After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 510

Chapter 510: Angel might just be a race

Little Yi was the first to stand up and chanted. This time, she really deliberately avoided the section with the God of light. After that, she pointed forward with her finger, and a golden light shot out from her palm. With a loud bang, it hit the ground next to her, and dust was flying everywhere.

Everyone was speechless

Robb chuckled. There was no need to say anything more, leaving it to everyone to experience.

Everyone around them looked extremely embarrassed. After a long while, Little Yi said with difficulty, “it turns out that there is no necessary connection between holy magic and the God of light. No wonder the people of the old Church of Light could do all kinds of bad things in the name of God, and maliciously tamper with the Bible of Light, yet not have their holy power affected…”

The queen also murmured at the crystal ball, “in other words, the chants we are using now have been maliciously added a few fillers at the start. These fillers are only to maintain the status of gods in everyone’s heart, but in fact, they are useless at all… Oh, right, they are still useful. They can be used to make chants slower. Damn it! Who is the one who did this?”

Robb laughed, “it’s not something that a lunatic can do. It was done by a very smart person. He’s so smart that he can even use his God to play such a trick for chants.”

Lilian asked in a low voice, “does the God of light really exist? Someone used the God but was not punished. Is it possible that the God does not exist?”

“Of course it does exist. How can it not exist?” Robb smiled and said, “the God of light can exist in heaven, or in people’s hearts. It may not lend you any holy power, but it will give you a strong belief, reminding you of mercy, friendship, and fairness. Therefore, whether it exists or not does not affect the power of the chants, and does not conflict with the shadows.”

Everyone could tell from this sentence that Robb actually believed that the God of light did not exist. He believed that the God of light was only a kind of spirit.

Lilian couldn’t help asking in a low voice, “what about angels?”

Robb smiled and said, “maybe, angel is just a kind of race, just like humans, elves and dwarves. They are just a kind of race living in the sky. They usually live in seclusion in the clouds and only come out to fight when someone calls them. Don’t you see that there are many similar monsters? You can’t see them at ordinary times, but when a powerful summoner calls them, they will run out to make trouble.”

Speaking of this, Robb suddenly came up with a strange idea. “Haha, in fact, Angels is a very bad race. Think about it. The light Angels always cooperates with the Church of Light to deceive people, while the dark angels always cooperate with the Church of Darkness to deceive people. Maybe the Angel race have already colluded with the two churches, especially to cheat and do bad things.”

Everyone was speechless

This was really strange, but on second thought, it was not completely impossible.

Among the people present, only Little Yi, the big loli and the others firmly believed that the God of light existed. They were dissatisfied with what Robb had just said.

As for the others, they couldn’t help but feel frustrated about the existence of gods. After all, no one had ever seen a God before. However, many people had seen angels and demons and so on.

Little Yi couldn’t help complaining, “you said angels are bad, but you can also summon them yourself. Doesn’t that mean you are also a bad guy?”

Robb shrugged and said, “the angel I summoned is different from a real angel. The smart queen should be able to feel it, right?”

The queen remained silent.

But Elsie was different. He immediately jumped out and firmly supported Robb. “Yes, the angel summoned by Godfather is more beautiful.”

Everyone was speechless

Robb, “shit! Don’t say anything if you can’t find anything to say.”

They were distracted by Robb’s words. They couldn’t digest it for a while, so they decided to watch the livestream carefully again. In any case, the existence of the Gods couldn’t be proved for now, but the monsters are real.

People should know to live in the moment and not think too far.

At this time, the three walked to the front, leading the large group of dwarves into the tunnel dug out by the caterpillar.

Gorda walked to the front, Jike dragged back a little, and Xuelu walked at the end. The dwarf leader followed closely, followed by a large group of dwarves. Because of their position, the TV had been showing her slim figure. The silk robe she was wearing was rubbed by Robb’s hands. It was an aesthetic view of the modern generations. It was gorgeous. No tailor in the world could make such an exquisite and beautiful robe. Even if it a master tailor, the clothes they made were only powerful, not as good-looking as Robb’s.

The queen began to feel jealous at once. “Did you make the clothes for the red-haired woman?”

Robb shrugged and said, “Oh, you realized it.”

The queen said, “the style of your clothes is very different from that of others.”

“What’s wrong? What do you mean by that? Just tell me if you want one. How can I know if you don’t tell me? If you want one, I can give you one…”

The queen snorted, “no!”

“Oh, I see. Then forget it…”

Before Robb could finish his words, the queen said, “I don’t want to have one that looks the same as hers. I want something that looks better.”

Robb was speechless

The queen continued, “I don’t think you charged her money, so you can’t make me pay either. I’ll make it clear to you that you may be able to extort my money in other places. After all, in business, I’m willing to do whatever I can, but… I won’t accept it if she doesn’t pay, while I pay.”

Robb, “Hey! What the hell woman?”

The faces of the elf elder, Elsie, Number 32 and the others beside all became strange, as if they had heard something extraordinary.

Only Suofa, Little Yi, and the little girl showed their calmness. They often saw Robb and the queen flirting with each other through the crystal ball, so they were used to it!

At this time, the voice of Jike came from the TV, “there is something wrong in front of us. It has an evil aura. Everyone, pay attention to it.”

He didn’t talk much, so everyone took his words seriously.

All of a sudden, everyone’s attention was shifted back to the TV

The tunnel in front of them was so dark that they couldn’t see anything, nor could they smell anything on the TV, nor could they feel the flow of air and magic. All of them could not help but feel nervous.


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