After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 499

Chapter 499: There might be a hole in the ground

More than twenty of the dwarves surrounded the lava giant and punched it hard, and from time to time, some of them were kicked out. However, the dwarves’ endurance were really not bad. After being hit by such a huge beast and falling heavily, they actually climbed up and swung their heads up to fight again, which was really amazing.

Suofa and the little girl stopped attacking. They knew that their weapons were not suitable for use at this time. They returned to Xuelu and whispered, “Xuelu, we don’t know much about lava giants as you do. Now that we don’t know much about the battle, is it necessary to call Godfather over to help?”

Xuelu shook her head and said, “don’t worry. These Dwarves are very powerful. They are indeed brave and battlewise, and it’s not a big deal for them to deal with this lava giant. You know how lazy that man is. If someone else can’t handle it, we invite him here. But if he comes to deal with it, he will be very unhappy.”

It seemed to be true.

The three girls quietly watched as the group of dwarves jumped up and down, constantly attacking and striking around the lava giant, forming a temporary stalemate. Not long after, another group of dwarves came to the mountain road and joined the battle. This time, more than forty dwarves besieged the lava giant.

The giant’s legs were beaten thinner and thinner by the continuous stone strikes, and even its recovery speed was not as fast as the speed of the dwarves’ attack.

Finally, the lava giant’s legs were too thin to bear its own body. With a crack, its legs turned into a pile of rubble, and it fell to the ground. Its huge body fell to the ground. The dwarves surrounded it and hammered it, causing the lava giant’s body to be smashed into pieces.

It could only wave its huge arms back and forth to protect itself, but it was useless.

“Bump!” a large hammer hit the back of the lava giant’s heart, creating a large hole there. Then, a dwarf jumped over, reached out into the lava giant’s body, and pulled out a strange thing that looked like a stone, but it was wriggling.

The dwarf laughed and said, “I’ve found the lava core!”

“Break it!”


The dwarf hit the lava core with his hammer, but it didn’t seem to be very hard. As soon as the hammer hit it, it turned into powder and rinsed the ground. Then, the lava giant’s huge body finally stopped all its movements, and the red light that seemed to be flowing on its body disappeared and dimmed.

Finally, it turned into a pile of lifeless volcanic rocks.

The dwarf jumped up and down on the stone. “Haha! I finally killed the guy.”

“It hurts so much.”

“I’m injured. I need a priest.”

“The grandmaster blacksmith of Westwind Town seems to be a priest at the same time. Go and find him.” (TL: Master blacksmith from chapter 495 has been replaced to grandmaster)

“Those who are injured go to the grandmaster blacksmith’s place, and those who are not injured inform commander Elsie that monsters have come to the town. Along the way, remind those stinky elves.”

The dwarves scattered at different speeds!

The three girls looked at each other and nodded. Then they followed the injured men back to the chapel.

At this time, Robb was bathing in the hot spring pool in the yard. Suddenly, he saw a large group of dwarves supporting each other and coming over. Some of them were screaming, some were rubbing their waists, and some were cursing something. Then the three girls quickly ran to the hot spring pool, They said to him, “a lava giant appeared on the mountain road behind the town. The dwarves worked together to clean up the lava giant, but some of them were injured.”

“Oh!” Robb raised one hand from the pool and casually pointed with his finger, and a healing wave fell on the first dwarf. Then, the healing wave began to bounce, bounce, bounce, and in the blink of an eye, it bounced around all the dwarves’ bodies.

The dwarves felt refreshed and all the wounds they had just suffered had been healed.

They shook their heads and arms, “Oh, I’m back!”

“The grandmaster blacksmith is really powerful.”

“But the grandmaster blacksmith should be a priest. Isn’t this the magic of a shaman?”

“It doesn’t matter. Didn’t you hear the old elf call him ‘great druid’?”

The dwarf thanked Robb, bowed, and went back to the mountain. After a while, the three of them, Elsie, the dwarf leader, and the elf elder, came to the side of the hot spring pool of Robb.

When the three of them arrived at the place, they found that Robb was still taking a bath, but Elsie didn’t have any reaction. The elf elder and the dwarf leader could not help but burst into laughter. “We were facing a formidable enemy. Even the lava giant has touched the place so close to the town. Why are you still in the mood to take a bath?”

Robb, “I can’t fall asleep if I don’t take a bubble bath.”

“Are you still in the mood to sleep?”

“Well, if you don’t sleep, I will die, okay?”

The dwarf leader was speechless

He froze for a few seconds and said, “let’s get to the point, Mr. Grandmaster. You must have heard what happened on the road behind the mountain.”

Robb said, “well, I’ve already healed a group of dwarves.”

The dwarf leader said, “the lava giant is a very huge monster. It is no longer a small character like an orc, murloc, or dragon. It usually only appears in the main army of the monsters. But now, a lava giant actually came to the road between the town and the prison, lying on the roadside and pretending to be broken stones. It can be seen that Westwind town has entered a very dangerous situation.”

Robb nodded. His words made sense.

The dwarf leader turned to the elf elder and said, “isn’t there always your elf scouts on guard in this town? You didn’t know that you were fooled so close by the lava giant. Your elf scouts are so bad.”

The elf elder was embarrassed and said, “well… You know, our elves don’t really like to fix their eyes on anything like stones or mud. It’s possible that the scouts didn’t notice a slowly moving big stone.”

“It’s not excusable!” the leader of the dwarf grumbled, “it’s such a big stone. You didn’t see it when it moved to the town? They should be kicked out of the village for such a big mistake.”

At this moment, the elf elder suddenly patted his forehead and said, “that’s not right. Since the scouts of us elves can talk to birds, flowers, insects and fish, the forest can’t hide anything from our eyes. It’s such a big stone. No matter how hard they try to hide their whereabouts, it’s impossible for them to not be found at such a close place to the town. This can’t be explained by the negligence of the scouts.”

Speaking of this, he suddenly thought of something and said, “A hole! The monster is digging a hole in the ground to get close to us.”


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