of the town, one after the other. Since the temporary dormitory dwarves and the prison were built outside the town, they ran out of the town.

They arrived at a fork in the mountain. On one side, it led to the dormitory of the dwarves, and on the other side, it led to the prison.

There was a pile of big red and black stones around the fork in the road, which looked strange.

The construction was often done in Westwind town. Recently, they were still digging the sewers, so when they saw a large pile of stones on the roadside, they didn’t care. They thought it was left here by the construction team.

When they arrived at the stones, the dwarves waved their hands to the girls and said, “beautiful girls, we are going this way.”

Xuelu waved her hand with a smile and said, “We’ll go this way…”

Before she could finish her words, she suddenly felt something wrong. It seemed that there was an evil and powerful aura that enveloped her.

At the same time, the group of dwarves stopped laughing at once. As they took down their hammers and axes from their backs, they said in a hurry, “Girls! Quick, jump away!”

In a few words, the three of them felt a strong wind coming from the back of their heads. They didn’t know what was attacking them, but they knew that it must be a huge creature with great power.

In a flash, Suofa jumped far away.

The little girl rolled over as well.

Only Xuelu was the slowest to react. After all, she was a magician. She threw the swift wind she had prepared to ran forward. But a strong wind from behind had attacked the back of her head

At this critical moment, a dwarf soldier with the fastest reaction jumped over!

“Valiant jump!”

He jumped over the top of Xuelu’s head and hit the attacker behind her with the big hammer in his hand. “Thunder Strike!”

Hearing a loud bang behind her, the dwarf bumped into something and the strong wind that attacked the back of Xuelu’s head finally disappeared.

Xuelu didn’t dare to look back. She took advantage of this opportunity to pounce forward, rolled on the ground two times and finally escaped.

Only then did she dare to turn around and see an incomparably huge lava giant waving its huge fist and fighting with the dwarf who had just helped her.


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