After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 501

Chapter 501: Caterpillar

The elf elder was speechless

Well, I think what he said makes sense. The elf elder saw the last battle with his own eyes. Robb alone cleared up over a hundred harpies, and then floated in the sky with magic to improve people’s strength. He has been taking charge of battles all the time. It’s very hard.

However, such a way of fighting was obviously abnormal. The townsmen, elves and dwarves of Westwind town couldn’t be giant babies all their lives, could they? There were always some battles that needed to be fought by themselves.

The elder nodded and said loudly, “let’s fight, elves.”

When he said this, a large group of elf archers suddenly emerged from the grass behind the houses, behind the trees and on the slopes.

The innate night vision ability of the elves allowed them to fight in the dark as if it was daytime. In the night, arrows came and went without a shadow, and it was impossible to guard against them.

The elf archers drew their bows and arrows. As soon as their bowstrings rang, a kobold head would fall to the ground.

A dwarf was fighting fiercely with a kobold warrior. Suddenly, the kobold froze and then slowly fell down. The dwarf was a little confused until he saw an arrow on the kobold’s throat. Then he reacted and turned around to give a thumbs up to the elf behind him.

He did a good job, but what he said offended him. “Oh, you like to pretend to be cool. Your archery is not bad, but the dwarf in front of you is more powerful.”

The elf archer said, “if I shoot one more arrow for you, you should jump off a cliff…”

Before he finished his words, an kobold assassin secretly leaned against the dwarf from behind. Without any hesitation, the elf archer readied his bow and shot an arrow. With a muffled snort, the kobold assassin fell behind the dwarf.

The dwarf was speechless

The chattering dwarf shut his mouth and stopped complaining about the elf.

The town was full of shouting and killing, but the townsmen of Westwind town were not in a panic. Unlike an ordinary town where when it came to war, all the civilians would hide and tremble.

The townsmen here were very bold and not afraid of death, because they knew they could not die.

So they fought as well.

A kobold retreated to the front of a window of a townsman’s residence while fighting with the dwarves. The window suddenly opened, and the upper half of a middle-aged woman popped out, with a pan in her hand. She waved the pan hard and knocked the kobold to the ground.

When the kobold was still dizzy because of the hit, a dwarf took the opportunity to stride forward. The big axe in his hand slashed horizontally and cut the kobold into two pieces.

The dwarf gave the middle-aged woman a thumbs up and said, “well done, brave aunt.”

“Aunt?” the middle-aged woman was furious. “You look about the same age as me. How dare you call me aunt?”

“No, no, no! I’m still a young man. It’s just that my beard is too long.”

“Go to hell!” the middle-aged woman threw the pan at the dwarf.

The dwarf quickly shrank his head, and the pan scratched over his head, knocking over a kobold behind him.

The dwarf looked back, and then turned to look at the middle-aged woman. “Oh, you really are a powerful woman.”

The middle-aged woman laughed, “because my husband is a soldier from Godfather’s royal guards. I can’t embarrass him.”

The dwarf laughed, “you’re awesome.”

Just as the two of them were talking about this, a strange shadow suddenly appeared from the sewer next to them. The dwarf thought that it must be another kobold who came out, so he waved the big axe in his hand and slashed at them. This axe was very forceful, fierce and fast. If it was a kobold who came out from the ground, he would definitely die on the spot after eating this axe.

However, the dwarf felt something was wrong when he chopped the axe halfway. The person who came out from the ground was not a dog head, but a huge strange bug. It looked like an earthworm, but its body was much larger than an earthworm’s. its body was thicker than a bathtub. Since it hadn’t come out of the ground yet, no one knew how long it was.

There was a large bloody mouth on its head, and its mouth was full of sharp teeth.

The monster opened its mouth and bit the giant axe that the dwarf had swung over. With a wave of its strength, the dwarf immediately loosened his grip and the axe was dragged over by the monster. Then, it was thrown to the side and flew more than ten meters away.

Then, the big bug suddenly bit the dwarf.

The dwarf was startled and rolled backward to dodge.

The middle-aged woman was also frightened by this huge strange bug. She screamed, “what the hell is this?”

The dwarf shouted, “hide in the house quickly. It’s a caterpillar, very powerful, and you can’t deal with it. The part of its body that just stretched out of the ground is less than 1/20 of its body.

The middle-aged woman was frightened. The part of the body that the caterpillar stuck out from underground was at least six yards long, but such a long body was less than 1/20 of its body. That was to say, it was a super worm over a hundred yards long.

The dwarf knew very well about the creatures underground and knew how powerful they were. Now he had no weapon to use, so he didn’t dare to fight against the caterpillar. He took down a small flying axe from his waist and threw it at the caterpillar.

With a thud, the flying axe slashed at the head of the caterpillar, leaving a big cut. However, this cut was only a small wound for the giant worm, which was over a hundred yards long. It didn’t care at all. It opened its huge opening mouth and bit the dwarf again.

The dwarf turned around and ran away, shouting, “be careful, giant bugs are coming!”

The giant insect chased after him.

And in a blink of an eye, they ran dozens of yards away.

The dwarf soldiers who were fighting with the kobolds nearby turned their heads and were startled. They saw a giant bug chasing after a companion. The giant bug’s head kept extending forward, but its body was already forty or fifty yards long. It hasn’t even gotten completely out of the ground yet.

“It’s a huge adult caterpillar.”

“Watch out! Watch out!”

The dwarves all shouted.

The elf archers quickly bent their bows and arrows, shooting at the caterpillar. However, when their bows shot at the giant bugs, the giant bugs twisted their bodies casually and all the arrows on their bodies were bounced away.

“Oh my God! Watch out!”

“Don’t be touched by this thing.”

In the screams of the dwarf and the elves, the caterpillar caught up with the dwarf in front of it, opened its big mouth and tried to bite him.

Seeing that he couldn’t escape, the dwarf had to hide behind a house next to him. That house was the governor’s house of Number 32. The caterpillar hit the governor’s house head on and with a loud bang, the house made of bricks fell down.


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