After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 509

Chapter 509: The power of faith and magic

The livestream came to a part of the sewer. It was a passage that the workers were still digging. The wall of the cave hadn’t been covered with cement, so it looked quite primitive, like an ordinary tattered hole.

There was a big hole on the side of the cave. It was obviously dug out by the caterpillars. It was wide, round, dark and deep, and no one knew where it would lead to.

The dwarf leader looked at the tunnel and frowned. “Maybe we should seal this cave with a large amount of soil and stones, or even seal it with an enchanted barrier.”

Xuelu shook her head and said, “There should be more than one caterpillar in the monster army. They can dig another tunnel to enter Westwind town at any time. If we want to solve the threat brought by these monsters, the best way is to bravely find and kill the demon king who leads the monster army.”

The dwarf leader’s face showed a serious expression. “That makes sense!”

At this time, the audience in front of the TV began to discuss. The elf elder came close to Robb and said in a low voice, “Great Druid, I have a small guess about the monster army.”

“Oh?” Robb said, “tell me.”

The elder said “Currently, the two attacks of the monsters are obviously a test, but the number of troops they sent out in these two tests is not small. They sent over a hundred harpies, murlocs and wolf knights. Now, they sent a total of sixteen lava giants, a large number of kobolds and orcs. Such a large scale could be regarded as the main army in the past, but this time it is only a test.”

Robb, “Oh!”

The queen was eavesdropping across the crystal ball, but her expression was not as relaxed as Robb’s, revealing a very serious expression.

The elf elder continued, “according to the scale of their vanguard army, we can infer that the main force of the monster army is very strong, and there is a detail that is worth attention, that is, the lava giant. This kind of monster often lives near volcanoes, but us elves live in the Black Pine Mountain vein all year round, and we have never seen a volcano on the surface…”

Robb said, “in other words, they came from an underground volcano?”

“Yes!” the elf elder said with a very serious face, “the underground volcano is often the territory of the demons.”

Robb didn’t realize anything when he said this, because he was not familiar with the customs and culture of Fengmo Continent. However, the queen, who was sitting opposite to the crystal ball, frowned tightly. “Demons? No wonder they can tangle such a huge army. It’s very difficult.”

Robb said, “What demon? Isn’t that the kind of little guy with horns that jump around and occasionally throw out a fireball? That kind of stupid thing?”

The queen and the elf elder shook their heads at the same time. “It’s not that simple!”

The elf elder said “The demon race is a powerful monster that can contend against the angel race. The little ghost you said to throw the fireball is just a weak monster in the demon race. How can a real demon be so easy to deal with? The most powerful demon among them can even fight against an archangel. And the God of Evil which the demons worship, Satan, is a powerful God that is on par with the God of light, the God of Darkness, the Goddess of Forest. Maybe the enemy we have to face is a God. “

“Oh, really?” Robb said, “I’ve heard of Satan, but I had to discuss whether it exists or not. After all, I’ve never seen the God of Light and the God of Darkness, and the God of Evil. As for the archangel, I’ve seen it through the crystal ball…”

Robb had seen the queen fight against Mondra’s army on Bright Road in the crystal ball. At that time, the queen summoned a skeleton dragon and the archangel. (please look up chapter 184 for the friends you have forgotten.)

In other words, if there was really an archangel in this world, then there must be an archdemon as well in the demon race, but it was hard to say whether there was a God or not. Everything that she hadn’t seen with his own eyes had to be temporarily denied.

He suddenly thought of something and waved at Elsie. “Elsie, I have a question to ask you.”

Elsie came over at once.

Robb stared into his eyes and said, “I feel that you are not devout to the God of Light at all.”

Elsie immediately straightened his face and said, “Godfather, you must be kidding. When I was in the old Church of Light, I was extremely devout to the God of light. After joining the new Church of Light, I was still deeply devout to the God of light.”

Robb didn’t say anything and just squinted at him.

After a few seconds, Gorda scratched his head awkwardly. “Well, I admit that the only God in my heart now is Lord Godfather. As for the God of light, I have always…”

He was too embarrassed to say it out, and if he really said it out, he might be chopped by the big loli next to him with her sword, so he omitted the most important part. But Robb could tell that he meant “I have never believed in the God of light.”.

Robb said, “your magic power is not weak, right?”

Elsie nodded, “yes. I’m quite confident in magic.”

“That’s a problem,” Robb clapped his hands and raised his voice. “The first sentence of the light magic’s chanting has the God of light. Your faithful follower offers all his piety and faith to you. Please grant me holy magic…”

He let everyone hear what he said, and then continued, “according to the Church of Light, holy magic is obtained from the God of light, and its power is in direct proportion to how devout you are. The more devout a person is, the stronger the holy magic will be, right?”

No one disagreed with this sentence. After all, from the day they were born, they had been instilled with this idea.

However, when they were about to nod, they suddenly thought about what Robb had just said and looked at Elsie together. They seemed to understand something.

He isn’t as devout, but his holy magic was much stronger than that of the devout Little Yi.

Robb didn’t say anything. He just crossed his legs and said leisurely, “everyone has to recite the name of their God before using magic. When did this rule come from? You can get rid of the part related to the God and try to recite the magic again.”

Almost everyone’s face darkened at Robb’s words. They couldn’t help but want to have a try.

TL: Devil will be demon from henceforth. I hope it doesn’t cause much of an inconvenience 😅


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