After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 502

Chapter 502: monsters are about to break the town wall

At this time, Robb was in the hot spring pond of his chapel, activating his detection technique to observe the battlefield. Although he had used the detection technique, his sight could not turn around. His vision in the hot spring pond was too low to see many places, and would be blocked by all kinds of buildings in the town.

He was wondering if he should make a move? If he doesn’t make a move, maybe someone will die and he will have to bring them back to life. He can’t be lazy if that happens. But when he also makes a move, he still can’t be lazy.

Just as Robb was thinking about this, he saw a huge caterpillar crawling out from underground. It chased a dwarf and rampaged, and then slammed into the governor’s house. Half of the governor’s house collapsed on the spot. Fortunately, the governor’s house was just an office building, not a residential building, so the administrative staff who worked in it didn’t live in it. There was no one being pressed down in the collapsed ruins. Otherwise, It would be time to bring him back to life.

The remaining half of the governor’s house hadn’t collapsed, but there was a person standing inside. It was Number 32. It turned out that this guy often worked overtime and often slept in the governor’s house at night. Just now, he was sleeping on his stomach at his desk for a while. Suddenly, someone shouted outside, waking him up. He laid on the window of the governor’s house to watch the fun.

Anyway, he was sent to Westwind town for administration, not for fighting. Through the battle, he could know how powerful Westwind town was now. Just as he was happy, a big bug suddenly rushed towards the governor’s house, which frightened Number 32 to retreat from the window.

With a loud bang, half of the house was gone. If he had retreated slowly, he would have been buried in the ruins.

Number 32 had died once. Only after he died did he know how precious his life was. Now he was almost killed again by a big bug. How could he not be angry.

He took out his staff from behind the desk and pointed at the bug, “bone spear!”

This time, he wanted to hit the head of the worm, but after it crashed into the governor’s house, it continued to chase after the dwarf. In a blink of an eye, it had crawled ten miles away. Number 32 wanted to hit its head, but he couldn’t, so he had to face its huge body.

A spear made of white bones shot out from the tip of his staff and hit the waist of the caterpillar. Although the bug’s body was huge and its skin was tough and elastic, it was only aimed at physical attacks. When facing magic attacks, a low intelligence creature like it had no resistance.

The bone spear instantly left a blood hole in the waist of the caterpillar and went through it.

“Haha, I’m the best,” Number 32 laughed proudly. “The old men’s broken axes can’t cause such serious damage to the big bug.”

He waved the staff in his hand again and began to chant his next magic

After eating a spear, the bug felt a little pain and temporarily gave up chasing the dwarf. It turned around to look for the person who had just hurt it. It was not intelligent, and because it was an underground monster, its eyesight was not very good. Moreover, Number 32 was standing in the ruins of the governor’s house, dry, thin and dressed in a black robe. His whole body was integrated in the night. It was really difficult to find him.

The bug looked around and didn’t see Number 32. However, Number 32 had taken the opportunity to finish it. He once again threw forward his magic. It was still a bone spear, but this time it wasn’t just a bone spear. Instead, more than a dozen bone spears flew out one after another. With a series of sounds, they all hit the waist of the bug.

The power of magic far exceeded physical attacks, and the large bug couldn’t withstand the continuous attacks. Its waist, which was as big as a bathtub, was broken into two pieces by the bone spears that came continuously.

With a scream, the bug raised its head and then fell down. A loud bang stirred up countless dust.

“Hahaha! I killed it,” Number 32 laughed. “It’s just a monster. It won’t take me much effort to kill it.”

He did a good job. This time, even Robb didn’t lie. He thought, [I’ll give him a bucket of Cola later. Look at him, he’s so thin. It’s not bad for him to gain weight by eating sweet food.]

The collapse of the caterpillar in the crater shocked all the dwarves and elves present. Although the big thing only chased after one dwarf after it came out, its huge body, which was a hundred feet long, shocked everyone around it.

Many people were worried about how to deal with it, but they did not expect that the seemingly stupid governor had such a powerful magic.

The dwarf leader shouted, “raise your strength and drive all these damn monsters back to the ground.”

The rest of the dwarves answered, “Yes.”

They were so powerful that they knocked down many kobolds in an instant.

However, at this moment, the audience outside suddenly shouted, “look, outside the town, many giants are coming. Many…”

The soldiers turned their heads and saw a large group of lava giants rushing towards the town.

There were at least fifteen of them.

It seemed that they had been hiding around the town for a long time, but no one had found them before. They didn’t climb out until now. They were too big to enter the sewer, so they pretended to be stones and piled around the town.

The battle happened in the town. The human soldiers and the dwarf soldiers were fighting closely with the kobolds, so the elf archers were scattered in the periphery.

These lava giants were forced to come over from the outside, and the first to be attacked were the elves. The elves were startled. This kind of giant over twenty feet tall, and their entire body was covered with thick volcanic rock. How could they fight it?

An elf Archer, shot an arrow at the chest of the lava giant, but the arrow could not penetrate its skin at all. He shouted, “be careful of these giants. Our arrows are ineffective against it.”

The elf elder commanded loudly, “let the dwarves deal with these stones. They are good at dealing with stones. Elves, let’s go with humans to deal with the kobolds in the town.”

The elves on the wall drew back their bows and ran away, followed by fifteen lava giants. Soon, they approached the wall, waved their huge fists and smashed it with them.

Lilian ran to Robb and said anxiously, “master, those monsters are going to break the town wall. Aren’t you going to help them?”

Robb chuckled and said, “why should I do that? Since cement was developed, we don’t need the old wall. It’s good to let it be smashed by the giants, and it can save us a lot of strength to tear it down later.”

Lilian: ”……”


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