After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 517

Chapter 517: I can move with stealth

“So the enemy deliberately dug out a straight hole so that it is convenient for the sentries to detect intruders,” the dwarf leader said, shrugging his shoulders. “What a pity. We should bring an elf assassin here, so that the assassin can move with stealth and kill the sentries.”

“Oh? Move with stealth?” Robb smiled and said, “I happen to know a little about it.”

The dwarves and elves: “…”

Now they also understood that if this person said he could fly a little, then he could fly a lot. He didn’t know how to use the word “little”.

Perhaps this was the conflict between western thoughts and the eastern thoughts. Western people spoke directly. If they are powerful, they are powerful. If they are weak, then then are weak. They liked to speak straight, and they didn’t like to beat around the bush.

But in the east, even if you can beat superman or beat the terminator, you have to say, “my strength is ordinary. I just know some stuff” if you don’t say so, there will be a group of people chasing you every day, saying that you are arrogant and rude.

The five of them slowed down their steps, but even so, they still walked very fast. In a twinkling of an eye, they ran thousands of yards. When they were five hundred yards away, they stopped and walked forward. Because the kobolds have the ability to see at night, it was easy to see them five hundred yards away in a straight line.

The fireball that lit up Xuelu’s hand had already been extinguished, and the five of them stood in darkness.

The Gorda and Xuelu couldn’t see anything. Jike had a certain degree of night vision given by his class, while the dwarf leader had slight night vision from his race as well. In a word, however, the four of them were a little blind, and the live streaming was so dark that the audience couldn’t see anything.

The audience only heard Robb’s voice from the TV, “please wait here. Don’t move. I’ll be back soon.”

As for Jike and the dwarf leader, they saw Robb waving at them. He secretly pinched Xuelu’s exposed hand in the dark. Xuelu’s exposed wrist turned over and unexpectedly pinched back. He didn’t suffer any loss.

Then, Robb took off the live crystal ball from the dwarf leader’s hat and held it in his hand. Then he jumped forward, disappeared with a brush, and snuck forward.

The dwarf leader’s eyes searched carefully in the passageway in front of him, but he couldn’t see where Robb was, or even feel his existence. He was shocked. This person’s stealth was too powerful. If a person with such a strong stealth ability sneaked behind and killed him, there was no room for resistance at all.

But he immediately felt that he had thought too much. Robb could directly beat the crypt lord. Does he still need to stealth close to him to kill him? Is it necessary?

He lowered his voice and said, “this is most extraordinary person I’ve ever seen, and he can do every class perfectly… He’s so powerful.”

The four adventurers laughed and said, “Right.”

The audience in front of the TV were actually thinking about the same

At this time, the livestream was so dark that no one could see anything. If it were the audience of the mordern generations, they would have changed the channel. But in this world, there was only one TV station, no other number, and it was a monopolizing enterprise. Besides, the audience had not been baptized by all kinds of entertainment activities, so they were very patient.

They were still interested in looking at the black screen. A few seconds later, the screen suddenly lit up. The entrance to the outside appeared in front of him. It was night outside, so there was no sunlight. He could only see the moonlight and stars.

The faint light also cheered up the audience. With the moonlight and the starlight, they could see two kobolds with bows standing at the entrance of the cave. They were talking about how humans had no nutrition, and at the same time, they were looking at the situation in the cave.

“Don’t look. No human will come over,” a kobold said. “It’s impossible for them to pass crypt lord.”

“Of course I know this,” the other kobold said. “But I just saw a shadow of a shake in the cave five hundred miles away.”

“That’s your illusion.”

At this time, Robb had already arrived in front of the two men, but his level of stealth was too high, and the two kobolds still could not see anything.

Robb became naughty and put the live camera very close to the two kobolds to give them a close-up.

The audience burst into laughter. “Wow, it’s the first time I’ve seen a living kobold so close.”

“Look at the kobold on the 120 inch board. I feel that he is so big.”

“Don’t be silly. In fact, they are about the same height as the dwarves.”

The two kobold sentries began to feel that the atmosphere was strange. Although they couldn’t see Robb, they could feel that the air was flowing abnormally, and at the same time, they smelled something.

However, before they could give any warning, Robb raised his hand and used his hand as a knife. One cut horizontally, and two kobolds fell to the ground at the same time.

He looked around and found that there was a deep valley outside the cave. The entrance was hanging on the hillside. It was very far from the top or to the bottom.

The valley was very dark. Looking up at the sky, he could see a line like sky between two cliffs. The moon was just hanging in this crack, spreading the cold moonlight to the valley.

Robb rushed back and called his four companions over.

They stood at the entrance of the valley and looked down. The valley was densely packed with monsters’ heads. Tens of thousands of monsters were gathering in this small valley.

Robb glanced around the valley and found that there were also many kinds of monsters. There were orcs, murlocs, goblins, mammoths, behemoths, thunderbirds, harpies, dragons… There were all kinds of monsters.

“So many?” the dwarf leader was taken aback.

The audience in front of the TV was also shocked, especially the audience on Bright Road.

“That’s what we saw last time,” said Gorda in a low voice “Last time when we went out for an adventure, we saw these monsters in the depths of the Black Pine Mountain, which had a valley full of them. Now they just changed to another place. This place is less than thirty miles away from Westwind town. With the speed of the monsters, it would only take half a day for this army to attack Westwind town. The reason why they did not attack should be that they found that Godfather is too strong in the initial tentative attack. So they are discussing for another plan. “

The dwarf leader nodded in agreement.

“What should we do now? Kill them all?” Xuelu said. “Anyway, Godfather is here. He can jump down and chop them randomly. I think it’s okay!”

“Is that okay?” the dwarf leader said in a sweat, “these are tens of thousands of monsters. There are super monsters like the behemoths in them, and there is a demon king who we don’t know where he is hiding. Are you sure that the grandmaster blacksmith can kill them all by jumping down alone?”


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