After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 503

Chapter 503: I will deal with all the big monsters

The team of fifteen lava giants tore down the town wall in a flash. At this time, the dwarves also reacted.

They were more adept at dealing with the lava giants than elves and humans, so they came over to them.

“Be careful!”

“Forty people each group to deal with a lava giant.”

“The rest will provide mobile support.”

“Be careful. Maybe they have other troops…”

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

Unfortunately, the crow’s mouth had taken effect. There was a cry of killing in the mountain forest outside, and a group of orcs rushed over again. They charged straight at the dwarves, leaving no chance for them to form a team to deal with the lava giant.

The lava giants opened the way, and the orcs followed the lava giant’s heels to charge. The town was filled with kobolds who were running around, and the kobolds were constantly emerging from the sewers.

The dwarves and the elves could not help but feel at a loss, thinking in their hearts, [It’s over! Westwind Town couldn’t hold on anymore.]

“Don’t be afraid!” a voice suddenly shouted, “you still have me! Necromancer number 32, I will lead you to victory.”

Number 32 jumped onto the ruins of the roof of the governor’s house. He tightened the staff in his hand on the ground and shouted, “get up. Kobolds, fight for me.”

Dark energy gushed out of his body, and the dead bodies of the kobolds that had been killed on the ground around the governor’s house suddenly jumped up

Everyone looked at him and realized that he was still alive?

Right, this guy is a necromancer! He could manipulate corpses. Although it hadn’t been refined and transformed, so the corpses that were pulled up temporarily would be very stiff and not as flexible and skilled as real skeleton soldiers. However, no matter how stiff they were, they were still a fighting force. Moreover, their fighting force would keep increasing. Every time they defeated an enemy, they would have one more companion. It was simply cool.

The elf elder and the dwarf leader sighed, “I thought Number 32 was a fool. I didn’t expect him to be useful.”

Number 32 gained a lot of admiration and became complacent. When he saw the broken body of the caterpillar lying on the ground, he suddenly laughed. “Hahaha, I’m going to pull this thing up to fight for me, then I’ll be invincible. Hahaha… Get up, caterpillar!”

He pointed at the insect with his sceptre

However, the huge bug did not get up. It was still soft on the ground.

“Why?” Number 32 asked.

At this moment, number 8 ran out of the chapel of darkness in the distance and shouted, “Number 32, be careful… That thing is not dead yet.”

“What?” Number 32 looked at the ground in astonishment.

The two halves of the caterpillar bounced up at the same time, and new body tissues continued to grow from the broken parts. In a flash, they turned into two caterpillars. One of them swung its tail towards Number 32 and suddenly hit Number 32, sending him flying backwards.

He flew dozens of yards away. By the time he landed, all his bones had been broken. He spat out blood and died.

The dead bodies of the kobolds pulled up by Number 32 also fell to the ground at the same time.

The elf elder and the dwarf leader covered their faces at the same time and said, “I thought this guy was very useful, but it turned out that he was still a vegetable.”

Everyone was speechless

Although they were complaining, the situation was a little serious.

The caterpillar were already difficult to deal with, but now one had become two. Moreover, it was obvious that there were two to four of them. Outside the town, there were fifteen lava giants with the orc army coming over, and the kobolds were still coming out of the sewers.

Such a situation was simply despairing!

The dwarf leader let out a long sigh and said, “what a pity! We haven’t started the production of our steam tanks yet. If we had a large number of steam tanks…”

The elf elder also felt a little dejected. Although he knew that the great druid was very powerful, he did not think that the great druid would win when he saw the fifteen lava giants and the huge caterpillar. With such a rhythm of attack, the monsters would come one after another. He did not know how many monsters there were.

“Maybe it’s time to ask the elderly, weak women, and children to leave first,” the elf elder said. “Soldiers, stay behind and let the elderly, weak women, and children go first.”

“Don’t panic. What are you panicking for?” Elsie ran past him and asked, “Are you seeing anyone from Westwind Town panicking?”

The elf elder turned his head and saw that the townsmen of Westwind Town were not in a panic. The human soldiers were not in a panic, only the elves and dwarves panicking.

Elsie said, “since we can’t hold on anymore, Godfather is about to take action.”

The dwarf leader said, “but can he do it alone…”

Before he could finish his words, he saw Robb jump out of the hot spring pond and put on his priest’s clothes. In a flash, he came to the side of the three people, Elsie, elf elder and dwarf leader. He was still grumbling unhappily, “it turns out that I still have to deal with it. It’s so annoying! Forget it. Now that the town wall has been removed by the lava giant for free, I’ll go out for some fun. I’ll be responsible for all the big monsters. I don’t want to take care of the little monsters all the time. You deal with the little monsters.”

“You’ll be responsible for all the big things alone?” the dwarf leader doubted his ears. “How can this be possible? Those are fifteen lava giants, two caterpillars, and perhaps even more.”

“More is okay,” Robb said. “It’s better to come more at one time than to make trouble every time.”

The dwarf leader wanted to persuade him again, but he suddenly found that Robb in front of him was growing bigger, bigger, bigger

The dwarf leader was as tall as Robb’s waist, but in the blink of an eye, he only reached Robb’s knees. Then he couldn’t even reach up to his knees, and only to the back of Robb’s feet. At this time, he discovered that Robb had become a giant, a super giant.

He was at least two or three times taller than the lava giants. Wasn’t he fifty yards tall? It was as if a giant god was standing in Westwind Town, overlooking the entire town. The lava giants and orcs that had just attacked the town were startled at the same time, and the kobolds were even frightened enough to freeze their movements.

The two of them were also shocked. At the same time, they asked, “what the hell?”

However, the townsmen of Westwind town were not surprised at all. They cheered together and said, ” Godfather has grown bigger. This is the same move that he used to deal with the guardian beast of the desert.”


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