After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 524

Chapter 524: Robb’s new invention

In fact, Robb liked Madeleine very much, because she was really nice to him, although it was just a fake identity

Seeing the expectation in Madeleine’s eyes, he couldn’t refuse the queen and Madeleine’s request.

She stood up and said, “Okay, I’ll call Robb Smith out. Wait here for a moment.”

He hurried into the chapel. As a forbearing profession, his avatar technique suddenly turned him into two people. Then he swung an agility spell at Suofa and said, “hurry up, put on makeup for my real body.”

With an agile BUFF on her body, her movements were as fast as flying. It only took her less than ten minutes to finish the makeup for Robb.

Robb used the simultaneous operations to walk out with his real body and avatar at the same time. The avatar sat on the stone chair, and the body with makeup stood in front of the crystal ball.

With this identity, he had to put away his usual lazy look, and put on a more relaxed expression, which made him a little unaccustomed. “Ah! My respected queen, Duke Madeleine, nice to meet you. I’m very ashamed to have been distant with you for a long time.”

Madeleine was overjoyed. Her eyes were shining with excitement, but she restrained herself from saying anything. She just hid behind the queen and hid well, with only half of her face exposed. Her eyes were fixed on Robb.

As for the queen, she had no interest in the man’s greeting at all. She put on a cold face and said, “it’s not Madeleine who wants to see you today. She doesn’t want to disturb your study. I just want to ask you a few questions, so I asked you out. If I interrupt your study, don’t blame Madeleine.”

“I see,” Robb promised, but he thought to himself, [I really understand.]

The queen said with a businesslike face, “I heard that your Stone Canyon is doing well now.”

Robb hurriedly said, “thank you for your kindness, your majesty. The town is now developing in tourism and crystal mining vigorously. The townsmen are quite rich.”

The queen asked, “well, how’s your magic going?”

“Not bad,” Robb said. “My wind magic has also achieved a small success. In the past few days, I have been able to release more powerful wind blades, cyclones, wind walls…”

“Oh!” the queen actually didn’t care about these things at all. She just asked for fun, and the answer didn’t matter. So she calmly said “Okay”, but she still wanted to help her bestie. She turned to Madeleine and said, “I’ve finished my questions. Do you have anything to ask about the Black Earth Knights, or do you have anything to ask him about the army?”

Madeleine’s first reaction was to say, “no!”

However, before she could say these two words, she felt the queen kicking her shin. Madeleine was stunned. She knew that the queen was asking her to find something to say, but she was a general who rushed to the frontlines. She was not as quick as the queen who played politics all day long. She didn’t know how to find anything to say.

The queen was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh at her friend’s stupidity. She turned around, used her body to block the crystal ball, and then pointed at the pendant on her chest. Her mouth was even bigger than the shape of her mouth. “Ma…gic… i…tem”

Now Madeleine finally understood. Yes, she could use magic tool as the topic.

She immediately cheered up and asked, “Robb, how are you doing recently?”

Robb smiled and said, “not bad!”

“Well… I just heard that you have made great progress in wind magic, and I’m really happy for you. Right, how’s your skill of making magic items? Number 32 is now stationed in Westwind Town, and you can often ask him about magic items, right? You must have learned well now?”

Damn it!

Since Robb got the book, he had never asked Number 32 for lessons. He had learned it by himself.

But he couldn’t say that, so he had to say in a euphemistic way, “Number 32 teacher is busy with the construction of Westwind Town, so I seldom ask him for advice. I am self-taught.”

Madeleine said, “He shouldn’t be so busy with government affairs. It’s better for him to skip work. It’s obvious that teaching you is more important.”

“What?” the queen asked

Madeleine realized that she had made a slip of the tongue and hurriedly said, “ah, Elizabeth, it’s also very important for him to help you with government affairs.”

The queen shook her head, not knowing whether to cry or to laugh. “Alas!”

Madeleine smiled awkwardly and turned to Robb. “Have you found anything good recently? The thing you studied last time let you become a baron and get the fief of Stone Canyon. If you think of something else, I’ll tell Elizabeth so that maybe you can get another promotion…”

The queen next to him immediately interrupted, “ahem!”

Madeleine was speechless

The queen wished she could tear her best friend apart with her own hands, but she wouldn’t do that in front of others. She had to do it slowly when no one was around. So she had to put on a long face.

Madeleine didn’t dare to make it too clear, so she had to put on an expectant face to the crystal ball, and her eyes were full of eagerness.

Who could bear such a face?

Robb didn’t want to disappoint her

He thought for a while and decided to give something to Madeleine. This girl had been very good to him on Bright Road. As a man, he had to make such a good girl happy. It was a man’s responsibility.

“Well, miss Madeleine, you asked at the right time,” Robb said, “I happen to have a new thing developed recently. Since you asked, I’ll take it out and contribute it to the kingdom.”

“Oh? Really?” Madeleine was overjoyed. “Look, what is it?”

Robb raised his hand. When he was about to take something from a distance, he suddenly realized that he was Robb Smith now. He quickly stopped. It was impossible to prevent it from happening. Forget it. Just walk quietly.

He went back to his room and took out a few small beads, which were even smaller than rice grains, as well as two cherry-sized beads, and several matching small boxes. They were all placed in front of the crystal ball. There were a lot of them. He said, “Miss Madeleine, this is a ‘micro-bug’ and a ‘micro-camera’ I developed it for the spies of your Black Earth Knights. With this, your spy can easily listen and record enemy’s information.”

In fact, these things were not strange at all. They were just variations of Robb’s live camera. However, Robb wanted to bully these ancients who had never heard of these things, so he took them out directly. Anyway, he just wanted to make the girl happy, as long as he could achieve the task of “making her happy”, it’s fine.


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