After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 512

Chapter 512: Mosquitoes

“Hahaha!” the queen burst into laughter. “This woman is so stupid. When facing the crypt lord, she must be careful of mosquitoes. She actually has the courage to go out to take risks. She should have been eaten countless times by the monsters. How could she live to such an old age?”

The queen was overjoyed and said to Robb, “Hey, although this woman is so stupid, she is also a citizen of our kingdom. You’d better save her.”

Robb said, “don’t worry. Just watch.”

While the two of them were talking, the livestream of the tragic situation on the screen showed that the dwarves who rushed into the hole fell down one after another. It turned out that the poisonous mosquito that attacked Xuelu is not the only one in this space. In this underground cave as wide as a football field, there were thousands of poisonous mosquitoes lurking. Once someone came in, they would quietly fly to them without the order of the crypt lord and will happily take a bite, suck some blood and inject the poison into the body.

After the dwarves fell down, their faces turned green quickly. They were stiff and paralyzed, and it was difficult for them to speak, but they did not pass out as easily as Xuelu. Instead, they widened their eyes and struggled on the ground.

The reason was that the dwarves were very durable. They were much more resistant to physical attack, poison, magic, cold and heat than human beings. Therefore, after being poisoned, they did not fall into a coma and could still struggle on the ground. However, this gave the audience a feeling that it was more terrible than fainting.

What they saw on the screen was like a horror movie!

The dwarf leader was wearing armor and steel gloves, and his neck was covered by a helmet. The only place that mosquitoes could attack him from was his face, but everyone knew that it was difficult for mosquitoes to bite people’s faces, because it would be easy for the person they’re targeting to find them.

While waving his hand to swat the poisonous mosquitoes that might hit his face, he shouted, “the situation is not good. This thing is too troublesome. We haven’t fought with it yet, but we have already lost a lot of people. We’d better put it to shame as soon as possible.”

The dwarf leader shouted, “Pay attention to mosquitoes. Those who are not poisoned, hurry up and take the fallen brothers back. The transmission portal is right behind us…”

Gorda squatted down and was about to carry Xuelu on his shoulder.

At this moment, he suddenly felt that the atmosphere was a little strange. He heard the wind blowing, and then, he strode to his back and raised the shield in his hand. Defensive skill “shield wall”!


With a loud noise, unexpectedly, the shield wall of Gorda couldn’t resist his opponent’s attack. Even a man with a shield was blown away, flying to Jike, passing over his head, and heavily fell behind him.

Jike quickly looked and found that it was the crypt leader who had made a move. He just waved a huge roach foot and swept it at him. If Gorda hadn’t blocked him from behind, he would have been dead.

Jike quickly took out an arrow from his quiver, took his bow and set it up. He was about to shoot at the crypt lord. However, as soon as he hid, he felt that it was a little itchy around his neck. He was shocked and thought, [damn it! He was distracted by the crypt lord, so he didn’t notice the small poisonous mosquitoes.]

Thinking of this, he fell down softly, and his face quickly turned green.

Gorda got up from the ground, shook his head and said, “Damn it! Jike was hit too.”

The dwarf leader said, “I can’t fight with this thing at all. I have to deal with a huge roach in the front, and at the same time, I have to be careful of the small mosquitoes that are everywhere. This is simply too difficult for a person to deal with. So as soon as I saw this thing, I asked you to run away, but you guys were unwilling to run away…”

With a wave of the big hammer in his hand, he blocked the huge claw of the crypt lord with a bang. At the same time, he shook his head and pushed a mosquito that wanted to bite him aside.

The several dwarves wanted to rush up, but the dwarf leader shouted, “don’t go to die. Pick up the poisoned men and withdraw to the transmission portal.”

In fact, what the dwarf leader said was exactly what the audience in front of the TV was thinking about.

The audience on Bright Road couldn’t help but discuss, “it turns out that there are still such terrifying monsters living in the underground world.”

“Big bugs fight with you, and small mosquitoes take the opportunity to poison people. It’s simply impossible to guard against them.”

“Oh my God! This monster is too terrifying.”

“How can they beat it? There are invisible mosquitoes everywhere. I’m afraid there are tens of thousands of them in the cave. They can’t guard against them.”

“If you are bitten by mosquitoes, it is game over.”

“The big bug is also very powerful. It just hit a shield wall so far away.”

“This dwarf leader is very powerful. I saw him fight with the kobold in the town just now. He beat the kobolds easily, but he just used it to hold off the claw of the crypt lord just now and almost flew away.”

“Even the priest who could turn into a giant to hang the lava giant just won’t be enough for this,”

“Yes, even if he is very powerful and can deal with the big insects, he can’t deal with small mosquitoes.”

In the Royal Palace, the discussions of the audience also reached the Queen’s ears. She did not say anything, but looked at Robb through the crystal ball, waiting to see his reaction.

At the same time, the audience in front of the TV in Westwind town was also quiet. They worshiped Robb blindly and wouldn’t easily judge that Robb couldn’t defeat them. However, in this dark cave, how could he deal with mosquitoes that couldn’t even be seen? Even if Godfather was powerful, it was difficult to deal with these small mosquitoes.

They couldn’t help but wonder how Godfather would deal with this situation?

At this time, Robb just stood up from the stone stool and patted his buttocks, not knowing whether to cry or to laugh. “Alas, why wasn’t I born to be tired? I haven’t even been lazy on my beloved stone stool for a few minutes, and yet I have to attack again.”

The queen said, “the more powerful you are, the greater the responsibility.”

“Don’t!” Robb hurriedly said, “don’t say this. It has always been a trap since ancient times. Although I have great ability, my responsibility is only on my own land. You can’t fool me. Don’t even think about it.”

After saying that, he disappeared in a flash

The next second, he appeared on the screen.

It turned out that in a flash, he arrived at the transmission portal of the chapel cemetery. Then he passed through the portal at a very fast speed and stood behind Gorda.

Seeing Robb, he was overjoyed.

The audience of Westwind town in front of the TV were also overjoyed. “Godfather is going to make a move!”

However, the dwarf leader didn’t dare to be so happy. He shouted, “Grandmaster blacksmith, you came here in short pants and short sleeves. Aren’t you basically looking to be bit by mosquitoes?”


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