After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 513

Chapter 513: Demonic Sacrifice

Hearing the voice of the dwarf leader, the audience in front of the TV found that Robb was wearing beach shorts, a short sleeve T-shirt and a pair of wooden slippers.

It was normal for him to wear such clothes in September, but it was abnormal for him to wear such clothes for battle. Even a war expert who always wore a robe would not dare to wear such clothes.

What’s more, the enemy Robb was going to deal with now was a crypt lord. The cave was full of invisible poisonous mosquitoes. How could he come here in this way? It was likely that he would be knocked down by mosquitoes in the blink of an eye.

The spectators in Westwind town were not so worried, but the spectators of Bright Road shouted in unison, “I’ve seen people who want to die, but I’ve never seen someone who wants to die like this.”

“I don’t believe it.”

Even the queen couldn’t help but be anxious. She thought to herself, [don’t do this. If you are knocked down by mosquitoes, what about Westwind town? Wasn’t it certain to fall into the palm of the monsters? Be careful so you can protect yourself and my land.]

As soon as she thought of this, Robb began to swat mosquitoes on the screen.

While patting, he sang, “Swat left, swat right. Why is there still no one to love and no one to care about? I’m really helpless…”

The queen said, “we can still be friends if you don’t sing!”

The audience in front of the TV were all screaming, and many people covered their ears and rolled on the ground.

However, as these people rolled around, they found that Robb didn’t fall down. It turned out that he was very fast in swatting mosquitoes. With a shake of his hands, he swatted one more mosquito to death. In the blink of an eye, he swatted all the mosquitoes that were about to move around him.

What agility!

How agile is he?

The crypt lord’s dark eyes immediately noticed the unexpected visitor who just came over from the transmission portal. He waved his huge claw and waved it fiercely at Robb. Robb’s buttocks fell, and the big claw was less than five centimeters from his waist.

While Robb dodged the huge claw, he also killed another mosquito that wanted to bite the back of his neck.

His action made the audience on Bright Road applaud, “beautiful!”

The audience in Westwind Town, however, were laughing. “It’s a normal operation!”

The crypt lord was enraged. He could feel the contempt of this human for him. His opponent’s dressing style in the battlefield and his action of deliberately avoiding its claws were all showing a faint “oppressive aura”.

The crypt lord hated the human being in front of him. He had to teach him a lesson.

It raised its two front claws at the same time and slashed at Robb fiercely. The two claws moved very fast, blocking Robb’s space that flashed to both sides, leaving him no chance to escape.

If they were fighting on the ground, Robb could still jump up and hide. But this was underground, and the room was only as high as a floor. Under this kind of space, if Robb jumped up, he would hit the ceiling, and it was difficult to avoid the claws.

The audience on Bright Road exclaimed in unison, “ah! Watch out!”

The audience of Westwind town shouted in unison, “Ha! Beat it!”

Just as the Robb giant claws were about to hit Robb from the left and right, Robb stretched out his hands to the left and right. With two loud bangs, he actually grabbed the giant claws.

The crypt lord was 1/4 as big as a football field, and its claws were also very big. One of its claws was as thick and strong as the hanging arm of a crane, and the power of it when it swept was unparalleled. Robb didn’t even use his gigantification spell. He just stretched out his hand and clasped the two giant claws with his seemingly standard sized arms.

Its giant claws tried to cut Robb into three pieces, but no matter how hard the crypt lord tried, it couldn’t move at all. It could only weirdly freeze in the air.

The spectators on Bright Road asked, “What? How much strength does he have to fight with such a huge monster?”

In fact, not only the spectators were stunned, but the crypt lord was also a little stiff. He had never seen a human being be able to catch its huge claws empty handed, and even one claw after another. Just now, when the human warrior activated his shield wall, he was easily knocked away with one claw, and yet the guy in front of it seemed to be using nothing, no spells or weapons. He just stretched out his hand and grabbed its claws.

A hero?

A thought flashed through the crypt lord’s mind. Although humans were not very powerful in single combat, they had a large population. Every one hundred years, there would always be a talented hero who stood out and had the ability far beyond other humans to contend with all kinds of powerful monsters.

But so what?

He had killed several heroes.

When he grabs my claws with both hands, I’ll give him a wave of poisonous mosquitoes to see how he will swat them this time!

The crypt lord’s wings flapped, and a large group of poisonous mosquitoes flew out from his carapace. There were too many of them, and there was no way to count them. They flew up together, and the buzzing sound intertwined with each other, very loud, making people’s scalp tingle.

Seeing so many poisonous mosquitoes, the dwarves were so scared that their faces turned dark. They saw that Robb was grabbing the claws of the crypt lord and obviously had no time to swat mosquitoes.

Moreover, before the mosquitoes could fly out, the abdomen of the crypt lord also opened and a large group of Carrion Beetles came out of its stomach, sticking close to the ground, and crawled towards Robb.

These beetles were more poisonous than the venomous mosquitoes. Once bitten by them, they would die.

This time, there were insects flying in the sky, crawling on the ground, and the crypt lord from the front. It was really dangerous for him to attack in three directions at the same time.

The audience on Bright Road gasped

“What could he do?”

“Oh my God!”

“No one can resist such an attack.”

The beetles on the ground and the mosquitoes in the sky attacked Robb at the same time, and the crypt lord was still tightening its two big claws

Just as the beetles and mosquitoes were about to come up, Robb suddenly grinned and lit up a strange flame on his body. The flame was like a layer of clothes, attached to his body and spreading heat around.

The group of mosquitoes that came over fell. Before they could reach out their mouths to bite Robb, they were burned to ashes.

The beetles on the ground were the same. When they crawled to Robb’s feet, they burned with a bang and turned into black beetle corpses.

If there were players from the original world here, they would recognize at a glance that this move was demonic sacrifice!


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