After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 498

Chapter 498: Lava giant

The lava giant was a monster made of volcanic lava. When it lay motionless on the ground, it looked like a pile of big red and black stones. But when it stood up to attack people, it would become a terrifying giant, about twenty yards tall, looking like a small building.

His arms and legs were as thick as a bathtub, and his body was covered with red and black volcanic rocks. In the cracks of these rocks, there was still red magma flowing, which looked imposing.

They usually lived near the volcanic vents, but now they came to Westwind town for no reason.

Xuelu could guess without thinking. It must have something to do with the monster army.

In front of the twenty yard high lava giant, the dwarf, who was just over a yard tall, looked like a tiny ant. The giant waved its huge fist and swept it over.

The dwarf quickly raised his iron hammer to block the attack in front of his chest. With a loud bang, he flew backward for five or six yards. His back heavily fell to the ground and rolled several times.

“Mr. Dwarf!” Xuelu exclaimed.

She thought the dwarf would be doomed in this way, but unexpectedly, after rolling a few circles, the dwarf sat up and cursed, “damn giant! I hate giants.”

Xuelu breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s great. Mr. Dwarf is fine.”

At this time, the other dozen dwarves were all ready to fight. The dozen of them formed circles, holding heavy hammers and huge axes in their hands. They stared at the lava giant in front of them, not even daring to move their eyes.

A dwarf roared, “this must be sent by the monsters to make trouble!”

“Be careful. Giants are not easy to deal with.”

“Three beautiful girls, go and ask someone to stop it.”

The little girl had figured out what was going on. She said angrily, “call someone? As a glorious guardian of light, I, Russ Belmonde Dracula, must be at the front of the battle when evil comes. This is the glory of the Guardian of Light. How can I call someone? You can call someone, but after you call someone, what you see will only be the corpse of the lava giant that was trampled under my feet.”

The dwarf, “why do humans speak more verbose than us?”

“She is a special human!”

In just a few words, the lava giant strode over. With a wave of its huge fist, it smashed towards the big loli who took the initiative to approach.

The dwarves didn’t know who this little girl was. But when they saw this dangerous scene, they couldn’t help but get anxious and hurried to rescue her. However, the big loli was not that easy to deal with. As a light sword sage, she was not weak in front of others. With a slight shake of her body, she avoided the huge fist of the lava. At the same time, the holy sword in her hand and the holy cross she was wielding was carrying a lightning light.

“Lightning Stab!” (TL: Shrill Lightning has been replaced to Lightning Stab. :3)

The girl’s sword slashed at the arm of the lava giant, but with a clang, the girl’s holy sword was actually deflected. The lava giant’s arm was covered with a thick layer of volcanic rock, and it was impossible for even the holy sword to cut.

At the same time, Suofa also appeared behind the lava giant. She jumped up from the top of a tree and actually jumped to the back of the lava giant. She waved her dagger and ruthlessly stabbed it into the back of the lava giant’s heart.

Then, with a clang, Suofa’s dagger could not penetrate the volcanic rock.

The two girls stepped back at the same time. “Are our weapons are useless to it!”

The lava giant let out a deep and thick strange laughter. “Ha…ha…”

It waved its two arms at the same time, one forward and the other backward. It attacked the two girls at the same time. The great force on its arms made the two girls dare not resist it head-on, so they had to retreat at the same time.

A dozen dwarves rushed up at the same time. “Girls, get out of the way! We can only use a hammer to deal with this kind of hard thing.”

A dwarf roared, “Stone Strike!”

He waved the sledgehammer in his hand forward violently and struck the lava giant’s calf. This strike was truly effective. Broken stones flew in all directions, and a small pit was left on the lava giant’s calf, causing at least a fist sized volcanic rock to fall.

Seeing this, the two girls couldn’t help but think, [the dwarf really had a way! We can’t do anything to deal with such a huge stone monster, but the dwarves can hurt it with a single move.]

However, the lava giant was not that easy to deal with.

It kicked the dwarf who had just hurt him away, and then a red light wrapped the broken stones on the ground. They actually flew back to the place where the lava giant’s leg had been injured, and merged back, as if they were not injured.

“What the hell is going on?” the little girl couldn’t help shouting, “how can it recover automatically?”

“It’s not an ordinary monster. It’s an elemental creature. No matter how it’s broken, it can recover, unless its lava core is broken,” Xuelu explained loudly

The little girl was shocked. “Is it so troublesome?”

“Little girl! Get out of the way!” one of the dwarves shouted. “If we smash it into pieces, we’ll be able to find the lava core.”

Two dwarves jumped up at the same time and shouted, “Stone Strike!”

“Bang! Bang!” with two muffled sounds, another two craters appeared on the lava giant’s body. However, with a wave of its hand, the two dwarves were sent flying. Then, more than a dozen of them took turns to rush forward, and the sounds of “bang! Bang” rang out continuously.

The lava giant was too big, and it was difficult for it to dodge the attacks of the dwarves. In a moment, it was smashed into pieces all over the sky.

However, it was also because it was too big that the attacks of the Dwarves could only hit its calf and belly, and could not cause any substantial damage to it,.

It waved its huge fist and waved its huge feet randomly. The dwarves were not agile creatures, so they couldn’t dodge it. They had to use their hammers to block it. In a flash, they were all kicked far away.

“This thing is too difficult to deal with!” a dwarf shouted.

“I need to call someone.”

Just as they were roaring here, more than ten dwarves came over on the road in front of them, who were also drunk. It seemed that they had just come back from the tavern and saw a giant fighting with their compatriots. The ten dwarves instantly sobered up, took off the large hammers from their backs, and rushed over. “Brothers, we are here. Hold on!”

“A dozen more?”

“Let’s do it together!”

“Stone Strike!”

Bang! Bang! Bang

Broken stones flew all over the sky, and the dwarves also flew in all directions because of the lava giant.


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