After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 511

Chapter 511: A magnificent adventure

The three adventurers in front of them became nervous. The dwarf leader ran forward quickly. The camera passed through Xuelu and Jike and came to the front of the group. Then, a dark and deep passage appeared on the TV.

Although there was a fire on Xuelu’s palm, which lit up the passage, the fire couldn’t go too far.

Everyone looked forward and whispered, “Jike, what do you feel?”

Shaking his head, Jike said, “I don’t know, but it must be a big guy.”

“Why didn’t the big guy come out during the battle in town? Isn’t it more advantageous for the monster army to have one more big guy in the fight?”

“God knows what the monsters are thinking about. Maybe they don’t think about anything, just like the dwarves,” said Jike

“I don’t like what you just said,” the dwarf leader said. “In fact, we think a lot. For example, two seconds ago, I was thinking what to drink in the tavern tomorrow night. Wine, beer, or grape flavored Coca-Cola.”

Everyone was speechless

Since Xuelu was not on the screen, the queen was in a good mood. She said, “don’t talk nonsense. Hurry up and move forward.”

“Well, no matter what’s ahead, I’m not afraid of it anyway.” the dwarf leader cursed as he walked forward.

This time, the dwarf leader walked in front. There was no Xuelu on the screen, only a dark and deep tunnel extending continuously. No one liked to watch such a scene. The audience in front of the TV began to protest. However, Robb still hasn’t added a live comment section for the livestream, so even if the audience protested, he couldn’t hear them.

Robb thought to himself, [should I add a comment screen function in the future? I really want to say, show me the beautiful back of Xuelu.]

The several livestreamed people walked very slowly, because they had to be careful of any monsters that might come. None of them spoke, making the livestream very quiet.

Robb couldn’t help but pick up another live crystal ball. He didn’t turn on the screen, but only turned on the sound function. Then he said with a smile, “how can there be no music at this time? Come on, let me help you with the music…”

He sang….

The audience: “Hey, it’s so unpleasant to hear.”

The queen said, “you are amazing in other aspects, just not for singing. If you don’t sing, we can still be friends.”

“Hey,” Robb said, “I’m singing very well. Are you hearing it clearly?”

Just then, the livestreaming camera suddenly lit up. A huge hole appeared in front of the passageway. It looked like a natural underground cave. It was as wide as a football field and as high as one floor of a house. It could be said to be a very wide and smooth cave.

As soon as the dwarf leader and others entered the hole, they saw a huge fellow lying in the middle. It was a huge cockroach, extremely huge. Its huge body occupied at least 1/4 of the area. It had a hard carapace, and two dark and bloodless eyes were staring at the group of unexpected guests who had just entered.

“Damn it! A crypt lord!” the dwarf leader shouted, “this is the thing that the kind-hearted and honest races living underground hate the most. Run, everyone! Run!”

“Fuck you!” Xuelu kicked the dwarf leader hard and laughed with her hands on her hips. “Hahaha, I finally caught a big guy, and I caught him on a livestream.”

“Did you catch it, or did it catch you?” the dwarf leader stood up from the ground and held his helmet. “We won’t be its match.”

“Of course we are not, but someone can do it.” without saying anything, Xuelu took out a transmission portal scroll from her pocket and swung it behind her. With a swish, a purple transmission portal stood behind her.

This time, Xuelu was not in a hurry at all. She chuckled and said, “the reinforcements are ready! Brothers, let’s attack him. Why should we be afraid of a mere crypt lord?”

The queen, who was watching the livestream, didn’t know what to say on the spot. She turned her head to look at the crystal ball and said unhappily, “Hey, do all the people in Westwind Town bring this when they go out to fight?”

“Yes!” Robb said, “every army, the train conductor, and even Johnny, of Stone Canyon, also has one, and even… There may be a sentry far away from the town, with one by his side. If you bully the people of Westwind Town, maybe he will throw out a transmission portal scroll with his backhand, and then I will stand in front of you.”

The queen asked, “Isn’t a transmission portal scroll an important strategic card?”

“Haha, no one’s life is more important than some strategic card.”


At this time, the crypt lord stood up and rushed towards the group of Xuelu. The dwarf soldiers following the dwarf leader also kept coming out of the passageway. Not long after, nearly a hundred dwarves were piled up near the entrance of the area of the crypt lord, but the dwarves behind them could not enter because it’s too full.

There were only three adventurers, a dwarf leader and nearly a hundred soldiers.

They shrugged their shoulders!

The dwarf leader had no choice but to raise his sledgehammer helplessly.

Xuelu laughed and said, “guys, let’s go and have a magnificent battle with the leader of this space. When we are covered in blood, dust and sweat and can’t hold on any longer, Godfather will come to help us. Isn’t it interesting?”

As soon as she finished her words, she suddenly froze and fell to the ground with a bang. A small, green mosquito flew up from the back of her neck.

It turned out that she had been bitten by this mosquito, which was highly toxic.

Xuelu, who loved taking risks, fell down before an exciting battle of BOSS was about to begin.

Her face quickly turned green, and her body was numb and stiff. She said with difficulty, “what…” after saying that, she turned and fainted.

Once she fainted, the magic of fire that lit up the area would also be extinguished. Without the light source, the place became even darker. Only the light emitted from the newly erected transmission portal could light up the small area.


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