After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 500

Chapter 500: Now it’s my turn to be lazy

The elf elder’s words woke up the dwarf. He jumped up and said, “yes! It’s very likely to be a hole in the ground. The lava giant is one of the monsters with the earth element, and it also likes to move underground. If it suddenly appeared beside the town, it’s very likely that it has made a hole in the ground.”

The elf elder said, “if it really does come through a hole in the ground, our elf scouts can’t do anything. I’ll leave it to your dwarves to find a way.”

“Humph, I know what to do without your explanation.” the dwarf leader turned around and left. “I’ll send someone to check if there are any holes dug by monsters nearby.”

As soon as he finished his words, he heard someone scream in the middle of the town. “Watch out, kobolds! A large number of kobolds came out of the sewers.”

This voice was heard far away in the quiet night, followed by the sound of the alarm bell. As soon as they entered the night, the sound was activated in an instant. The lights of every house were lit up one after another, and many people ran out of their houses.

The elf elder and the dwarf leader looked at each other, and then the elf elder quickly climbed up the big tree in the yard. He was more than 900 years old, but he was light and laborious enough to climb up the tree with ease.

Standing on the top of the tree, he used his detection skill with a range of 3000 yards, coupled with the innate night vision ability of the elves, to scan the town

There were kobolds appearing from the sewer in every part of the town. These kobolds wore small iron helmet hats on their heads, and they were wearing thick linen leather guards. Some held sword and shields, some held swords with both hands, and some carried shovels, iron pickaxes, bow and arrows, crossbows, and all kinds of messy equipment.

They kept coming out from every sewer, and no one knew how many.

The elf elder said, “sure enough, a lot of kobolds came out from the sewer. They must have dug holes from afar until they reached the bottom of our town. Then they deliberately waited until it was dark at night and all the workers had a rest before they dug through the sewer and attacked from the inside.”

When the dwarf leader heard the three words “kobold”, a blue vein popped out on his forehead. He shouted angrily, “Kobold? Come on! I just gathered the soldiers in order to deal with the lava giant. It would be best if the kobolds come to court their deaths.”

Without saying a word, he ran out of the yard. A large group of dwarf soldiers were on standby on the hillside. The dwarf leader roared at them, “Why are you sitting here in a daze? Didn’t you hear someone shouting kobold? Go to work and knock the kobolds out.”

The dwarf soldiers roared at the same time, and then followed the dwarf leader to the middle of the town. There was a sewer not far from here. As soon as the dwarf soldiers rushed over, they saw a large group of kobolds that had just come out.

The dwarf leader waved his big hammer and knocked two kobolds into the sky with a bang. He roared, “don’t let go of any of these shit like creatures.”

Seeing his righteous indignation, Robb could not help but ask, “what the hell? Does he hate the kobolds so much?”

The elf elder on the nearby tree said, “the dwarves and the kobolds are sworn enemies! They all like mining underground, and often fight under the ground for mineral veins. They are famous as sworn enemies in the underground world.”

“Oh!” Robb finally understood.

He still sat still, because he knew that the current Westwind town was no longer the one he had initially come to. There was no need for him to do everything to defend the town. It was enough for Elsie, the elves and the dwarves to launch a surprise attack on the kobold leader.

As the alarm bell rang wildly, Elsie and his five hundred soldiers also appeared. No, now not only five hundred, but more professional soldiers joined. It turned out that there were more and more prisoners who had good performance in the prison being released. These prisoners were soldiers from the desert kingdom, and at least half of them chose to join the army of Westwind town after they were released from prison.

So Elsie’s military source had been replenished. Now he had seven hundred soldiers.

The seven hundred people were immediately divided into several teams, rushing to every sewer in the town to intercept the kobolds who had just come out from underground.

Someone shouted, “what’s wrong with these kobolds? We haven’t even connected the sewers. How can they come out from almost all the sewers at the same time?”

Someone replied, “their digging speed is far faster than ours!”

“Oh, that sounds really annoying.”

A dwarf shouted, “that’s because our race is still studying the tank. If we come to dig the sewer, we will definitely not be any slower than the kobolds.”

One of the captains shouted, “Find the leader and fight against the enemy.”

Elsie was wearing steel armor, carrying a steel mace in his hand. His tank was broken into parts by the dwarves, so it was useless for the time being. Fortunately, this time it was an alley battle in the town, and the tank was also useless. He ran back and forth on the battlefield with the mace.

When a kobold rushed towards him, he waved his mace and hit the kobold’s forehead

“Crack! Crack!”

The dog head’s head was caved in.

Robb couldn’t help laughing, “Elsie is really good at hand to hand combat.”

At this time, Little Yi also came out of the chapel, followed by the two light nuns. She rushed out, while running, she ordered the two nuns, “go to the battlefield and treat the wounded as soon as you see them.”

The two nuns replied, “okay!”

The three of them ran out of the chapel quickly. Just a few steps away, two kobolds men suddenly jumped out from the tree beside them. They waved their shovels at the little nuns and smashed it down.

The two nuns turned pale with fright, but Little Yi quickly turned around, and the hem of her dress spun and flew in the air. At the moment when the hem of her dress was raised, she took out two firearms from her legs, and shot them. The two kobolds fell down together.

“Wow! It’s so beautiful!” Robb couldn’t help but clap his hands in the distance. “I haven’t seen her do this for a long time. Her legs are so good.”

The little girl rolled her eyes at Robb and showed disdain for what he had just said. Then she quickly caught up with Little Yi and said, “sister Ishir, it’s too dangerous outside. Please let the Guardian of Lght protect you.”

“Thank you.”

The four girls went into the battlefield together

At this time, the elf elder also slid down from the tree. “Great Druid, aren’t you going to make a move?”

“No, I won’t.” Robb said, “it took me a lot of efforts to build Westwind town into what it is now. I’ve done too much. Now it’s my turn to be lazy and enjoy my life.”


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