After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 523

Chapter 523: I see

The queen didn’t say a word after hearing his words. She would never believe a noble man would say that he won’t take any of the profit.

She knew very well that the nobles lived by absorbing the bones of the people.

But she believed what Robb said. No one would not believe it, because Robb really never bullied the people and did not scrape oil from them.

Although he was also a “capitalist”, everything he did would eventually bring a large group of people to become rich. Everyone, including the people, the capitalist, and even the queen, felt satisfied. This gave everyone an illusion that they were getting Robb’s oil.

It was so strange!

Everyone was working hard to earn money from his family. Why was he so rich?

The queen didn’t want to talk about the price anymore. She changed the topic and said, “your movie is on sale. I’m counting the box office money and I’ll give you the amount that belongs to you later. Now the audience are looking forward to the second and the third movie. Please complete these two movies as soon as possible.”

Robb, “no problem. I’m quite interested in it. Hahaha, I haven’t done it before. Besides, I want to remind you.”


Robb smiled and said, “think about it. Now in your cinema, there is only a movie called ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’. After an audience sees it, there is nothing else to watch. You can only wait for the weekend football match to watch the livestream of the football in the cinema. In this way, it is difficult for your cinema to make money for a long time. Therefore, rich movies are the most important task for you now.”

The queen said, “That’s why I urged you to shoot the second and third movie as soon as possible, didn’t I?”

Robb smiled, “How can you just rely on me? You know I’m a lazy person. Although I seem to be very energetic now, after shooting a few more movies, I’ll be tired of it. I don’t want to do it anymore. At that time, I have to rely on others. Look, I’m shooting a movie in your cinema, and you have to share it with me. You can’t take all the fun alone. Why don’t you think about it and shoot a movie by yourself and put it on the cinema? In this way, you can take all the money you make by yourself. “

“Eh?” the queen was slightly stunned. “Yes, I can also shoot a movie, because I provided you with the magic item for shooting. Why don’t I shoot it myself?”

However, shooting a movie was so strange to the queen. She didn’t even have any experience, and she didn’t even know how to operate it.

Robb took out a script with a smile, “come on! This is the script, and its name is 《Princess Sissi》. You can take it and act according to the script. After that, it will be your movie. However, because I participated in the scriptwriting process, I still have to get a commission, but the commission rate is lower than the rate of being offered a movie directly.”

“Princess Sissi” was a very powerful love film in his original world. The heroine of the movie could be said to be extremely beautiful. She had once attracted the attention of men all over the world.

The queen said, “well, it turns out that you are going to swindle money again. You not only made a movie to swindle money, but also wrote a script to swindle money. Are you going to take action in all aspects to swindle money?”

Robb smiled and said, “this is called win-win situation. You can personally act the heroine, Princess Sissi. This angle is very suitable for you. It’s simply tailor-made for you. In this way, you can save a lot of actor fees.”

The queen squinted and asked, “as the queen of a kingdom, is it really appropriate for me to be an actress?”

“Humph! Why can’t you?” Robb said, “as a big shot in Westwind Town, I’m also the main character in Lord of the Rings, right?”

The queen was rendered speechless

The queen couldn’t stand it at all. She snorted and said, “I don’t want your script. After I carefully study the Lord of the Rings, I will ask the Royal poet to write a story to shoot a movie. I don’t need to give you a copper coin. Just wait and see.”

“Well, it’s up to you.” Robb smiled and said, “since you don’t want to shoot, then I’ll shoot the script myself. Alas, you don’t want to be the heroine that has been customized for you, so I have to choose another actress. Let me think about it. The heroine… Well, it’s decided. The heroine will be the daughter of the lord chamberlain. Please ask her to come to Westwind town through the transmission portal. I want her to be the heroine.”

The queen said, “I have no objection as long as the lord chamberlain agrees.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the lord chamberlain rushed out. He had been eavesdropping for a long time. “Oh, my daughter has been clamoring and wants to go to Westwind town. Since Godfather wants her to shoot a movie, then I’ll let her go. Anyway, with Godfather protecting her, she won’t be in danger, will she?”

Robb smiled and said, “of course, she will help me shoot the movie. Of course, I will be responsible for her safety.”

“Then there’s nothing to worry about.” the minister said, “I’ll call my daughter here right away.”

He turned around and was about to leave. While walking, he chuckled and said, “the elf princess in Lord of the Rings is already popular. Next, it’s my daughter’s turn. My beautiful daughter must be popular.”

Robb and the queen were rendered speechless

What the hell lord chamberlain?

The queen couldn’t help but protest angrily, “look at yourself. My lord chamberlain, one of the backbones of the Kingdom, has been brought up by you. He doesn’t do his work all day long and does these crazy things.”

Robb said, “he is embracing the light.”

“Are you going to pretend to be a God?” the queen squinted. “You have been complaining about the God of light all day long, but now you are here to pretend to be the God of light?”

“All right, all right.” the queen stopped complaining. Moreover, she felt that Madeleine, who was standing behind her, was secretly stabbing her back with her finger. It was obvious that she was urging her to stop talking nonsense.

The queen had no choice but to turn to him. “My lord chamberlain has been misled by you. I’m a little worried about the young man from our kingdom.”

Robb, “what young man?”

“It’s the guy who learned the wind magic from you, Robb Smith,” the queen said. “I haven’t heard of him for a long time. Now I’m a little worried that you will take over the kingdom in the future. Ask him out. I’d like to ask if he has made any progress.”

Robb cursed in his heart, [stop talking nonsense. As the queen of a kingdom, you have so many things to care about. How can you be in the mood to care about the future of the motherland? Are you that free now?]

At this time, Madeleine’s head suddenly popped out from the Queen’s shoulder. It was not until then that Robb realized that she had been hiding behind the queen.

I see!


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  1. sinkingship has spoken 2 months ago

    Today I learned that “Princess Sissi” is a famous American film made in 1955. As an American, I was a bit surprised to be learning about 1950s American pop culture from a 20xx Chinese novel.

    If anyone is curious, the Wikipedia summary is basically “Princess Sissi was a lively young princess in the 1800s. While traveling incognito she met and mutually fell in love with a young prince. Later she discovered the prince was actually engaged to her sister. When the prince discovered Sissi was the sister of the girl he was about to be betrothed to, he forcibly altered the arrangement and declared he would marry Sissi instead – Sissi’s sister ran off crying and even left home. Sissi didn’t want to betray her sister, so there was a lot of angst and she tried various methods to call off the engagement, but all of them failed. Then at the end of the movie, Sissi’s sister returned with a *different* prince to be her new husband – and they all lived happily ever after.”

    …just in case anyone else was curious.


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