After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 504

Chapter 504: A beast tamer’s skill

The fifty or sixty-yard tall Robb overlooked the whole Westwind town. His eyes widened, and all the kobolds below him trembled with fear. They couldn’t even think of resisting. Originally, every sewer still had them rushing out, but now no kobold dared to jump out again. The kobolds who just jumped out immediately jumped back to the sewer, frightened.

Robb stretched out his hand and grabbed the two caterpillars on the ground one by one. Although it was very long and one hundred yards long, it was only as thick as a bathtub. Robb could easily hold it with one hand and lift them up in the air.

The two caterpillars were like two slender snakes in Robb’s hands. They bent their heads, opened their bloody mouths, and fiercely bit Robb’s arms.

However, the two bites only did two misses.

Caterpillars were not intelligent enough to bite Robb accurately. Without thinking too much, it wrapped its tail around Robb’s arm and continued to extend up along his arm, trying to wrap him up.

However, Robb used a little strength in his hand. With a pinch, the two caterpillars immediately felt that all their strength was cut off at the position where Robb’s hand was grabbing. Because Robb’s strength was too great, he clasped them tightly and destroyed all the strength of the caterpillars. Their bodies were so soft that they fell down like two hemp ropes.

With two caterpillars like hemp ropes in his hands, Robb grinned mischievously and walked towards the fifteen lava giants.

If the lava giant was a monster with high intelligence, it would have turned around and escaped now. However, they weren’t that smart. They just stared blankly at Robb, who was several times taller than them, and they watched as Robb walked towards them. They were instinctively thinking whether they could defeat this monster that was even larger than them.

Robb walked up to the first lava giant and stepped on it

The lava giant roared and actually raised its hands, trying to withstand Robb’s feet.

However, it was useless.

Crack! Crack!

The lava giant was trampled into pieces by Robb’s foot, and even its lava core was crushed by his foot.

When he stood in front of the second lava giant, he lifted his foot and smashed it into another pile of debris.

At this time, the orcs who had followed the lava giants into the town had already understood that this giant in front of them was a terrifying monster. He could actually smash the lava giants one by one, as if stepping on a child. What the hell was this? How could they fight with such a thing?

They turned around and ran away.

The lava giants weren’t that smart. Facing the scene where their companions were killed by Robb, they didn’t have any fear in their minds. Instead, they were only angry. After screaming a few times, they rushed towards Robb. Although they were two or three times shorter than Robb, they believed that they could still win if they fought thirteen against one.

Robb waved the two long caterpillars in his hand, like two long whips. With a flick of his left hand, a lava giant was knocked to the ground, and his right hand swung again. A lava giant’s neck was wrapped by the caterpillars. Robb pulled, and the lava giant’s head was actually pulled off by him.

However, this was not a problem. As long as the lava core was not broken, the lava giant would be able to regenerate infinitely. Its head that fell on the ground would fly up and grow on its neck again.

Just as it was rejoicing at its strong race talent, it saw Robb stomp on his head! Powder.

Then, with a wave of his left hand, he whipped another lava giant to the ground. With a wave of his right hand, he wrapped his whip around the waist of the lava giant, pulled it in front of him, and kicked it again, smashing it into pieces on the ground. Those broken stones were still shaking, trying to fuse together again.

A human soldier from Westwind Town, wearing steel armor, quickly ran into the rubble heap. With a wave of his sledgehammer, he hit the “lava core”, and the rubble immediately quieted down.

Robb gave the man a thumbs up and said, “brave soldier, come back to me to get your bonus.”

The soldier was overjoyed.

The dwarf leader was completely stunned, and the elf elder was not much better than him. Even all the elves and dwarves were stunned, and only the townsmen of Westwind town were not stunned as everything was within their expectations.

In the eyes of the people in Westwind Town, Godfather not helping early was normal. He would come if it was doomed. The real suspense was how the Godfather would deal with the enemy.

The townsmen began to discuss, “I didn’t expect that Godfather would use the whip technique!”

“How beautiful those two whips are!”

“Why did he suddenly change to a whip? I think with Godfather’s ability, he can even lift these lava giants with his bare hands. There must be some meaning in using a whip, right?”

“Yes, there must be a reason, but we can’t figure it out.”

Of course, they couldn’t guess the reason why Robb suddenly got two whips was that he wanted to use the skill of a “beast tamer”, which was an active. The effect was that if he used a whip to whip a beast and make it on the verge of death, he would have a certain chance to tame it and become his pet.

He saw how agile the lava giants were when they were removing the town wall, so he felt that this thing could be used for a construction project after training, so he played this trick.

However, after Robb whipped a few times, he found that he couldn’t do that!

Lava giant were not beasts at all. It was a kind of elemental creature, and even its brain was filled with stones. It was impossible to subdue such a thing. No matter how hard he tried, it would not work at all.

It seemed that he couldn’t do it anymore. Robb whipped out a few times and the rest of the lava giants were all smashed into pieces of stones. Xuelu led a group of soldiers to rush over and find the lava cores in the broken stones. Afterward, the fifteen lava giants were completely annihilated.

It was so easy!

As for those kobolds, they were so frightened that they all rushed into the sewers. The small sewer mouth couldn’t accommodate so many kobolds at the same time, but every sewer mouth squeezed a large group of kobolds. Some of them were even stuck at the entrance of the sewer, unable to go up or down.

The elves and the dwarves were still in a state of shock and could not recover for the time being.

Elsie had no choice but to lead a group of human soldiers to kill these kobolds who had lost their morale. They surrounded the sewer and beat them up, chopping them into pieces.

Robb pouted and said, “it’s not funny at all!”

Just as he was about to throw the two caterpillars in his hands to the ground and trample them to death, a hint of the game system that only he could see flashed through his eyes, ‘Train Caterpillar.’


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