After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 522

Chapter 522: I want to see him

In the evening, the afterglow of the setting sun filled the palace on Bright Road.

The queen was counting her profits!

Of course, it was not her who counted, but the five court minister who counted together.

In front of her, there were several sacks full of silver coins. The five ministers had been counting for two hours, and it was still early to finish.

Duke Madeleine stood beside her with a happy face. “Elizabeth, I didn’t expect the movie to be so profitable. It has only been displayed for a few days and you have earned so many silver coins. If it is put in the release for one or two months, we will have enough money for the military. I heard that there is a second and a third part too. If the later two movies can also make money as much as the first one, the royal family won’t be short of money anymore.”

With a strange expression on her face, the queen said, “it’s much more than I expect from the football matches. I didn’t expect that the money I earned from such a mess would be enough to support the military expenses of the army. It’s too much.”

In the Queen’s opinion, the cost of the army was very large. At least dozens of towns and even the whole kingdom’s tax on agriculture were needed to support the army’s expenses. In fact, all kingdoms were like this. Large-scale wars would always happen after food was harvested.

However, she didn’t know how Robb managed to do this. The money he earned was enough to cover the tax and army expenses.

The queen felt that she was hit hard by money. Her world view and values were a little out of the ordinary.

She even couldn’t help thinking, [is it necessary to change my way of supporting the kingdom’s economy with taxes?]

Madeleine’s voice woke her up from her thoughts. “Your Majesty, I saw the secretary recording about the ‘box office’. What is it for?” (TL: The term ‘box office’ originated in Elizabethan era, when affluent people would sit in private ‘boxes’ to watch theatre. Tickets for boxes were sold at an ‘office’, called box office. A significant portion of revenue would come from these tickets as they were costlier.)

The queen was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. “This is the request of that damned man. He said that since the movie was made by him. He is qualified to take part of the money earned from the movie, so I need to calculate the box office revenue and share it with him.”

Madeleine said, “Oh, if we deliberately make the statistics less, he won’t know.”

The queen shrugged and said, “yes, theoretically speaking, it is true. But as the queen of our kingdom, how can I play a little trick on this kind of thing? I will give him as much as I can. I can’t damage the reputation of the kingdom for a little money.”

Madeleine nodded.

The queen looked at the ministers who were sweating and sighed, “that damned man is really good at making money by making strange things. Even if I have to give him a part of such a large amount of money, it is still beyond my imagination. The key point is that I did nothing but picked up so much money for nothing…”

Madeleine was not interested in hearing her bestie talk about her damned man. She was more concerned about another person. She couldn’t help but ask in a low voice, “Elizabeth, you… You often call that damned man. Have you heard any news about Robb Smith?”

The queen replied, “Oh? You mean the Smith family’s only child. A few days ago, I heard that under the guidance of that damned man, he had made Stone Canyon prosperous. It seemed to be a good place for the people of Westwind town to have a weekend vacation. That town only has a few hundred mouths. Now it is as beautiful as a painting.”

Madeleine was immediately happy. “Really? That’s great! That’s the territory you gave him, which is his home. It’s natural for him to make it beautiful.”

The queen squinted and said, “it will also be your home in the future, right? You like the flowers he made there, don’t you?”

Madeleine, “hey… Hey… It’s too early to talk about it now. Hey, too early…”

The queen was rendered speechless

Madeleine, “I’m so happy to hear his news, but it would be better if I could see him.”

The queen was so smart that she knew what she meant. “I see. I’ll call that man and ask him to call Robb Smith out to have a talk with you. What do you think?”

Madeleine was overjoyed, but she immediately played with the corner of her clothes and said, “but he is studying hard now. It’s the most important time in his life. It isn’t appropriate for me to harass him and disturb his study like this?”

The queen said crossly, “it’s not you who is looking for him. It’s me who is looking for him. I want to ask if he has any new invention to contribute to the kingdom. Is that all right?”

Madeleine said, “ah, that’s good. I’ll hide behind you and peek at him secretly. I won’t disturb his study.”

The queen was rendered speechless

The queen took out the special crystal ball for communication with Robb and dialed a number.

The phone was connected soon

Through the crystal ball, the queen saw Robb’s lazy but handsome face. Beside him sat a woman.

The Queen’s heart skipped a beat. [is it Xuelu again? That shameless woman?]

But when she took a closer look, she was relieved. It turned out to be Marian Corton. Sitting next to Robb, they were not flirting, but she was calculating something with a pen. Robb was teaching her math problems.

The queen asked, “what are you talking about?”

Robb replied with a smile, “Binary quadratic equations.”

The queen was rendered speechless

Well, the queen didn’t understand, but it didn’t matter. The queen of a kingdom didn’t need to understand such a professional thing. She just needed to control the overall situation and put on a dignified posture. She said to Marian, “Are the iron tracks and sleepers prepared by your family and the big merchant, Pobo, complete? Are you ready now?”

Marian said in a hurry, “we are preparing for it. We have begun to build a railway from the station of the railway in Westwind town to Nanli Village.”

The queen nodded and said, “very good. The railway in my side has also begun to be built. The railway built on both sides should be connected in Nanli Village.”

Marian bowed to show her understanding.

The queen turned to Robb and asked, “have you prepared the steam train I ordered from you?”

Robb said with a smile, “the dwarves has just copied the first steam engine. Now that we have a steam engine, the train is just a shell. It will be soon handled. You don’t need to worry about it. You just need to prepare a large amount of money to buy the train engine from me.”

The queen said expressionlessly, “can’t you be a little cheaper?”

“No, I can’t!” Robb shook his head and said, “you know how difficult this thing is. I won’t get a penny of the money myself. I’ll give it all to blacksmiths, carpenters and miners. It’s what they get from their hard work.”


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