After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 518

Chapter 518: I’ve decided to make a movie

Gorda and Jike threw up their hands. Although they knew that Robb was very powerful, they were not sure he can beat so many monsters.

Only Xuelu forced herself to say, “I think he can do it.” but when she said the last word, her voice became a little lower, which showed that she was still a little doubtful.

The four of them turned to look at Robb and asked, “can you really beat tens of thousands of monsters all by yourself?”

Everyone was looking at him, so Robb directly aimed the live camera at him, so all the audience in front of the TV also looked at Robb.

At this moment, thousands of people in the two towns were watching the subtle expressions on Robb’s face through TV.

The Queen’s mood was very complicated now. She really hoped that Robb could say, “I can handle it.” in this way, the threat from Westwind town and the monsters could be removed.

But she hoped that Robb couldn’t handle it. If Robb could handle these tens of thousands of monsters, then he could deal with West Gran alone. How terrifying would that be?

This complicated feeling had troubled the queen for a year. Every time she saw Robb face a strong enemy, she would be so afraid of losing. Sometimes she even wanted to scold herself. Why couldn’t she be as pure as an ordinary woman? Why did she have so many strange ideas in her mind?

But every time she scolded herself, she would warn herself, “you can’t be weak! Because you don’t have a father or a mother, and you don’t even have a family. You have to protect such a big kingdom. You can’t live a happy life, or else your kingdom will be destroyed.

She stared nervously at the TV screen and looked at Robb’s close face, waiting to hear the answer she wanted to hear but was afraid to hear.

However, whether Robb said that a person could chop off army, or that he couldn’t, these two answers scared her.

On the large screen, Robb was thinking!

The way he thought was very handsome, of course, because the person he made was handsome. If a person was handsome, no matter what expression he had, he would be handsome, but if an ugly man had any expression, he would still be ugly.

Thousands of people in the two places stared at his handsome “thinking face” for a few seconds, and then Robb finally made a move. His handsome face suddenly turned into a funny smile, and his eyes squinted at the monsters in the valley, laughing evilly and mockingly.

The audience on Bright Road almost threw things to the TV. If it weren’t for the expensive crystal panel, they would really throw it away.

Robb chuckled and said, “there are so many monsters piled up in a valley, and there are all kinds of them too. It suddenly occurred to me that there is an interesting thing. It’s a chance, and it won’t happen again. I’ve decided that I’ll use this monster army to make a movie.”

Everyone was speechless

“What is a movie?”

“Hmph!” Robb said, “you don’t understand what I’m talking about. Only when I show it to everyone can you understand. In a word, a movie is an entertainment project and it’s very interesting. The monster army. Let them stay here. We’re going back first and prepare to shoot the movie.”

Everyone was speechless

“Hey!” the dwarf leader almost jumped up. “There is such a big monster army beside the town. You won’t deal with them, but said you were going to do some entertainment projects. You said it was fun? Did you make a mistake?”

Robb put on a serious face and said, “the most important thing in life is to have fun. Nothing else matters.”

The queen said, “don’t say such shameful words to the TV seriously.”

Robb ignored other people’s complaints. Happiness was the most important.

He opened a transmission portal and said to the other four people, “let’s go back. Get ready for the movie first, and then I’ll come to find these monsters.”

The three of them shrugged their shoulders. Although the three of them liked to stir up trouble, they didn’t dare to make trouble in the valley full of tens of thousands of monsters. They went back to the transmission portal obediently.

The dwarf leader, on the other hand, kept nagging, “how can I go back like this? I at least have to kill a few monsters before I go back. Besides, I hate the transmission portal. I want to walk back by myself…”

Before he could finish his words, Robb grabbed the back of his neck and threw him into the transmission portal. The whole world became quiet.

A few minutes later, Robb returned to his stone stool. The livestream was over, but the crystal ball on his stone table was still open. The queen sat opposite the crystal ball with several ministers in charge of military affairs, with a serious face. Madeleine was also there. As the commander of the Black Earth Knights, she had to be present for military related affairs.

As soon as the queen saw Robb return to the crystal ball, she immediately straightened her posture, she said seriously “I have seen the situation of the monster army through the crystal ball. There are a large number of monsters, and there are many powerful large monsters. This is not an ordinary army, and it is even enough to compete with the army of West Gran. Just now, I have discussed with several generals, and they all think that we can’t turn a blind eye to such a huge monster army. If Westwind town needs reinforcements, I will send an army to cooperate with you.”

“Wow, you have reached such a point,” said Robb, “Miss queen, I find that you are not a bad person. You are even willing to send troops to help Westwind Town.”

The queen snorted, “I’m not a fatuous king! The problem between you and me is an internal problem of the Kingdom of Gran, while the monsters are related to our survival and destruction. if you need help, the reinforcements can set out at any time. I only have one condition, that is, you need to pay the food of the reinforcements.”

“Well, I know you are a good king,” Robb said. “But what I need help now is not an army, but a magic tool.”

The Queen, “what?”

Robb smiled and said, “I need the magic item that you use to store the football matches and play it over and over again to show the audience afterwards.” With that, he pointed to the necklace on the Queen’s chest, “it’s the same thing as that thing.” The queen asked, “what do you want this for?”

“Weren’t you watching the livestream just now? I told you to shoot a movie.”

The queen said, “what are you going to do with the movie? I thought you couldn’t defeat the monster army, so I changed the topic eight times. I don’t want you to lose face in front of the TV.”

“Well, look at you. You always put things in a complicated way,” Robb said with a smile. “I said I wanted to shoot a movie. I want to shoot a movie, not to change the topic.”

Speaking of this, he paused and put on a symbolic smile when he swindled of money. “Shooting a movie is very profitable.”


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